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    Easy File Uploading in WordPress – WP Easy Uploader Plugin

    Chris Jean has come up with a wonderful plugin WP Easy Uploader. It is a very useful wordpress plugin which can upload plugins, themes and any other files quickly and easily from WordPress admin panel. You no longer have to upload the files using web File manager or from an FTP client.

    I discovered this plugin from this Real Themes Blog.

    WP Easy Uploader Plugin features – I liked :

    • You can install any theme or plugin directly from a URL and you don’t need to download it before uploading to your server
    • Easily upload plugins directly to the plugins directory and theme files directly to the themes directory.
    • Select to have archives automatically extracted to their destination. This means that plugins and themes will be taken care of for you, but it also means that you can zip up a large set of files and upload them quickly into a folder on your site. Currently zip, tar, gz, tar.gz, tgz, and tar.bz2 archives are supported.

    I think this is one of the Must Have WordPress Plugins. Let me know what do you think of this plugin??

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    1. sailor says:

      On this one I would like to add my recommendation. I have been using this plugin for a while now and it is just great. I actually do not know how I coped before installing the plugin. This is something I feel WordPress should include in the core files.

    2. Rohit says:

      I use One click installer plugin to perform plugin and theme uploading task.
      It only supports .zip extension and URl based remote installation too. Moreover comes with firefox addon so that you can install/upload without entering admin panel.

      If you want full FTP controls then MyFTP would work.

    3. Sunil Pathak says:

      this plugin seems to be a good alternative for FTP but i still prefer FTP with this plugin i wont know whats happening behind my back while with ftp everything is under my control 🙂

    4. nate says:

      Great tool. Anything that makes life easier!

    5. ameo says:

      pretty good ,
      coz the media uploader was giving me some bad dreams

    6. adnes says:

      Great tool. Anything that makes easier!
      I’ve use One click installer plugin to perform plugin and theme uploading task.

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