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    NiharsWorld has got PageRank 3!

    This blog has now PageRank 3 !

    This blog is PR 3 !

    I started blogging from December 2007. In January 2008, NiharsWorld got PageRank 2. From then it is the same. Now this blog has a PageRank of 3. I am happy that the pagerank has improved but my expectation was PageRank 4.

    Thanks to all readers of this blog. A special thanks to all who have linked to my blog.

    I hope that all blog owners have also got good PageRanks.

    Hope to publish more and more interesting posts in future!!!

    Till then, Happy Blogging!

    Let me know what is your PageRank?

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    1. sailor says:

      Congratulations. Hopefully you will be in the running for a 4 or 5 next time around.

    2. Nihar says:

      @Sailor thanks, i hope next time we both have PR 4 or PR 5

    3. Congrats. I got my PR4 after about 9 months of blogging 🙁 Kinda slow but it’s getting there

    4. Bookmarks says:

      By the way, i allready told you your pr before it was launched. Am i right. Give me credit. 🙂

      congrats. I got PR 4 in most of sites and PR 3 in others. Started PR 0 with the new sites.

      @ Nihar =>> PR 5 or 6 is not so easy. You need tons of links. Get it and see PR 6 in toolbar.

    5. bonoriau says:

      Congrats …I got PR2 after 6 months of blogging…I’m not really focus to improve my PR…but hoping by end of this year will be PR5…heeee

    6. Nihar says:

      @bonoriau,@mike, @Bookmarks,

      Thanks to all and hope next time you all and myself get a better PR than present…

    7. Atniz says:


      Don’t worry about PR4, I’m sure you will get better than that. Mine, got PR1 from PR0. So many good news and so many bad news during this PR update. Hopefully, next PR update will come sooner than 3 months.

    8. So do I congratulate you again here? I guess you deserve it one more time so here it is, “Congrats on your new big 3”


    9. sailor says:

      I thought I’ll come back here for a quick update. I am not sure how Google goes about determining PR. I also have a static site that I have not updated for at least 4 months. I just noticed that the PR there has just gone up from 2 to 4. I cannot figure out why this should be so. I hope Google is not being extra harsh on blogs, but right now this would appear to be the case.

    10. Nihar says:

      @sailor yep you are right. I am here regularly posting content and from last 6 months i was expecting that my PR will be 4 but it is 3. We cant figure out because google has lot of parameters that go in to get a PR out.

    11. Paul says:

      Congrats! Any kind of a decent Page Rank is something to be happy about. You’ll get higher eventually.

      I finally noticed the other day just how few sites are 10s too. Maybe you’ll make it!

    12. Nihar says:


      Thanks. BTW what is your pagerank.

    13. moserw says:

      Congrats. Wish you all the best in your efforts for PR 5 or 6 too. Do share with us if you get it how you did it and what you did to get there.

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