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    Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na Movie Review

    Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na Movie Review

    This is one movie I was dying to watch thanks to the trailers and was disappointed with the movie reviews. So started watching it with no expectations. And here’s what I think.

    The movie starts the usual youth-centered college life fun and masti way. Instantly , I felt that it has been blended after watching 10-15 low-budget-yet-classy South Indian movies. I mean we have already seen that scene where the girl is rescued from goondas by declaring she has AIDS, the lead girl being a little crack by mourning her pet, girl boy are best friends and scream when elders want to marry them off and later realize their feelings. There were similarities and there were traces of friendship scenes from DCH, RDB and the likes. Aditi song even reminded me of ‘musu musu hasi’ from Pyar mein kabhi kabhi. Nonetheless, the story was interesting and entertaining. Slowly, it got gripping. It was predictable, yet at times surprising.

    The story of Aditi and Jay is being narrated to a new friend by a bunch of friends. And this is how the story unfolds. Every moment is entertaining and keeps you glued- curious to know the rest.

    When I had first heard the name of the movie, I was reminded of a song. I get to hear it in the first five minutes. And then there is this girl who acts like us- the audience; inquisitive and impatient wanting to know what happens next. Really liked the idea of the director to involve the audience totally.

    The narration is simple and straight and you keep asking for more. You know the climax, still cant help getting anxious at the turn of events. Yes, the airport scene could have been avoided. It was typically unrealistic commercial Indian movie scene that felt juvenile.

    Imran and Genelia are perfect for these roles. Music is rocking and so is the rest of the cast. Amar Singh Rathore and Savitri’s conversations are hilarious . Aditi’s parents are super cool and so is Aditi’s bro Amit’s room. Meghana is sweet and Sushant is dashingly wicked. Paresh Rawal performs his small yet significant role to a t. The surprise package was the entire Sohail-Arbaaz track. Loved it.

    A definite weekend recommendation and must watch. Thoroughly refreshing and complete entertainer. A rating of 4/5 and smile on your face when coming out of the theater is my verdict.

    Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na Movie Rating : 4/5

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    1. Rohit says:

      Jaane tu… is really awesome especially Genelia’s performance.
      Apart from Jay and Aditi, I liked two more characters Jignesh and Amit.
      Aamir khan is really a perfectionist! cheers.

    2. Nihar says:

      Yes even i felt that the actors who played Amit and Jignesh were perfect.

      Genelia looks more bubbly in some south indian movies

      Wish she gets more such roles in future.

    3. ameo says:

      i’ve been afan of indian movies .. this looks good

    4. Hindi Movies says:

      Loved this movie… One of the best, recent Hindi movies Bollywood has produced. Hats off to Amir Khan!

    5. Abhishek says:

      Jaane tu …… Jaane tu ya Jaane naa……
      Awesome movie specially Arbaz and sohail act was really funny.

    6. Nihar says:

      @Abhishek, Yep very good movie… all gave very good performance

    7. “Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na” is an enjoyable light-heart comedy of youngsters and college goers. Debutante Imran Khan and Genelia gave very good and spontaneous performances…

    8. Mou says:

      Jaanu tu…. is an awesome film. I just love Rats-Meow! I want to see imran-genelia more and more.

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