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    Browser Wars Maxthon Vs Firefox

    As I mentioned earlier in my previous article hide browser that “I prefer using maxthon even though i have firefox installed“. Here it is….. I am listing out the features that makes me rate maxthon higher than firefox.Maxthan Vs Firefox Browser Wars

    I want all of you to read this article take out some time to download maxthon, install it and use it.
    I can assure you that the below listed out features will make your browsing much more easier. If you are firefox addict, then you will feel that all these features should be in firefox.

    I will list out the features that i compared with the firefox:

    NOTE: The features listed below are in the order of my liking

    1) Hide Browser:

    I feel this feature is very much useful. Using ALT + ~ Key, you can hide the browser, it works as a toggle key. More on this @ Hide Browser at workplace

    This feature isn’t available in firefox and there are no plugins/addons available to hide firefox window. But there is a addon/plugin to hide the tab bar for firefox.

    Download and Install Hide Tab Bar plugin

    2) Super Drag and Drop:

    a) You are browsing a site and notice a link and want to open it in other tab/window.

    What do you do?
    Right click on the link and select open in new tab or open in new window (very slow)

    I hate to be slow while browsing. I want to compete my speed with computers speed.

    Using this feature, you just have to press left button of your mouse on the link you want to open, hold it don’t release it, just drag it and drop anywhere. ho haaa, the link will be opened in the new tab.

    try selecting this IBNLIVE and then drag and drop it.

    Isn’t it faster than the old and usual method?

    b) You notice a URL in a site which is not a hyperlink but it is as a text.

    What do you do?
    Select the whole text, copy it and paste it in address bar and hit enter to open the URL.

    Using this feature, Just select the text (which is url) don’t release the left button of your mouse. just drag it and drop anywhere. ho haaa, the text which was a url will be opened in the new tab.

    try selecting this www.ibnlive.com from maxthon browser and then drag and drop it.

    c) You notice a word in the site and want to google the word.

    What do you do?
    Select the whole text, copy it and paste it in google search box and hit enter.

    Using this feature, Just select the text and do the same as above in b). instead of opening this as url it will be googled because this is not a text as it was a url for b)

    All the above gr8 a), b) and c) features aren’t available in firefox, but hey i got hold of a addon/plugin that does all the above Drag de Go plugin. But you need to do lot of settings to actually make it start working.

    Its waste of time. So, better use maxthon.

    3) URL Alias:

    This feature is similar to alias of unix/sun solaris where we give short name to a long command.
    Lets say you open www.google.co.in and www.ibnlive.com everyday umpteem times. Instead of typing the whole url or selecting from the address bar. You can actually set alias to the URL.
    g – gmail.google.com
    m – mail.yahoo.com
    i – www.ibnlive.com
    s – www.google.co.in

    After you set it. Browsing becomes a bit easier. Just type i and hit enter. It will open IBNLIVE.com

    To set the setting in maxthon. select Options – > Maxthon Options. Select Address bar and go to URL Alias tab
    Below is the screenshot:

    Url Alias setting in Maxthon

    This feature is awesome and i am sure you will find it very useful if you take pain to add the urls and aliases for it that you visit everyday.

    This feature is most wanted for me and for you all too once you start using it. But it isn’t available in firefox.
    I searched in addons section of firefox but no luck. I even started to read firefox documentation on how to develop addons so that i come up with my own plugin for firefox similar to the URL Alias of Firefox. But, i am lazy and don’t want to put in lot of time and effort. So, if any one of you are familiar with Firefox Addon development. Do come up with something like this. Hope Mozilla (FIREFOX) listens to this and add this as a in-build feature.

    4) URL Key:

    This feature is similar to URL Alias mentioned above. Instead of any key assigned to a URL. With this feature you can assign upto 11 URL Keys. From Function key F2 … F12. Each key can be assigned to a site/url.

    5) Undo Closed Tabs:

    Let me explain about this feature. You have opened some sites in tabs and closed few of the tabs and you want to open again. You can undo the closed tabs to reopen them without actually remembering it or typing the urls. To Undo closed tabs, Click on Edit -> Undo Close and select the closed tab you want to reopen. The alternative is ALT + Z key.

    Below is the screenshot to better understand it.
    Undo Close Tabs

    This feature was not available in firefox. But there was a plugin/addon available to Undo Closed Tabs.
    I am using this addon because, I am very much used to closing off the tabs under the impression that i can reopen using the feature.

    Here is the Addon/Plugin for undo closed tabs in firefox

    Recently Closed Tabs Feature is added to FireFox 2 (latest version)

    There are still a lot of features that are not in-built in firefox but are built-in maxthon. If i list all features here, the article will become very big.

    I want all of you to download, install maxthon and use it. compare it with firefox.

    I use both maxthon and firefox at Office and at home. But most of the times, i use maxthon.

    Here are the few other sites that compare maxthon and firefox:

    Do please come up with your views/suggestions by posting a comment.

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    1. Pete says:

      Nice analysis , Looks like u have a thing for Maxthon.Keep this going and come up with such good analysis


    2. Thanks for the link! As you say, there are so many useful features in Maxthon that only a mass of manually installed plug-ins with Firefox can attempt to match. Simple Collector in Maxthon is brilliant – a multi tabbed replacement for Notepad, copy and past text from webpages into separate tabs and they are saved automatically with the browser, available whenever you need them. The Utilities menu lets you configure and launch any Windows application from the browser quickly and easily. By configuring groups of websites, you can open multiple sites with just one click, and useful info like your IP address, download speed and available memory are alwys here on the screen.

      Maxthon rocks.

    3. Nihar says:

      I agree with you and i am using Maxthon from almost 4-5 years. It was called MYIE2 before

      Yes Maxthon rocks!!! 🙂

    4. ender says:

      been using maxthon for 4 years now, and never regretted it, nor felt tempted to turn to ff. i tried, but its as you say, clumsy compared to my customized Maxthon. but then, with 20++ plugins, to be honest, the maxthon combo pack also feels clumsy to me 🙂

    5. Nihar says:

      Maxthon takes very less memory compared to Firefox. So, ppl who have memory issue have better option to use maxthon

    6. Arvind says:

      i am a fan of maxthon…used slephnir earlier now it’s just maxthon….i use FF sometimes but maxthon rules.

    7. Nihar says:

      Arvind can you throw more light on slephir?

    8. Noob says:

      Rightclick on a bookmark, properties, and then under keyword write example G for google. And voila, G is now your alias f

    9. Nihar says:

      Noob thanks for the tip to get URL alias working in FireFox browser

    10. […] to a reader of this blog who commented the following after reading this Article/Post Browser Wars Maxthon Vs Firefox […]

    11. John "Z-Bo" Zabroski says:

      Stumbled upon your blog looking for some info you didn’t have.

      With regards to opening new URLs in a new tab… Firefox has a fast way to do that. There is no reason you should right click and select “Open in new tab” from the pop-up context menu. Instead, simply middle click the link and it will automatically open the page in a new tab for you.

    12. Nihar says:


      Thanks for the info.


    13. Anshul Agrawal says:

      Have you ever tried Opera??!!
      Check it out to see where all the browser get ideas for new feature from.

    14. Anshul Agrawal says:

      In fact people who are still with IE can go ahead and download IE7Pro toolbar to get all of the above functionality and much more

    15. Nihar says:

      Anshul, thanks for the info will try it out!

    16. nahman says:

      do you knnow about MCAFEE SITE ADVISOR works with fire fox and tell u if the website has virus………

    17. beekeys says:

      i use awant, plz try it

    18. someone says:

      maxthon is a bad browser. version 2 is even worst. i used maxthon since it was myie 0.something. back then it was worth something. i switched to firefox because version 2 (now maxthon) is worst than ever.

      firefox 3 is faster and more stable than maxthon 2. it renders pages faster and much better. it can do all that maxthon can and much more through (much better today) plugin system. in general firefox is much better browser than maxthon 2.

    19. hello friends please anyone know Microsoft office 2007
      key no, serial no, referral key tell me ..

      yashmeet singh

    20. Nihar says:

      @Yashmeet, Sorry i don’t have serial key for Office 2007

    21. that dude says:

      click your middle mouse button on links to open in a new tab. Opera, FF, IE7 all do this. If you want to “maximize” performance why in the world would you do something as slow as drag and drop links?!

      Most of your reasons to use maxthon opera does and does better.

    22. Nihar says:

      @that dude, for some guys clicking middle button is easy for others drag and drop is easy…

    23. that dude says:

      Thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard and defies common sense. 1 single click on a link will always be faster and easier than clicking and dragging, to argue that fact is completely assinine.

    24. Nihar says:

      @that dude, for you it is stupidest thing for me its not.

    25. Anshul says:

      Well there are some lesser mortals like me who own laptop and they are yet to invent a middle click button for us. So till that we will love to see a functionality of drag and release to open in new tab.

      IE7 Pro does that for IE. For other browsers you can press shift or ctrl+shift while clicking on the link to open in new tab.

      These are far better than expecting to have a middle click button for laptop users anytime soon.

    26. that dude says:

      i am a laptop user as well althout most of the tie i use a small wireless mouse with mine i still find that right clicking the link to open in a new tab would be far easier than dragging it with the touchpad.

      Nihar your fanboy is showing…

    27. Nihar says:

      @Anshul, I am a laptop user but i hate to use touchpad as it slows down my pace. I want things to be done very quickly so i use a mouse connected to USB drive.

      @that dude, it is a personal choice. i like maxthon mainly coz i can hide my browser when i don’t want to show anybody. can you show me any extension or addon that can hide firefox no way. that why i stick to maxthon..

    28. that dude says:

      I use opera, and with opera you dont need to do something as silly as hide your browser when you can simply close it and automatically return to where you left off when you re-open it.

      It is a personal choice but when your grasping for far fetched reasons to use it over the competition thats just fanboy crap.

      There is an addon called panic button which does this for firefox. There is also ghostfox as well.

      My point is your reasons that you claim to use maxthon over the competition are wrong.

      So lets recap your reasons:

      Both opera and firefox allow dragging and dropping of links.

      Firefox has an addon to hide the window. Opera dont need no nonsense like that, when you can just close the window and reopen it where you left off.

      You can easily set up URL aliases in firefox and opera.

      Opera has the recycling bin (Far better than any browsers management of recently closed tabs) and firefox has recently closed tabs under the history menu.

      The URL key feature is completely useless in a browser. You can easily set up those shortcuts through your OS so they work whether the browser is open or not.

      So i ask you why do you really use it over other browsers? because all you have shown with this article is you really dont know anything about the other browsers.

    29. I love Firefox, but unfortunately, it’s a real memory hog. (Up to 1GB on a 4GB machine) And the high CPU usage (Core 2 duo E8400!) periodically freezes the PC for a second at a time. Unless I restart once a day or two, which is a real pain sometimes because some websites “reset” when you refresh/restart them (Adwords Keyword tool for example).
      I wish I could find a browser to replace it though. The extensions are what’s keeping me from using another browser. I have Opera, Chrome, and IE. But I use them for testing purposes only. I’ll check Maxthon out now…
      There are some really great SEO and web developer extensions for Firefox that I couldn’t live without!
      I hope they fix this soon, although I’m starting to lose hope after so many versions of Firefox with this problem.

    30. Tony says:

      Weird, I spent 5 minutes writing a comment, and I don’t have a clue why it disappeared once I clicked “submit”. Is this normal? There should be some kind of notification.

    31. Chetan Gole says:

      But still the Plugin support for firefox is much greater that Maxthon,, it will take some time to developers to develope new for Maxthon

    32. Deca says:

      Firefox still the best for me 😉

    33. Nihar says:

      @Tony, Sorry i found the problem and resolved it.

      @Chetan, I agree with you. but firefox takes up lot of memory.

    34. Erbes says:

      Darling you don’t use a 3 button mouse, do you? With firefox, since its beginning, just click on a link using the 3rd button and it will open the link in a new tab. Ahhhhh you nerd!

    35. Dude says:

      Firefox’s popularity made it suck, probably because they started trying to much and went to fast and ended up with an interesting collection of garbage.
      I just did a system restore of my computer because the past week 3 times I was signed on ebay looking through things and the entire browser just vanished. Sure, firefox 3 has crashed (A LOT) but not like this and under the circumstance it seemed unsafe.
      It’s cute for some things but it stores too much info for other things.

      Not that I’m a big myspace user… no really, ..ok, not anymore but firefox couldn’t or wouldn’t allow most html stuff.
      One thing I really liked about firefox was firebug add-on but it always took awhile to be updated to work with new versions and recently it didn’t seem to be compatible for a while.
      I came across Maxthon but I didn’t want more browsers.
      Now that I’m back to just IE, and I got 8 because it’s supposed to be safer.
      now, that I only have one my second one will be maxthon.
      seems pretty damn cool

    36. viktor says:

      hate firefox coz of it popularitiy, but there is ONLY good thingy at firefox that i see, its the firebug and temperdata addons o:

    37. supasn says:

      from the word “I prefer using maxthon even though i have firefox installed”.

      I like it.

      I’m install firefox3 safari4 chrome and ie7 maybe they faster or so many feature that maxthon doesn’t have.

      but i pefer maxthon too cause it’s very easy to use.

    38. kimotheraphy says:

      I use firefox as my main browser, google chrome as my my secondary one.. I tried Maxthon before but have yet to reinstall it after restoring my system to factory settings recently. I agree with all the good things said about Maxthon.. Most of the functions that you have to add on to Firefox are built into Maxthon. However I find the ui a bit cluttered and was a little discouraged when browsing for addons for Maxthon. A lot of them are in Chinese, which I can’t read. Also when I tried to install one of the skins I downloaded for Maxthon, I got a pop-up security alert from one of my security programs. That threw me off and made me wonder whether the addons for Maxthon were perhaps not so safe to install and use.

      Something off-topic but interesting nevertheless: I find it necessary to keep IE on standby.. there are some websites that just works on IE and not firefox (besides Windows Updates website)… There was a website to book tickets for a concert and when it came to a certain page as part of the ticket procuring process, firefox just didn’t load the requisite elements to allow the process to continue. I was stumped at first, thinking something was wrong with the website. I decided to try with IE and managed to complete the process from beginning to end.. Encountered something like this on at least three different websites … can’t remember what these websites are now though…

    39. anirdha gupta says:

      in my maxthon the tab are automatically closed so i aware of it

    40. Abhishek Dey says:

      Hi Nihar, I’m using the new version of Maxthon. How can i configure Maxthon to open tabs in background, like in Mozilla??

      Overall Rating to Maxthon: 8/10
      Overall Rating to Chrome: 8/10
      Overall Rating to Firefox 3.x: 10/10

    41. Gucci says:

      2. Hm, did you know you can drag and drop all those things onto either the tab bar or the new tab button to achieve the same in Firefox? Both open link & search.

      3. Check out “keyword seaches” or “quicksearches” in Firefox. They do the same, and more (searching).

      5. Again, Fx has it by default.

      I came here to learn about the actual advantages of Maxthon over Firefox (I’m sure it has several, just as it might have disadvantages), but the features you list are either unusual that very few people might consider relevant (like hiding the browser), or already work in Firefox without any addons. Please try to focus on the actual differences…

      • that dude says:

        Good going champ you replied to a 2 year old article. If you expected to learn anything relevant here than you are too stupid for the internet.

        And if you want to abbreviate firefox its FF… FX makes no sense at all.

        • Nihar says:

          @Gucci, When i made this post. I was still in love with Maxthon. FF is good but it needs addons to get its power That is the problem. Slowly FF slows down.

          @that dude, Why do you criticize. As mentioned in our discussion above, every body has their choices…

    42. Tina says:

      i was just wondering with maxthon browser why does it show your ip address. Does everyone see your ip address or only can you see your ip address. Why do they need your ip address. Is there away to turn that function off. I would not like everyone to see my ip address. So can someone get back to me thank you

    43. Branden says:

      You can do #2b in any web browser, and you can 2c in any web browser as long as you have google toolbar installed.

    44. Niraj says:

      I’m a new Maxthon lover. It looks like the most sensibly customizable, fast as hell, secure, feature-rich browser. I hate Firefox..I’ll go for Opera than FF, but I have no idea why Opera 10.x lags at speed. Chrome kicks the hell out of FF, Opera acc to me and most articles on the web. Chrome will always be special as will Maxthon be. Unfortunately, Maxthon frequently crashes, but thats some incompatibility with Java (JRE) on my PC. Also, IE, FF, Opera dont even work on my PC now…looks like my browsers have been hijacked by some malware.

    45. Niraj says:

      Oh, i ran an anti-spyware n found that my Opera 10.60 now works fast enough as earlier it was infected with some malware n adware. Even Firefox started working similarly. But, still, Maxthon is in the same league as the biggies.

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