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    URL Alias for Mozilla FireFox – Very Useful Feature

    Guys, I was waiting for this feature from long time and its absence was making me stick to Maxthon Browser.

    Here it is : URL Alias that is a built-in feature of Firefox.

    Kudos to a reader of this blog who commented the following after reading this Article/Post Browser Wars Maxthon Vs Firefox :

    Noob left a comment in Browsers War Firefox v Maxthon Post

    Lets setup up URL Alias or Shortcut for the URL’s that i visit everyday umpteen times.

    Setting Up URL Alias for Mozilla FireFox:

    (remember, alias you set is case-sensitive)

    i – IBNLIVE

    – Make sure IBNLIVE is in your “Bookmarks”.
    – Go to Bookmarks menu. Choose IBNLIVE
    – Right Click mouse button and choose “Properties”
    – A small Dailog window will open. Type “i” in Keyword Textbox.

    Get Set go. You have set “i” for IBNLIVE

    Do the above for the sites that you visit daily and have long URL’s

    I have setup URL Alias as below:

    g – gmail.google.com
    s – www.google.co.in
    a – www.google.com/adsense
    i – www.ibnlive.com
    c – www.cricinfo.com
    List goes on……….

    Enjoy 🙂

    i am still waiting for Hide Firefox feature like there is a Hide Maxthon feature.

    Check this feature here Hide Browser at WorkPlace

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    1. Deca says:

      Thanks for sharing this info, I will give it try

    2. Nihar says:

      @Deca, Try it. it is a nice and fast way to open websites.

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