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    Get more comments and visitors by using CommentLuv Plugin

    CommentLuv WordPress Plugin

    I have just now discovered a very useful plugin for WordPress. It is called CommentLuv Plugin.

    You can also read my previous post Best (must have) WordPress Plugins to find out more interesting WordPress Plugins.

    How does this plugin get you more comments and visitors?

    After you leave a comment on a blog that has CommentLuv plugin installed, CommentLuv will try to detect the latest post from your blog and then present a link to the post at the bottom of the comment. It’s a nice way to repay those readers who leave a comment.

    I discovered this plugin and found in action here. You can see my comment and also my last post link here

    After you install this plugin, you will notice a new check box with following text:

    Enable CommentLuv which will try and get your last blog post, please be patient while it finds it for you

    CommentLuv Plugin will give you some of the below Benefits :

    • You will get a link to your latest blog post
    • More visitors will be willing to leave a comment πŸ™‚ as they will get a link of their latest blog post

    Now that you know the benefits of this plugin, why not Download CommentLuv and get more interaction with your visitors!

    Click below to download the plugin
    commentluv here

    UPDATE : CommentLuv Plugin is now Ajaxed – AjaxedCommentLuv has more exciting features

    If you find this post useful. Try leaving a comment and check whether you blog last post is appearing or not

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    1. Indeed, CommentLuv is really great! Btw, check my last post on my blog :-p

      I think that comments are the most important things for a blogger because it gives you feedback. It makes you feel like you are not writing in the wind.
      So everything that can enhance commenter experience is a great thing!

      Another big issue to me with comments is the fact that unless you are the first to comment (gotcha I’m the first here!), your comment will get little if no visibility at all. Comments are just put at the bottom of a list and they are just “lost”. If I spend time to write a comment, I don’t want my comment to be hidden somewhere.

      I’ve been working on this issue and I came up with Commentag (http://www.commentag.com). It automatically tags comments and visitors can filter them based on topics. So even if your comment is the 13th one, it could be the first under the tag “Other links” for example.
      Go check it out. Would be more than interested to hear your thoughts about it!

    2. Nihar says:


      Thanks for letting me know. I will have a look at it.

      BTW, why your last post is not yet picked up here?

    3. It is strange indeed. CommentLuv should have picked it… Strange enough.

      Let’s do it manually: πŸ˜‰
      My last post is there:

    4. I think I got it: you have to end your URL with a Slash to make CommentLuv working.

      If it is not working on this comment, then it is definitelly the reason.
      Otherwise it may be just a connection problem when commentluv tried to connect to my blog.

    5. Nihar says:


      This time commentluv plugin picked up your last post πŸ™‚

    6. Nihar says:


      I will try to look at the plugin code and if i can understand fix that and let also the author know if possible.

      BTW how did you come to know about my blog?

    7. Looks like working even without a slash at the end.
      So I guess it was just a connection problem to my blog when I posted my first comment. I wouldn’t worry that much.

      I land on your blog via Digg πŸ™‚

    8. Sreekar says:

      Very good write up… Very interesting Plugin…

    9. Gopinath M says:

      So you got lot of comments love!!!

      Blog is good…but if you can reduce the amount of adversitising, you can attract more users.

    10. Nihar says:


      Not yet. seems lot of ppl are just happy to read the posts and leave πŸ™

    11. Busby says:

      nice plugin to increase commenter/traffic, though it open your blog to more link spammer and comment poor quality.

    12. Nihar says:


      You are right but, i am using bad behaviour and akitsmet anti-spam

    13. Andos says:

      Nice plugin, i will use it too. I think it will increase my blog visitor

    14. Nihar says:


      Really it has increased my visitors and comments as well.

    15. It’s a great plugin, link love needs to be spread, as everyone needs the help to beat the big guys.

    16. Gaming Mouse says:

      I love this plugin it really gives an incentive to post on peoples blogs. I’m going to install it on mine soon aswell

    17. Yes, since I have implemented this in my blog, I’m finally getting some people to reply to my posts. Generally they are not so spammy and I’m happy with their input.

      Luuuuv that plugin πŸ™‚

    18. Nihar says:


      Yes you are right after i implemented it i am getting enough number of comments…

    19. Aidan says:

      Big fan of commentluv, and just started experimenting with it. Does it really encourage more comments, and how do you let others know about commenting on your blog?

    20. Busby SEO says:

      It is a great plugin and hopefully google will really count is as quality backlink

    21. WatchUOnline says:

      it’s considered useless if you still have nofollow on the link :p

    22. Nihar says:


      If you leave 3 more comments your comment will then won’t have nofollow πŸ™‚

      Got it?

    23. Aidan says:

      Wow !

      That little plug in really increased my daily visitors a bit, with the passage of time there might be an increase in tweaks for this plugin too – version or improvement.

      I just tried it on my blog and it works great, it really increased my daily unique visitors and helped me increasing my blog’s exposure.

      Thanks for sharing


    24. Nihar says:


      Yes it really helped me too. I started getting lot of comments… and that helped getting regular visitors πŸ™‚

    25. MovieFan says:

      Thanks for this article. I’m going to give CommenLuv a try on my movie and memorabilia blog; am interested in seeing what effect this plugin will have on site traffic.

    26. Nihar says:


      Try it it will be very good and your comments will increase than before…

    27. PC says:

      This is really a cool plugin, I first know this plugin from your blog, before this I really dont know what is commentluv stand for πŸ™‚

    28. Busby says:

      Cool plugin I am think about adding it to my site

    29. SEO Blog says:

      I have tried to use it but it is using lots of memory. My server started to use extra ram so i removed the plugin.

    30. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the number and quality of comments after I installed CommentLuv. Especially when people see I approve comments that are of value in bot information and aren’t simply one liners that want to get links back to their site.

      I would encourage anyone who has a blog to seriously consider installing the CommentLuv plugin and at least consider removing the nofollow tag. Sure you might get a few spam comments, but you can always delete these instead of approving. Remember, comments are content for your site, fresh content, and if the person leaving the comment has written something of value then it can help when the search spiders crawl your site for fresh content.


      Ian (Make Everything EzyAs123) Richardson

    31. Nihar says:

      @PC, Happy to see that you came to know about the plugin from this blog…

      @Busby, You add it. it will definitely help you to get more comments

      @SEO Blog, Yes the plugin slows down the submitting of comment part because, it tries to find the latest post.

      @Ian Richardson, You are right. it will increase the number of comments but also the quality might decrease. As a author of this blog should selectively moderate the comments…

    32. commentluv is a great plugin…definitely a good thing

    33. Nihar says:

      @John,@interior decorator.

      Yes, commentluv is a great plugin.

    34. Existenciya says:

      Domain fiddyp.co.uk is not working right now.
      “If you see this page it means:
      1. hosting for this domain is not configured
      2. there’s no such domain registered in Plesk”

    35. Australia says:

      This seems to be a great plugin. I appreciate the link back to the site. I wonder how it performs for you?

    36. Nihar says:

      @Existenciya, fiddyp.co.uk site is working

      @Australia, It performs very well. I advice you to use it.

    37. Sire says:

      Yep, commentluv is a great plugin, especially the one that Andy is working on now. It’s in beta and it will allow the commentator to choose from their last 10 posts, as long as they have registered with commnentluv.com

    38. Nihar says:

      @Sire, Oh i didn’t know about this. It will be a good feature…

    39. CommentLuv is a great and most useful tool to add depth and breadth to blog comments and overall interactive discussions on blogs and blog postings

    40. Nihar says:

      @Comment on CommentLuv, Yes it is indeed a very good plugin. helps us build a blogging community.

    41. This is great way for you to increase your comments on your blog that’s for sure. But then again you need to a lot of moderation as well πŸ˜›

    42. Nihar says:

      @free movies online, i agree with you. we need to find out who is genuine commentar and who is commenting just for the sake of getting post’s link as backlink.

    43. bartolomo says:

      You can tell by the number of comments over such a long period of time, that people are interested in commentluv. It is a great addition to anyone’s blog.

    44. Nihar says:

      @X-FaR, πŸ™‚

      @bartolomo, Yeah you are right. It increases comments not only that you can build a community!

    45. Manny says:

      Wow.. didn’t know about this plugin, will be in my list of favorite plugins with All-in-One-Seo, Google Analytics Plugin and Recaptcha .. Thx for sharing

    46. Nihar says:

      @Manny, I will see how your site will be after you start using this plugin…

    47. I am a new blogger and just wanted to say thanks to those who are willing to spread the luv. I will be sure to do the same.

    48. Nihar says:

      @cosmetic contacts, thanks you are most welcome.

    49. I appreciate the luv being spread. Thx.

    50. Nihar says:

      @Arizona, Thanks for the compliment.

    51. Commentluv is a great feature. Both the readers are the blogger’s are rewarded for contributing.

    52. Nihar says:

      @Richard, Yeah it is very true. this plugin is win win for both the sides.

    53. Shirley says:

      Indeed. Ever since I installed Comment Luv, I’ve been getting a whole lot more comments. Excellent feature.

    54. Micronet says:

      Commentluv is a great plugin.

      Good way to increase traffic both ways.

      Have you seen any noticable increase in server load since using?

      Web Design Wolverhampton

    55. do you need to have comment luv installed on your blog?

    56. Nihar says:

      @Shirley, @Micronet, I agree. Even i got more comments after installing comment luv plugin.

      @danfoss, Yeah comment luv is installed.

    57. I dont really understand how you turn the plug-in on? is there a setting somewhere?

    58. Melvin says:

      CommentLuv do bring me to your site.. interesting plugin… will get one for my blog hehe..But will it attract more spammer to your blog?

    59. Deck Designs says:

      Well this comment is a little off topic, but i was reading through and noticed that you really answer alot of peoples questions. I think that is awesome. I see so many blogs that never get updated, and the questions seem to linger without ever getting a responce. Thanks for the info Nihar.

    60. Siding Cost says:

      I luv this plugin, its the reason i found this site. Comment luv is awesome. thanks!

    61. Nihar says:

      @Deck Designs, Thank you very much. Yeah i have a habit of replying to most of the comments. Some times i miss out. Reply to your comment is almost 1 month late πŸ™

      @Siding Cost, Me too. I luv this comment plugin.

    62. Dietmar says:

      Nice description! I’m allready using the anti-nofollow plugin and thinking about installing comment luv as well.

    63. shraqs says:

      This is the best plugin for comment pupose. Already use on my blog

    64. Nihar says:

      @shraqs, Yeah it is the best plugin.

    65. Hey, great article, I am huge lovecomment fan!

    66. Prue says:

      Thanks for the great post!

    67. Thomas says:

      cool plugin! I am really thinking about adding commentluv in my blog, too

    68. Scott says:

      Nice read, just starting to use the CommentLuv plugin post is helpful.

    69. wordpress says:

      Comment Luv is one of the best plugin,should be installed by default πŸ˜‰

    70. The plugin is very useful. Thank you!

    71. salehoo says:

      CommentLuv is fantastic, this should be a default plugin when you downoad WordPress. They should also include the do-follow option…

    72. Ok I have to revisit this plugin because it appears after all this time, this plugin still works for dofollow

    73. Pavan Somu says:

      great pligun…. from now i also use this to grab more visitors
      .-= Pavan Somu´s last blog ..Create Ringtones & Send To Your Mobiles =-.

    74. Oba says:

      I just luvvvv CommentLuv!

    75. Keith Davis says:

      See CommeLuv on lots of sites… great idea and must encourage more comments.
      Obviously many of your visitors think that it’s a great plugin.
      Still not sure if I’ll install it!
      .-= Keith Davis´s last blog ..The eyes have it! =-.

    76. Jennifer says:

      I agree Nihar, Commentluv continues to expand it

    77. beanbag2100 says:

      I luv this plugin, its the reason i found this site. Comment luv is awesome. thanks!

    78. Mercedes says:

      I luv this plugin, its the reason i found this site. Comment luv is awesome. thanks!

    79. CommentLuv certainly makes it easier to find other relevant blogs to post on. I do wonder how it is going to hold up with the new competition from similar programs like Disqus. It should be interesting, but competition should be great for us users, who need them to continue getting better at keeping Spam off our blogs.

    80. I appreciate the luv being spread. Thx.

    81. Thanks for sharing.It is very good commentluv plugin that will making nice blog and increase comments.I like it

    82. Cheryl Jones says:

      I added CommentLuv a few days ago at one of my visitor’s suggestions and it is a good idea.

    83. Comment luv is a great idea and I haven’t been aware of it for very long.

    84. Hi Nihar, I have no idea if this will work with my wordpress hosting blog. If it does, then stay tuned for more commenting from yours truly. Take care πŸ˜‰

    85. juned says:

      Indeed. Since I installed Comment Luv, I received many more comments. Excellent feature.

    86. Cole Stan says:

      This is one of the greatest plugins ever, and probably one of the most used plugins

    87. I can say commentluv is great from your post. I’m going to use it in my blog

    88. oh commentluv, i will instal it to my blog.
      thank you so much for posting this.

    89. silpada says:

      CommentLuv has a hidden gift of do follow link for the commentators. These links are very useful to raise the ranking of the site and also to provide traffic to the site.

    90. silpada says:

      CommentLuv has great advantage over Disqus.Most of the blogger recommend this plugins and I too.

    91. Bocah Online says:

      I have install commentluv plugin, and i very happy to use this plugin, because this plugin can give me more backlink πŸ™‚

    92. aga says:

      I like commentLuv plugin. I hope it will be more popular.

    93. Vengaworks says:

      This is really a great plugin, I’ve just wonderng will google accept this as quality backlink?

    94. i have no install commentLuv plugin, but now i will installed. thanks for sharing

    95. I agree with you.You can gets more benefits from commentluv.It is really good.Now are using commentluv.

    96. only thing, its not free any more πŸ™

    97. Flash Forum says:

      To bad it’s not free anymore

    98. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with SEO? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good results. If you know of any please share. Many thanks!

    99. You just put blog writing to the next level. I believe people will get unique perspective from your articles and I hope to see more coming.

    100. twittnot says:

      I love this plugin it really gives an incentive to post on peoples blogs. I’m going to install it on mine soon aswell

    101. very nice and complete article anyway i invited you to be an author in my blog if you like please contact me …

    102. harry sevt says:

      when im tri this plugin, any error when activated

    103. Pew says:

      Thanks, it did the trick!

    104. Thank’s you for sharing with us. This is such a great information. I have just bookmarked your site and waiting for your next post. Really Nice post…GOOD JOB

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