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    When Some Keys On The Keyboard are not Working – Troubleshoot

    Suddenly, some of the keys on the keyboard are dead (not working) or You have an old PC or laptop with a faulty keyboard.

    You want to get a new keyboard or go for a repair but you have some task on your plate which is very urgent and needs to be completed immediately.

    No problem as there are two solutions. First is easier than second.

    Solutions for Some Keys on the Keyboard not working:

    First Method:

    • On-Screen Keyboard (osk.exe) also “Virtual Keyboard”

    You can launch this by any of the following:

    • clicking start->run… and type osk then hit enter. OR
    • clicking start-> programs – > accessories – > accessibility – > On-Screen Keyboard
    • Alternatively, you can open c:\WINDOWS\system32 folder in Windows explorer and double click osk.exe

    On Screen Keyboard Utility - Microsoft

    The On-Screen Microsoft virtual keyboard is designed for people with mobility impairments to type data by using a pointing device or joystick. But they forgot to mention in the manual that we can even use it in situations when we accidentally spill coke on our keyboard.

    There’s a nice hover mode where you can point the mouse cursor over any character and it will appear on the screen even without clicking the mouse. Not the fastest way to type but helps you complete the job.

    Second Method:

    If On-Screen Keyboard is not installed and you don’t have installable windows CD and all numeric keys and alt key is working. No probs.

    All the keys that you find on the keyboard have equivalent ascii code.

    Lets say i want to type NIHAR. Ascii code for A is 65.

    I will do the following for typing NIHAR

    • Hold ALT KEY and TYPE 78
    • Hold ALT KEY and TYPE 73
    • Hold ALT KEY and TYPE 72
    • Hold ALT KEY and TYPE 65
    • Hold ALT KEY and TYPE 82

    For small letters, The alphabets start from ascii code 97=a

    You can do the above also for special characters.

    You can find the ascii code list here.

    In this way,you can work temporarily on keyboard that is partially not working.

    If you have any other tips, then leave a comment.

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    1. Firany says:

      Second method is efficient when you try to write some custom ASCII code not found on keyboard.

    2. For ASCII code I had found this link spacepimping.com/

    3. lucky says:

      First method is good

    4. Beepattelve says:

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      May you participate?

    5. Brie says:

      Thank u sooooo much n the on screen keyboard worked best out of both methods anyway thank u !!

    6. Efe says:

      My R isn’t working…Holding ALT KEY and typing 82 isn’t working for me. I’ve managed to type the R’s using the onsceen keyboad but would be grateful if you could tell me why the ascii keys aen’t woking fo me.

      This is a brand new dell inspion 15, and as it’s just the R key that’s not woking, using the onscreen keyboad is ovekill and tiesome as you can see ive given up inseting some r’s whee they should be 😀


    7. Efe says:

      Update…well i pushed the key around a bit, lifted it slightly, pressed it down hard and just basically bullied it and it just started working..rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    8. Pradeep says:

      letters z x c v m + enter keys(in one word third row in the alpha letters)are not working on keyboard!
      Your Suggestions are ery uh appreiated!!

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