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    How much do you believe Ganesha Says

    How many of us do not check the daily forecast in the newspaper first thing in the morning? Even if we have excuses like “I don’t believe it, I was just checking it”, “You know it has become a habit over the years otherwise I don’t believe all these…”, we all know somewhere deep in our hearts that the astrology forecast gives us a feeling of security / alertness / well-being. Even I turn on the TV on time to check if I should be careful while traveling or if I will have a fight with my partner this week.

    What Ganesha Says

    As humans, we want some outside force to warn us beforehand about the day-to-day calamities that wait for us as the day unfolds. Thats right, I call them ‘calamities’ as petty arguments or road mishaps scare us to such an extent that we get addicted to find out more about the mishaps-in-waiting by going through our weekly forecasts and strictly following the lucky color and stone given in it. Some of us even take out time to study astrology in detail from whatever resources available so that they find out all about their day- forecasts based on your birth number, lunar phases , Chinese astrology. We even tend to keep crystals, laughing Buddhas and wind chimes to bring us good tidings.

    Come to think of it, what does all this suggest. Its simple. In this age too, we are superstitious to the core. As Indians, we have been brought up with so many customs, traditions and beliefs that faith in astrology comes naturally to us. And it is not only us, but there are people from other origins too who follow it. This leads us to another point that we as humans are emotional about the good and bad that is supposed to happen with us in the recent future.

    This does not mean that astronomy as such hinders rational thinking. The study of zodiac signs is a study of astronomy and astrology and involves meticulous calculations.

    The panditji who comes to your house to make your ‘kundali’ or ‘janmanamam’ is not just someone gives you a piece of paper that has some forecasts made and some planets listed just to earn his livelihood. He has devoted his life to study the stars. The stars affect or effect us to some extent.

    So, are we supposed to believe whatever is written and ‘destined’ for us? Maybe. The stars have positioned themselves in such a way that such and such a thing is bound to happen to us at the designated time and place. I guess it does happen like it is ‘destined’. And when the incident does occur, the atheist does turn into a theist.

    The inevitable remains inevitable.But how we perceive it and how we change it to our benefit depends wholly and solely on us.

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    1. Hi,
      I like your post.The picture is really so nice.But one thing which I am unable to understand is that what is the relation of this Rat with Ganesha.I want to know thoroughly about it.Thanks

    2. Nihar says:

      @Golf Vacations, Rat is the vehicle of Lord Ganesha

    3. ROSHNI SHARMA says:

      this pictures look like a real god in stand of earth.

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