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    Record Visitors activity on your website – ClickTale

    Have you ever thought that you can actually record your visitors activities on your website?


    Record visitors’ every action as they browse your website. Watch movies to understand visitor behavior, gain valuable insights and improve your website’s usability.

    ClickTale - Record - Watch - Understand

    Let me first put some details about traditional Web Analytics websites, then will proceed with details on ClickTale
    There are many many website trackers but most of them can just track the following:

    • Came From : From where the visitor has come to your site (Site Referrer)
    • Visitors Path : Your website webpage navigation’s
    • Keyword Analysis: Search Engine Keywords

    Some of the traditional Web analytics websites that offer good service for free are
    StatCounter | SiteMeter | Google Analytics.

    I use statcounter. Which analytics do you use? Leave a comment…

    ClickTale – Record – Watch – Understand :

    ClickTale is different with the traditional web analytics. It provides information about individual visitor’s behavior. This is a must for those who want to analyze their visitor’s activities on the website. With this you can actually find out what visitors does as soon as they land on your website. With this data you can fine tune your website and make changes.

    What ClickTale has to offer

    ClickTale offers both free and paid plan. I am subscribed to the free plan. Under free plan, you can do 100 recordings per week. You can check the pricing page for paid plan. I would suggest first you get a free plan see how it goes if you like it and want more recordings then go for a paid plan.

    I actually wanted to upload my site recording uploaded in youtube so that you can check it here. But just now found out that my recordings are deleted because i have logged into the site after a long time πŸ™

    ClickTale is an interesting service. If you want please signup and leave comments.


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    1. ameo says:

      looks interesting and the thing that makes it more unique is the movies thing
      but the pricing ,, 20 $ month for 3k visit ? and 100 $ for 30 k per month !!

      it’s little high but i think that free 400/ month might give me some stats to look and watch even though it won’t be complete

      thanks for the link will check it and give my feedback

    2. Hitesh says:

      I would try but dont think i will leave either statscounter or google.

    3. Nihar says:


      I agree with you. We should not leave statcounter or google analytics, just add this clicktale as one more tool to capture stats…

    4. Nihar says:


      Better to try with free one. If you really want to know your visitors behavior in large numbers then go for non free one

    5. bloggernoob says:

      never heard of this tool. imma check it out. nice find nihar

    6. Nihar says:


      Let me know how it is? if you use it…

    7. Steve Yu says:

      I used Google Analytics. ClickTale seem like a usual tool to me. I’ll give it a try.

    8. Nihar says:


      ClickTale is different. It can generate video for you. In that video it shows the visitor’s activity on your website…. πŸ™‚

    9. Rockstar Sid says:

      Their is one more service like that which is called as Robot Replay . I have also compiled a list of 26 blog analytics tools too..

    10. Nihar says:


      Thats intresting let me have a look at it as well…

    11. This looks like a great tool Nihar, I’ll definitely look into it and see if it fits with my blog.

      Thanks for posting

      The Tech Juice

    12. Nihar says:

      Tech Juice,

      Let me know how that tool worked for you…

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