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    Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) to resolve Missing Stereo Mix Problem

    Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) helps you to solve no stereo mix problem.

    To know the reason behind writing this post, I would suggest you first read this post – No Stereo Mix recording option.

    Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) can also be called as Virtual Stereo Mix for the reason that it resolves Missing Stereo Mix in Recording option.

    Now a days most of the laptops doesn’t have Stereo Mix/Wave Out in Recording option under Volume. In the above post, I have mentioned few solutions to get stereo mix working. I have Toshiba Satellite A-105 S8424 Notebook and there is no solution for Toshiba.

    When I was going through Toshiba laptop problems related forum. One guy suggested that you better get Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) software to solve the problem. This software is developed by a Russian guy Eugene Muzychenko

    Virtual Audio Cable to solve Missing Stereo Mix

    Virtual Audio Cable to solve Missing Stereo Mix

    This Image is not the snapshot of VAC. I have put this because, it demonstrates Virtual Audio Cables

    Right now, I have stereo mix recording but not real, you can say virtual stereo mix because, I am using the above mentioned software πŸ™‚

    Brief Description of Virtual Audio Cable (VAC)

    Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) is intended to connect several audio applications together in real time. It’s like a sound card with hardwired input and output: when an application sends an audio stream to a virtual cable, other applications can record this stream from the other cable end. Thus, you can record and process output of almost any audio application by almost any other audio application. VAC operates like TotalRecorder but is more universal. Use it to create a chains of software synthesizers (Generator, Reality), audio processors, recorders (WaveLab, Sound Forge), sequencers (Cakewalk, Cubase) etc. VAC works under Win95/98/ME/NT4/2k/XP. Under Win95/98/ME, DirectSound is supported.

    After reading the above description of VAC, you might be thinking how Virtual Audio Cable can solve missing Stereo Mix/Wave Out in Recording option under Volume.

    Yes it can and it solved the problem on my Toshiba Notebook too πŸ™‚ and will definitely help you too…

    Virtual Audio Cable comes in two versions Trial and Full

    I first installed trail version but when you start recording using it you will hear trail version in female voice every 5 seconds. So, it is impossible for anybody to continue using trail πŸ™

    Full version costs you 30 US Dollars.

    Download Trial Virtual Audio Cable 4.14

    How to get Stereo Mix working using Virtual Audio Cable

    Adding the below video which will help you to setup Sound Recorder and Stereo Devices to use Virtual Audio Cable instead of Default devices.(Update : May 14th, 2009)

    Hope this helps you.

    NOTE: If you try searching a Virtual Audio Cable crack for this software you may get it. I have got cracked version.

    Leave a comment if you want any information on that or any suggestion you have….

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    1. ameo says:

      great tip , i might use it .. and buy it if it’s good with me .

    2. I don’t think I can ever get my cables to look as nice as that picture! πŸ˜€

    3. Nihar says:

      @michael me too

      @ameo you need buy this only if you don’t see stereo mix in your audio settings…

    4. james says:

      Thank you so much for a very useful information. somebody tell me where can i get the crack for VAC?

    5. Nihar says:

      @james, Google it you will get it. I also got it some months back πŸ™‚

    6. Cali says:

      Oh. My. Goodness! After about a year of being angry every time I wanted to record stuff via Stereo Mix on my Satellite P205…this has finally worked! Thanks so much for all of your posts on how to solve this problem. I can finally go back to my pre-Toshiba days!

    7. angsty guy says:

      can u tell me where did u get the cracked version? i googled but only found files with viruses.
      Please help. thanks!

    8. sunnykeira says:

      hi, I am totally stuck with the recording function of my laptop.
      I really appreciate if you can help me with this pb.
      Can you send me the cracked VAC via email
      Really really appreciate

    9. Janey says:

      I got Sony VGN-FW170J laptop and it has the same sound card as your Toshiba and I couldn’t record my online math lecture.

      As a fulltime student, I cannot effort to get the full version.

      Could you please email me the VAC crack version?

      Thank you for your help.

    10. Lampe says:

      i have used the trial version for some weeks now..
      and like you i’m student. Fifteen years old, and dont got money to buy it..

      can you please send me the file via e-mail?

      thank you πŸ™‚


    11. Nihar says:

      @Lampe, @Janey, @sunnykeira, I will send the crack version via email.

    12. frajer says:

      Hey, can someone please email me the crack for VAC?

    13. melky says:

      yessss…. finally..
      more than two weeks… to find out this stereomix, very iritating matter for me.
      these VAC is outstanding.. me already tried trial version. it works. (but female voice).

      Please send me the VAC crack version by email to hand_mrsdh@yahoo.com

      Many many thanks to you…

    14. Nihar says:

      @Sunny, @Lampe, @melky, @Janey, @frazer,

      I have sent the crack version via email.

      • Janey says:

        Thank you, so much.

        I tried installing the software, today and uncountered a problem with the vrtaucbl.sys driver. Apparently the driver was not digitally signed. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? My platform is Window Vista 64bit Ultimate.

      • Raccas-Yanky says:

        Hello πŸ™‚

        Sorry for my bad english, i’m french.

        Nihar, can you give me the crack version please ? :p
        I have many needs

    15. Lampe says:

      thank you πŸ™‚

    16. Kim says:

      Hi Nihar.. It is so kind of you to share the crack version.. May I dare ask that you share it with me as well? I will be grateful and wish you a silent thank you everytime I use it… that is .. if I can get it to work…

      My email is : kimotheraphy@yahoo.com

    17. Kim says:

      Thank you very muchie Nihar.. I have received VAC version 4.02 from you.. Will be installing it later as I will be doing a full image backup of my system first… Thanking you again!

    18. Roshan says:

      I have a compaq presario A900 laptop with conexant HD Audio Sound card.
      Will this software work on it?
      where can i get the cracked version? please help

    19. Derek says:

      Nihar i have a dell xps m1330…where can i get the cracked version? please help…and will it be a substitute for stereo mix??

    20. rosalba says:

      could you please send it to me too?
      i’ve been searching for months an answer for the stereo mix problem. i really hope this works, kisses

    21. rosalba says:

      can’t wait! u’r an angel, X

    22. Gidgie says:

      I also have a HP Compaq with the same issue, I have tried everything. Would you please send the crack version to me also Nihar? << A dj on PAltalk and miss ma stereo mixer to output to ma fans. Ur humble assistance would be greatly appreciated…. !!

    23. rosalba says:

      why does the trial version of vac409 works, and the one u sent me doesn’t? ~x(

    24. I also use Toshiba Satellite,please sent me crack version, thank you.

    25. Nihar says:

      @Gidgie & @Mohamad Afiza, I will send the crack soon.

      @rosalba, I am not sure why you are saying this? I sent the crack to lot of guys. Nobody had any problems.

      • rosalba says:

        I did restarted, but there was no new device in the device manager.
        os? vista home premium, on sony vaio.
        maybe i’m doing smth wrong, i don’t know. i don’t know much about computers.
        thank you for trying to help me.

    26. Kilin says:

      I don’t care how late this is compared to when the video was posted. I’ve got a laptop and have been looking for this solution for a good amount of time now, and here’s this nice little video.
      All I have to say is thanks. This was the only thing that worked for me. You’re a big help, man.

    27. dee@ says:

      can u send me the cracked version, to my email, thnx!!
      i would apreciate it cuz im having trouble with my online radio, thank you!

    28. Vikas says:

      Tnxx a lot nihar VAC really works!!! finally i got my stereo mix working on Compaq A900.

      Can u plzz send me the crack version plzzzzz.


    29. Dennis says:

      Can I please get a cracked version?

      Much appreciated!

    30. Sono says:

      May you send me the cracked version?

      Please help

    31. gerry535 says:

      nihar i also having same problem like others using vista for recording..can you send me also the cracked version..it’s nice to know that there are people like you sharing something for nothing in return.. thank you in advance.!gerry535sayno@hotmail.com

    32. gerry535 says:

      anybody out there having cracked version of vAC from nihar could you also share it with me pls…gerry535sayno@hotmail.com

    33. chibs says:

      God why didn’t I notice this sooner! I’ve been frustrated for over a year because I needed to record sound directly from my audio card but I have the same laptop as yours. Thanks a lot for making that awesome post and sharing a solution for us.

      I would try searching for cracked VAC but would you kindly share? Thanks again so much.
      My email: chi_bkey@yahoo.com

    34. Nihar says:

      @Dee , @Vikas, @Dennis, @Sono, I have sent the crack. Do check your email. If you don

    35. gerry535 says:

      hey thanks nihar!i’ll wait for it..

    36. h-wreck says:


      can i get the full version + crack… waiting for an answer πŸ˜€

      thnx in advance Nihar

    37. Puneet says:


      I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW140E, with Realtek HD Drivers on Windows Vista Home Premium. As mentioned in earlier posts, the recording devices do not show anything except microphone, even after checking the Show Disabled/Disconnected Devices. In addition to the VAC, is there any other cheaper solution/driver available that you might know of? Any help is appreciated.

    38. Ashiesh says:

      Hi Nihar,

      I am facing the same problem. I am using Dell Optiplex 740 with SigmaTel Audio and XP Prof OS. Tried to download the LG driver form the website but it didn’t work coz it was for laptop i suppose.

      I installed VAC and it worked quite well for the shorter version i.e. 10-15 minutes of audio capturing but for one programme when i captured (Audio+Visual)with AutoScreen Recorder Pro for about 45 minutes the audio was missing at quite a few places.

      Kindly Help.


    39. Ashiesh says:

      Yes Nihar,

      The option is there in that

    40. Ashiesh says:

      Nihar,I have checked on that and AutoScreen Recorder is already using the AVC’s Virtual Cable 1. The problem i am facing is that when i initializes the AVC the voice of the playing application gives a miss before i actually start to record that and when i use the sigmatel audio the voice comes back with the original quality without a miss.

    41. Ashiesh says:

      can we talk now regarding the problem?

    42. David says:

      Hello Nihar,

      based on your experience and skills (i have none, i must admit, i am probably too old to ever understand computers) would that VAC also help in the following situation:

      Aim: Capture the sound+video from any website just as it is being displayed.

      Problem: All the software on offer (my favourite is NCH Debut) don’t record the sound with the video, probably because my Toshiba Satellite doesn’t have that “Stereo Mix” option either!

      Question: Can VAC be instructed to take a Firefox tab’s sound into “cable 1” so that my Debut software can then record from that “cable 1”?

      Any hints for my situation? (which i would have thought is the same aim as millions others must have, hmm…?)


      • Nihar says:


        Yes you can do it.

        Is your PC/Laptop on XP or Vista. I have a full working VAC for XP. I can email you if you want.

        After you install the s/w. You have to go to Control Panel and set the input and output devices for sound as VAC.

        Also read the help file of the VAC s/w.

        If you don’t want all this complications, then try to get a cable as mentioned in this post http://www.niharsworld.com/2008/05/28/no-stereo-mix-recording-option-here-are-few-solutions/

        You can find that kind of cable in any Audio or PC Store.

        • David says:

          Hi Nihar,
          that is quick! I’ve used a blog for the first time and didn’t know that you could answer that quickly! Great πŸ™‚

          Yes, sure if you could email me (or post here) the setup for XP (i seem to have the same equipment you have – but not the knowledge, ha!) that would be great!

          Yes, i have seen the HW solution you posted too, but i am not sure if that would do would i like (described above), eg. you didn’t say where that one pin (on the side where only one pin is) is plugged in, to be honest even if i manage to get that switch and cable i wouldn’t have a third hole on my satellite there’s only a mic and a phones hole [am no native speaker sorry]).

          On the other hand, i read the online help of VAC and didn’t understand that either, i mean the required setup for my AIM as described before.

          I think it’s as with everything: once you know it, it seems dead easy – but before… [for me at least ;-)]

    43. David says:

      Oh, what i should also have mentioned in my AIM above:

      Of course i would like that the sound (just like the video content) is captured one-to-one, i mean bit by bit, so that there is no quality loss.

      I am not sure the cable+switch solution via the mic would do that (because i heard that the mic in and speaker out have a far less hz width than what is being digitally transmitted. I’m not sure, but at least it makes sense to me.)
      But i believe the VAC sw would do that (why should it “swallow” some of the bits before passing them on…?)

    44. David says:

      Nihar, when i re-read your post i feel i should have written more precisely. What i’d need is not the VAC sw, but instead a good tip or two, how the setup of the various parameters in that VAC control panel and VAC audio repeater have to be – in order to be able to capture the sound from a firefox tab into the Debut sw.

      My problem is eg. How do i tell a firefox tab that it shall send the sound to “Cable 1”, so that my Debut sw can then record from that “Cable 1”?

      I wonder if you really meant yes to this situation when you wrote “Yes, you can do that”? I also wonder how the millions of other people do it – who probably also want to capture the sound+footage from a website? Hmm… confused.

      • Nihar says:

        @David, You can do it without actually telling firefox…

        After installing VAC, we tell the Windows to use Recording and Stereo out both to use VAC instead of Normal device, Then we will use repeater to connect those virtual cables with the original device.

        Stereo Mix (which generates sounds) will be connected to VAC Recorder… and from VAC Sound out Virtual cable is connected to Device Recorder…

        To make life easier. I have embeded Youtube Video in the same post which will help you setup easier. Note: It is for Vista. If you have XP, you need to go to control panel and open Sound Devices instead of opening from System Tray as shown in the You Tube Video.

        If the youtube video doesn’t appear, Try refreshing again or clear the browser cache…

        • David says:

          Nihar, you’re GREAT!
          I watched your video 3 times but then i got it! Now it works, yes! Even on a Satellite notebook without those ominous “Stereo Mix”/ “What U Hear” or whatever option availabe, it is indeed possible to capture sound + video footage of a firefox tab (or indeed anything) in ONE neat file! Thanks so much for explaining how the settings have to be!

          Is the gmail address from which you send automatic blog notifications, your real one? I need reassurance because i aim to send you a paypal email with a small cash award. Sign of gratitude, really. πŸ™‚

          @All: Yes, what Nihar suggests as setup for the various settings you need in your Soundcard-Driver, Recording sw, and VAC sw, really works! You can really capture whatever a website displays, incl. the sound, and in the same quality as it is being played and displayed. As capture sw you can eg. use NCH’s Debut – which i like most because it’s as simple and effective as other NCH sw is.

          So, if you want eg. to capture the Youtube video of Susan Boyle’s success in Britain’s got talent, now you can! Isn’t that great? Ha! ;-)) Of course you can capture other stuff too, if you prefer. πŸ™‚

          • David says:

            Ah, one more thing. Before, i never looked at many youtube videos so i had not noticed that the footage is about 1 sec. before when people move their mouth. That may be due to my sw setup (???), but certainly not due to my computer (a powerful dual core which so far never(!) has used more than 35% of its processing power, as per Task Manager).

            This “time lag of sound” seems NOT to be due to the VAC, because even when i turn all virtual VAC processing off, the youtube videos i watched (with people talking) have that time lag. To pull the sound the one second forward, you need sw that can split the footage and the sound (or record both separately and then mix it together correctly).

            • Nihar says:


              I am very happy that my posts and my explanations helped you.

              I have a quick question. How come VAC you are using is able to record fully. Is that you purchased a full version?

              You know, I never thought that my these two posts will be a hit. These two posts has lot of traffic from Google search engine. I guess you have visited from search engine?

              The email id is different.

              I checked your current email id in blog subscriber list. I don’t see it. You are not subscribed then how are you getting my blog posts on your email box.


              • David says:


                ha, even a genious seems to be lost sometimes, great! πŸ˜‰
                That keeps you human.
                Seriously: Yes, i had the full licenced VAC version for a while (forgotten) – but admittedly, was unable to set the settings right. SW isn’t much without the service you know. At least at the beginning. At least for me. The service of NCH for example sucks i’d say. I have complained as a customer.
                Yes, via Google – after 1.5 days of research i reached your blog. – I am persistent, i know πŸ˜‰
                What’s the email then?
                Weird! Even below here where i am writing, it says “You are subscribed to this entry.” With a clickable link “Manage your subscriptions.” Hmm… strange!?

              • David says:

                Nihar, are you still there to answer? πŸ˜‰

                • Nihar says:


                  Sorry, i was busy. I have added Paypal button just at the end of this post. Can you see it? You can click that and send small amount of money your Sign of gratitude πŸ™‚

                  • David says:

                    No Nihar i can’t see the button, and if you load this website yourself you shouldn’t be able to see the button either – because there is none πŸ˜‰
                    Just send me your email address if you prefer.

                    Do you also have that 1 sec tiemlag of the sound?

    45. Liea says:

      Hi Nihar,
      I have found your posting after searching a solution for the stereo-mix problem with my new laptop.
      I have tried the trial version and work good except for the female sound.
      Could you email me the crack version?
      Many thanks.

    46. Twells says:

      I’ve got an HP laptop that runs Vista (G60-230US). When I install the VAC trial, everything works great–except for the voiced “trial” reminders.

      So I completely removed the trial and then installed the full version. Now all my additional sound and recording devices that I had in the trial are gone. Vista isn’t listing Line 1 or (Mic, etc.) anymore–as it once had during the trial. Any ideas why?

      I’m still playing around with it but it’s frustrating since the trial worked so nicely. One step forward…

    47. David says:

      Nihar, i haven’t forgotten you but was busy with work. Now, once again, at the end of this post, as you claim, there is NO donate button!!! The only button there is “Comment Luv”.
      (yes, page is refreshed).

      I don’t know what is so difficult about telling me your email so that i can send a paypal transfer to your email. For a week now i have been moving on to new things, and still get always back here cause i feel committed. But this hide and seek is really wasting my time.

    48. SOURAV says:

      actually i have a compaq cq40 -301TU…and i have in this IDT audio card.. and i dont have any stereo mix option. So..can u plz tell me how can i avail the stereo mix option..and can u send me those solutions.??plz Nihar..i am verry upset.plz send me if i can use stereo mix option in my laptop…ty…


    49. SOURAV says:

      and also i am using XP…so..everyone is here helpfull with VAC…so..can u plz…help me out of this..??plz its a heartly req to u..

    50. Razoze says:

      Thanks so much. That’s what I’m looking for. I’ll try it and hope to see good result.
      .-= Razoze´s last blog ..Audio File Formats Explained – For Computer Savvy Musicians =-.

    51. Puneet says:

      Hey Nihar,

      any news on VAC for Vista?


    52. Amit says:

      Hi nihar i have searched for the full version all over internet by i m not able to find can u provide the link for full version or send me via mail

    53. prakash says:

      hi bro thx a lot for this streo mix solution i was searching for this type of something to get sound recorded on my COMPAQ C772TU notebook…i m using it very fine…but i need crack version bro can u send to me plzzz…thaa a lot i nadvance……u r doing very graet work….thxxxxxx

    54. charter says:

      how to use VAC?

      i use notebook HP compaq presario v3000 with conexant soundcard. But i don’t have STEREO MIX on the record volume. Anyone can help me to solve this problem?

    55. bob says:

      looking for a full version of this as well

    56. sam says:

      could I also have the crack as well? thanks so much.

    57. sam says:

      could you send me a copy too? thanks!

    58. Xirosi says:

      I would really appreciate it if someone could send me any version + crack. I’ve d/l the trial and fell in love with this program. pls send me a copy, thank you!

    59. jc says:

      me tooo icant find a crack and i would love it if you sent it to mee πŸ™

    60. Scottneedshelp says:

      I bought latest version of VAC I will share if anyone can tell me how to get it to work for my hava so I can live stream with sound:/ I’m trying to livestream ps3 over Justin.tv let me know if you know how

    61. woong says:

      Thanks for introducing a nice way to get “What-U-Hear” back in Win7! Can you please let me know how to get a crack for VAC?

    62. Zeph says:

      can somebody please send me the crack?? I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU!! thanks a lot in advance

    63. Ahmad says:

      Hey Dude, great stuff..I saw the video on Youtube..but i use vista..any video for vista,should help…
      Also, can u share the Full version πŸ˜‰

    64. Dominick says:

      Please send me a crack, really in need of VAC but can’t afford $30. Thanks!

    65. Diplew says:

      Please Nihar, can I also get it the crack version software, am too broke to purchase

    66. Theodren says:

      Would be eternally grateful for a full version of this. Have been trying to record (my own) music from specific programs, which Microsoft has decided to make impossible, and have spent hours looking for a full/cracked version without the annoying “trial” voice.

    67. Awesome says:

      May you send me v4.09, please? πŸ™‚
      Thanks a lot!!!

    68. Ryo says:

      I know you must get this alot, but could you send me the link for the crack? My email is snowpaw@rocketmail.com

    69. mo says:

      wow, you got a crack? would be really nice to get it πŸ™‚

    70. toon says:

      can you please send it to me?

    71. Cube says:

      Can you please send it to me too? Thanks a lot!

    72. tenshi_strife says:

      nice, I love the program but could not find the crack, would love access to it. thanks in advance

    73. Anto says:

      Hello it wanted to know what is the soft that you have in the photo of this article. I look for patch virtual panel. Thanks

    74. Anto says:

      Hello, please, what program is that you in the picture of this post

    75. Warrior says:

      can you send the crack to me please ? thx a lot πŸ™‚

    76. Jordan Day says:

      I am trying to broadcast a radio from my pc .. .and i use VAC but i am not sure how to set up itunes to one of my cables….. please help!!!!

      jordan πŸ™‚

    77. asad says:

      nihar can u plz send me a cracked version of virtual audio cable.

    78. Killswitch says:

      Hello, Nihar can you send me the link too please? I have searched the total internet but i have found nothing.
      Sorry my bad english πŸ˜‰

    79. Alias Pavilion says:

      Hi, can you send me the link for the full version? I can not find it in the internet. Thank you.

    80. MUKO says:

      hey guys can anyone send me a link or something for a cracked version of VAC please i have WIN7

    81. Daniel says:

      Hi Nihar,

      I would be absolutely grateful if you can send me a full version for windows 7, if possible.

      Thanks in advance,


    82. kaninglamig says:

      If youre a fan here it is

      DFTST – dont forget to say thanks πŸ˜‰

    83. nicky says:

      hey nihar,
      i got some problem..
      i plug in my headset.. and i don’t know how
      to solve the stereo mix..
      you can reply at my email

      thanx a lot !

    84. Anarissa says:

      Would like to know if there is a working cracked version for Windows 7. I would be grateful for any information. Thank you very much for your time.

    85. Anarissa says:

      Anyone found a version for Windows 7, I haven’t had any luck. πŸ™ Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    86. rujjif says:

      I really need this. Could you send it to me?

    87. Jake says:

      Can ya send me a crack for XP πŸ˜‰

      Thanks πŸ˜€

    88. Jake says:

      Mind sending me the crack? Thanks πŸ˜‰

    89. Etienne says:

      Hi, I’m looking for the full version of AVC, if you could send it to me that would be great!!!
      Thanks a lot!

    90. gio says:

      hello nihar i have a problem with my stereo if you could pls send me as well the new version crack of VAC thanks advance

    91. ali says:

      Hey Nihar i have been looking for VAC for about a month now and i can only seem to find the stupid trial verion, can you help me plz my windows is 7 64bit thanks i need full version my email lith12@hotmail.com

    92. ali says:

      Hello, Nihar can you send me the link too please? I have searched the total internet but i have found nothing
      my email lith12@hotmail.com

    93. K|cKAsS says:

      can anyone send me a crack to this VAC or full…thanks guys…on trial it always hear the trial thing and its really anoying…so thanks to the one who can help me…

    94. Murky says:

      Hey Nihar,

      I’m wanting to stream some music through Ventrilo as a Radio,and I was wondering if it would be possible to use this software for something like that? I tried the Trial Version, and all I got was “Trial Trial Trial”, as you can imagine, it was slightly frustrating.

      Also, I hate to ask, as everyone else has, but could you possibly send me the link to the Cracked version of VAC? So I can test to see if it does work?

      It’d be much appreciated.

      Thank you.

    95. EL_Ritmo says:

      Hi… Greatfull if you could send me VAC crack for windows 7 as well as the tutorial..

    96. Audacity User says:

      I used the Virtual Audio cable as suggested with my windows 7 laptop and I can now record audio from sound card.

      Real good feature.

      Thanks a million to the one who suggested it.

    97. Hi, Nihar. I have been searching all over the internet for a crack version, and I can not seem to find anything at all. I will be very thankful if you could send me a link to a crack version for VAC. πŸ™‚ Thank you very much!

      email me at:

      Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚

    98. Achilleas says:

      can you send it to me too???

    99. roflmao says:

      buy it if you want it. not expensive anyway. πŸ™‚

    100. memen says:

      can you please send me one too? the full version?

      thank you very much!

    101. insomniax says:

      Hi can you send me a VAC cracked version PLZ


    102. Einder says:

      Nihar if you still have the file, even though this thread is now over a year old with no new posts, I would like a copy of the cracked file as I am unable to find it on the web. Please send when available.

    103. Milithor says:

      i’d like a cracked version of VAC please,
      getting sick with the ‘trial’ every time πŸ™
      30 pounds is just way to much! :S

      could u send it to me?

    104. Mansoor says:

      Hi Nihar

      i’ve downloaded the latest 4.10 version of VAC but actually i dont have credit card to purchase & need the cracked version.

      is this possible to send me? plz

    105. Mansoor says:

      Dear Nihar

      just a bump to remember that I’ve requested the cracked version too :”>
      I’m checking my mailbox regularly for your reply.

      hope receive your mail asap.


    106. Ada says:

      hi Nihar …. I only found your post just now ~~~ already 1 year after your very last reply to the readers, I hope you are still looking after this post so I can get some valuable advice from you …. πŸ™‚

      I’ve installed VAC & connected both my audio input & output to “Line 1” under the sound device in control panel. Yet I got a problem. If I set audio output to line 1, I’m able to capture sound by my video recording software, but I can’t hear any sound from my speakers; If I set audio output to my actual sound card, I can resume hearing the audio from my speakers but then I can’t record any sound. That means I can only choose either one at a time: either hearing the audio or recording, but can’t have both at the same time! Is that I have missed some setting?

      Thanks in advance!

    107. kimotheraphy says:

      Nihar, may I please request that you send me the workable full version? Much thanks…

    108. Milithor says:

      Still haven’t got any mail with the cracked version…


    109. danoxyde says:

      Send me The Crack Pliiizzzzz ^_^ Thanx…


    110. Diego says:

      i desperate need the cracked version !!

      can you send it to me too ? ? ?

      granujomaldito@hotmail.com !! Thankssssss …

    111. DIEGO says:

      Nihar i got over a week looking for a god working version !!!

      can you send me your cracked version to granujomaldito@hotmail.com ? ? ? ?

      thanks a lot …i really need that program for my radio show !!

    112. Arniceous says:

      Very nice demo rajesh! =D

      got VLC off isohunt and put it on my clients pc remotely fallowed your setting guide super easy… Thank You!

    113. Careen says:

      Mine laptop is Sony~
      I’ve tried so many ways to get a stupid stereo mix~
      But finally I uninstalled everything since non of them WORK~
      And I’m tired trying all of the ways~
      I even brought my laptop to Sony Centre even the workers there can’t answer me with just a simple question from me.
      Me : May I know how to I install stereo mix in my laptop?
      Worker : What is stereo mix? Are u talking about streamyx?
      Me : @#^*^%$#%^$&^*&$^%#^$

    114. Emanuel says:

      can u please send me too?


      Thank u so much!

    115. darren says:

      Hi there, do you still have the crcked version you could email me? All the links Im finding on tin-ter-net/frostwire seem to be a tad infected with nasties!

      Many thanks in advance

    116. Cody says:

      I would really like the cracked version… i cant find it anywhere at all.

    117. Nits says:


      Thanks Nihar for posting this! really helped a lot.
      Some information: If you are just looking to record audio played on the computer, there a lot of free softwares available. mp3mymp3 (http://www.mp3mymp3.com/) is one such and it is pretty good. I have used it quite a lot in the past.
      But my problem is that I need to record the audio with a screen capture programme I am using. So VAC solved my problem.
      Thanks a lot!!!


    118. Raccas-Yanky says:


      Nihar, can i have the crack version please ? πŸ™‚

      I don’t have credit card or fax or otherwise as to buy the software. My only means of payment is by telephone and we can not buy by phone…
      I really need for my WebRadio. ^^

      Ps : Sorry for my bad english, i’m french.

    119. Firman says:

      Hi Nihar,
      Could you please send me the crack to my email too? THX

    120. Ivan says:

      Hi Nihar,
      Could you please send me the crack to my email too?

    121. lee says:

      can you send me the crack version please lee@bethere.co.uk thnx

    122. cihan says:

      Hi. Nihar, can you send to me VACcracked?

    123. Mrwithnothing2do says:

      Hey, Nihar !
      could you please send me the crack ?


    124. dan says:

      hey Nihra, good job finding a crack! I tried finding one online but the program is actually a bunch of viruses πŸ™
      Can you please send me a copy to daniel_synergy@hotmail.com? that would be great and I would be thankful! Everytime I would use it I would think of you lol (no homo xD)

      cheers πŸ˜€

      (sorry if i posted this before, i just wanted it to appear at the bottom)

    125. Wellington says:

      JΓ‘ procurei em todos os lugares a versΓ£o crack de VAC, mas Γ± consegui.
      VocΓͺ pode me dizer como eu consigo?
      Obrigado por ajudar tanta gente!
      Espero uma resposta

    126. Akane says:

      Hello. Would you please send me the cracked version via email? I, unfortunately, don’t have the money at the moment to buy the full version.

      Many thanks@

    127. Eric says:

      Hey there, Nihar. I’m surprised to see how many people you have helped out to get the cracked version of VAC. It’s really heart warming to see people with such kindness left in the world.

      Although i kind of feel like i’m kissing butt, i would also like the cracked version =).

      Sincerly, Eric

      Email : Legolas_540@hotmail.com

    128. mo says:

      hi nihar
      i have sonyvaio laptop with realtek sound card in it
      my problem is that there is no steromix on it no matter what a do
      i hope that you may help if can
      thank you

    129. Frank Tift says:

      Nihar, excellent work on outlining the problem and providing various solutions. I have
      a Sony Vaio FW series laptop for which Sony does not provide or support the Stereo Mix
      feature as needed by Ashampoo’s SNAP 4 for recording online video windows and Sony,
      as therefore, recommended 3rd party software instead of the audio splitter (for sound
      quality purposes). I am currently testing the TRIAL version of VAC’s latest version 4.11
      Thanks for the help!

    130. Colt45 says:

      Hey nihar! can you send an email of your crack my way as well?
      Greatly appreciated!

    131. yvette van den brink says:

      i am looking for stereo mixer for windows 7 on my acer laptop.
      can anyone help me?
      ive looked every where and also looked up on google and here 20 pages red in 2 days but no result.
      i had it on my laptop but something went wrong when i set it wrong now my stereomixer is gone and want to play music on paltalk every one is missing my music in my room.
      please help me….(sad face over here )

      thnx in advance.

    132. putri says:

      hi thanks for ur site. it is work on my sony vaio laptop but how to get stereo mix without “female voice” lol. is there any idea?

    133. putri says:

      Nihar please send the full version without trial voice. helppp meee . reply soon
      send to : christina.ayuaprilia@yahoo.co.id

    134. Julz says:

      Could i please have the crack version mailed to me πŸ™‚

    135. Megan says:

      30 dollars is too much for this application. Just another Russian who overrates himself…not unusual. The guy who wrote it writes terribly in English and so it’s almost impossible to get anything from him as far as support.

      Your English is crappy too. And so the problem is the same.

    136. jester90 says:

      amnesiavendetta@yahoo.gr if its not a problem id like a cracked version too thanks in anticipation

    137. Silvara says:

      Very useful article! The most useful I’ve found from Google in fact.
      So…you say you have another version for Virtual Audio Cable? Well that’s good because I happens to have a Gdrive. :]

      • Silvara says:

        Don’t need it anymore. I’ve now got v.4.10.
        But now, even with the tutorial (a Vista tutorial), I’ve been having a lot of problem with it on my Win 7 pro, and in the end it didn’t work at all.
        Could I find a simpler text/screeshot tutorial somewhere, please?

    138. jim says:

      Would appreciate the VAC file for window 7

    139. Len says:

      Can you please send me the link for the cracked version. I have been searching for a Stereo Mix solution. Thank you.

    140. romar says:

      nihar if u still there pls send me crack version of vac.. romarbalatibat@ymail.com

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