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    How to Share Your Desktop With Friends – Team Viewer

    Guys, I found a very useful tool. It is a simple software that lets you access any computer that is connected to the internet.

    You can show your own desktop to a partner over the Internet and demonstrate your own software, solutions and presentations or give tech support if they run into some problems.

    Team Viewer for remote desktop sharing

    Download Latest TeamViewer 6.0

    Just two days back, i was able to connect to my brother’s PC, give him tech support and was happy to resolve the issue.
    Both the parties should have TeamViewer on their PC/Laptop. Each of them will have a system generated ID and password. In order to access your friend’s PC, get his ID and password that was set during installation. Then, just paste the ID in the text box and click “Connect to partner” button. Once it completes the authentication process it prompt for password. Once you are connected, go ahead with your troubleshooting.

    TeamViewer features :

    Remote Control without Installation

    With TeamViewer you can remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. No installation is required, just run the application on both sides and connect – even through tight firewalls.

    Remote Presentation of Products, Solutions and Services

    The second TeamViewer mode allows you to present your desktop to a partner. Show your demos, products and presentations over the Internet within seconds – live from your screen.

    File transfer

    TeamViewer comes with integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and folders from and to a remote partner – which also works behind firewalls

    Works behind firewalls

    The major difficulties in using remote control software are firewalls and blocked ports, as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses.If you use TeamViewer you don’t have to worry about firewalls: TeamViewer will find a route to your partner

    Know More About Team Viewer at www.teamviewer.com

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