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    All in One Messenger

    Internet geeks will agree with me that Meebo solved the problem of having to open various messaging applications( Yahoo Messenger, AOL, MSN). It was really cool and people simply loved it. I started using it only recently. Believe me, it does save you a lot of time and the computer a lot of processing time.
    All in One Messenger
    As time passed by, we saw new features like display pictures, skins and emoticons. Go meebo! , meebo me and meebo repeater only increased its popularity.

    The addition of “Meebo Rooms” allowed access to chat rooms and to host your own chat room.
    What’s more, meebo works on most of the browsers. This is also one of the things that has compelled me to start using Meebo.

    Now for the feather on the cap: Meebo now works from the iPhone. This has got to be the coolest thing!

    Hat’s off to the Meebo team and waiting to see more such surprises from them.

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    1. fanol says:

      i like all email adresse i know

    2. farhad says:

      You forgot PidGin (formerly GAIM)

    3. Nihar says:

      @farhad, I didn’t know about PidGin before. Will definitely check it

    4. Taz says:

      Digsby is great.. All chat in one place. Also can check email. FB and MS account. http://www.digsby.com

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