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    How to show Chitika Premium to US Visitors and eMinimalls to Non US Visitors

    In my previous post, I demonstrated How To Geo-Target Ads based on visitors location.

    Today I am going to use the same method that i mentioned in the above post to Display Chitika Premium Ads to US Visitors and Non Premium Ads to Non-US Visitors

    But before that i recommend you to read the above post first and then continue reading this post.

    First, let me explain why i am doing this. Chitika Premium ads are shown only to US traffic and no ad is displayed if the visitor is not from US. In this way, i am wasting that whole ad space.

    After implementing the below method, you can also show Chitika Premium ads for US Visitors and eMinimalls ad for Non-US Visitors.

    You can see chitika ad on the right sidebar just below Recent Comments section. If you are from US, you are seeing Chitika Premium ad and if not you are seeing Chitika eMinimalls Non Premium ad.

    Implementing Chitika Ads using Geo-Targetting method on your domain/site:

    MaxMind also provides a javascript which is placed on one of their sites. They say the uptime for the Javascript service is about 99.95%. So, you can go ahead and use it without any doubt in mind.

    1. Use GeoIP Javascript Web Service.
    2. Copy the below code just after <body> tag
    3. Place the following code where ever you want ads to appear based on visitors country

    A little explanation of the above code:

    1. Here above geopip.js script is used which is added after <body> tag
    2. geoip_country_code() function returns the country code that we are storing it in country_code variable.
    3. Next checking if country_code is US or not

    Below is my code which is added on the right sidebar just below Recent Comments section:


    I have put Chitika Premium ad in chitika1.html and Chitika eMinimalls Non chitika ad in chitika2.html. Above i am using IFRAME tag to load Chitika ad in the right sidebar just below Recent comments section.

    I hope this post helps you. In the same way you can Geo Target ads of any network.

    Here on my site, i am also Geo Targetting ads of Axill Network.

    If you are not a member of Axill Ads or Chitika Ads, then click below and get registered.

    Get Chitika eMiniMalls

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    1. HItesh says:

      bit some what problematic.

      I heard there was some problem with chitika for imperssions. Tracking was not working.

      Can you tell me whether it is useful or it is waste

    2. ameo says:

      that is really good way to direct the ads to people who would really be interested in ..

      i didn’t try chitika . but i might give it a try

    3. narendra.s.v says:

      this is what i was looking for in chitika base but luckly you got it! 😀

    4. I was searching for this and found in your blog.

      Thanks Nihar!!

      FYI, your chitika is giving 403 Permission denied error.
      You do not have permission for this request /chitika2.htm

      You may want to check it out.


    5. Nihar says:


      happy to see that you got some help out of this post.

      regd permission denied. you tried opening chitika2.htm directly? if yes. you will get error.

    6. Nihar says:


      no problem with me using chitika

      ameo and narenra, try it . it is really good….

    7. I did not open chitika2.htm directly.

      This is the link I am on :

      What I see is a white box giving the permission denied error on the sidebar.

    8. Nihar says:


      Fixed it…

    9. Qwertyweb says:

      nice trick for targetting chitika for non US ,but dude ,i being from india m unable to see chitika ads on ur blog , below comments as you said , have you removed it or its now not working ?

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