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    Nihar’s World on CopyBlogger WordPress theme with three columns

    I started this blog on Nov 30th, 2007. Initially, I wanted to use CopyBlogger WordPress theme created by Chris Pearson. I liked this theme very much and wanted to use it but i didn’t because it has only one sidebar. Then i found one more theme called Cutline theme with three columns which is also created by Chris Pearson and has the same features as the former one. This theme is now maintained by Tubetorial. If you like the Cutline theme that i was using earlier, you can download from here.

    There are two themes for Cutline 3-column:

    Check below, Previous Theme and Current theme (CopyBlogger WordPress Theme with Three Columns).

    Nihars World on Cutline Split Theme Nihars World on CopyBlogger Theme with 3 Columns

    Yesterday, i was searching for CopyBlogger WordPress theme with 2 sidebars. The good thing was i found one.

    Open Source Candy modified the theme to have 3 columns and they are offering this 3 column version to anyone who wants it. Check it outβ€”they’re using a color-changed and tweaked version of it themselves.

    Download the Copyblogger 3 Column Theme

    They have used a color-changed and tweaked version. But, i wanted the original CopyBlogger theme with 2 sidebars.

    I downloaded both the themes Download the Copyblogger theme and Copyblogger OS Candy version theme

    I did diff for each and every common file from both the themes to find out how to make the original CopyBlogger theme with 2 sidebars.

    I did it πŸ™‚ You can see it here. I have original version of CopyBlogger Theme with three columns.

    Credit to Chris Pearson for this wonderful theme and Open Source Candy who made my job easier πŸ˜›

    Here are just a few highlights of the new Copyblogger theme:

    • Clean markup that has been meticulously optimized for maximum SEO performance
    • Em-based sizing, so the layout scales beautifully and maintains aspect ratios even when text is resized
    • Typography set to a very strict grid which produces a clean vertical harmony between the main content and the sidebar content as you scroll down the page
    • Killer comments
    • Widget ready
    • Totally customizable color schemes via the use of custom.css, a special stylesheet that you can tweak without fear of messing up anything on the theme!

    More Chris Pearson Themes

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    1. manele says:

      thx for the theme, is very nice!

    2. music says:

      very interesting.
      i’m adding in RSS Reader

    3. moserw says:

      Interesting theme. Going to check it out myself for my blog. Thanks man.


    4. Nihar says:


      Thanks for adding in RSS reader.

      Manele and moserw thanks for appreciation.

      Hope you like the theme on your blog πŸ™‚

    5. […] December 2007, this site was on CopyBlogger Theme. I was bored of the same look and i am sure regular visitors were also […]

    6. dinu says:


      can u email me instruction on how to make the copy blogger theme 3 columns ?

      thanks πŸ™‚

    7. Mayuresh says:

      hey buddy your theme was collapsed in firefox and was not readable, works fine in IE, I am talking about the theme currently you are using

    8. Nihar says:

      @Mayuresh, Not sure why it happened?

    9. jeanpaul says:

      Thanks for this themes it is very cooooooool

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