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    Get FREE Kaspersky Internet Security license key

    You can get Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) for free with valid license key…

    Exclusively for customers of UBS in Switzerland: Kaspersky security
    Customers of UBS in Switzerland can now use the new version of Kaspersky Internet Security for free – 6 months! Protect your computer from all kinds of internet threats, most important when banking online.

    FREE Kaspersky Internet Security

    You will get this for 6 months of trial. Since the page is available publicly online and it’s a trial anyway, I assume it’s safe to share it with you guys.

    The follow steps will teach you how to get yourself a free license key for Kaspersky Internet Security. Please grab it as fast as possible, because we don’t know when they are going to end the promotion.

    How to get the Free License Key of KIS for a 6-month trial:

    • Go to this page, and get your activation code.
    • After that, paste the registration code in this page. Left the Customer ID and Password blank. Press enter to go to the next step.
    • Click the “Download Key” button to download your free license key. You will need it to activate your Kaspersky Internet Security. Don’t forget to unzip the file.
    • Download Kaspersky Internet Security v7 and install it OR Try the new Kaspersky Internet Security v8 Beta (Technical Refresh) by downloading from here. I am using version 8 now and so far so good (You can use the same license key)

    Note: You can only get 1 license key. No matter how many times you do, you will get the same license key.

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    1. Kishore says:

      It is working…

      Thanks 🙂

    2. ameo says:

      yup it’s true . i tested it and it’s really woring .

      i think they only give 1 SN per IP . that is why each user will get ONLY one .

    3. Nihar says:


      I am now sure about it. Have a go. If it works enjoy…

    4. JDans says:

      Kapersky has been called one of the finest internet security programs available for Windows. The biggest issue for me has been the price, you have to pay for an annual subscription. This key should come in very hand I will take a look at the product and then upload a review at Spyware Fix.

      Thanks again

    5. Nihar says:

      @JDans, Yes it is indeed very good antivirus.

    6. Rocky says:

      I dont see any activation code here. Plz let me know if there is any way to get it.

    7. Nihar says:

      @Rocky, I think the activation code is now expired.

    8. mani says:

      Can some one help me with a valid key, please. Any kind of help is appreciatd.

    9. sajiauriga says:

      Can some one help me with a valid key, please. Any kind of help is appreciatd.

    10. alynnn_14 says:

      this is so good

    11. Badal says:

      Kaspersky is the best solution. Would anybody send me the license key for KIS2009? to badal_aiub@yahoo.com

    12. ahmed says:

      can u plz send activation key kaspersky on my mail id plzz

    13. Heru Sutanto says:

      Where the link for activation code. I cannot found the link please renew the link immediately

    14. w68 says:

      Kaspersky_internet_security 7 Activation

      Kaspersky_internet_security 8 Activation

    15. Saju says:

      Where the link for activation code or Lisence Key or Send me a vaild lisence key. I cannot found the link please renew the link

    16. Saju says:

      Please any body help me. pls send lisence key in my yahoo id : Saju_Saharoy@yahoo.com

    17. Saju says:

      lisence key for KIS7. please send me a vaild key file

    18. Avisek says:

      Plz send me kav7.0 licence code for 3 months

    19. sabby says:

      hi plz can anybody provide me with the working key of kaspersky internet security 2009.pls send the key on my email address

    20. Sean says:

      >>> You can visit my blog for daily updated Keys:


      Here is a little taste: (Keys updated on May 24)

    21. Jake says:

      Here you can find Working Keys for KIS 2009:


    22. Harish says:

      I want download the kaspersky 2010 key file for download kaspersky security for my computer urgent.

    23. Omar says:

      I want download the kaspersky 2010 key file for download kaspersky security for my computer urgent

    24. security says:

      All for Internet security in this site: http://freenod.ucoz.com

    25. soumya says:

      sir ,
      please send me kaspersky 2010 key 6 month
      this service is very use ful for us

    26. saranya says:

      give me activation key for kaspersky 2010.

    27. NIRAJ SHARMA says:


    28. farhad says:

      plz send me kaspersky7 activation key

    29. DmR says:

      Kaspersky Internet Security Key Patch %100 Working Download :
      [Bonus : Eset Smart Security 4 Key Finder] :


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