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    Try Performancing Ads instead of Direct Private Advertising

    I am a regular visitor of Problogger and I found out a new Advertising Network called Performancing Ads. Many bloggers have started enrolling in that network. I also joined there. You know what! I got two 125X125 ad spots booked and are right now served on the right sidebar :). The third spot is waiting to be booked!!!. It took just 1 or 2 days to get an advertiser using this network.

    Something about Performancing Ads. It is ad marketplace. You can join as a publisher or advertiser based on your need. I joined as a publisher. For publishers, you create a region and put the ad slots on your blog and and advertisers go through the marketplace and purchase those spots. The price ads should be setup by you. The price you set is for per week (for ex: I have setup 8$/week). You earn 60% of the price and 40% goes to PerformanceAds. If you’re a “good publisher” by their metrics, then you can claim as high as 90% of the ad price. Ads are booked by the week and payments are transferred through PayPal.

    According to Performance Ads, it is designed to sell only 125×125 ads. But they say:

    If you are a publisher whose website receives over 250,000 US pageviews per month PerformancingAds may be able to offer you direct ad sales representation for your 728×90, 300×250 and 160×600 ad spots.

    We have established relationships with brand advertisers and are able to leverage our network of sites to get high-value ad deals. If you’d like us to help sell ads on your site, a

    I found PeformancingAds to be a great place to advertise. If your blog is performing well, then you will definitely do well. I was able to get a booking under 24 hours from being accepted in.

    It has a affiliates/referral program too. So, if you are thinking of joining, I request you to join by clicking the below link or banner from this post.

    Join by clicking this link Make Money With PerformancingAds


    I would also like your feedback on Performancing Ads. How is it performing for you?

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    1. I registered with it a couple of days ago and as in usual cases I have procrastinated from installing the plugin until today. So I’m yet to receive any offer now. It doesn’t really harm to have and test it on your blog and see how much profits it will bring.


    2. Ankit Gupta says:

      it doesn’t work for blogger.com

    3. jeflin says:

      I may put it on my blog but then my Project Wonderful ads will have to go, else it will be too cluttered.

    4. Nihar says:

      @ankit, i am not sure about it. check their website.

      @jeflin, Yes i think project wonderful fetches very less compared to performancing ads

    5. Squeaky says:

      Never heard of Performance Ads before. Did it also help in picking up some traffic? Do you have any control of the ads which you put on the site, so that they are related to your niche?
      I will have to check this one out, more in detail and see what makes it tick.

    6. Nihar says:

      @Squeaky, No not in traffic terms, but i earned few bucks through it.

    7. Money Bush says:

      How much have you made from performancingads so far? (in what time period)

    8. Nihar says:

      @Money Bush, not very good. so, i removed it on my sidebar.

    9. I recently sign up at performancingads but I am not impressed and actually a bit disappointed.

    10. Atul says:

      if any day wud try performancing ads on mine blog, will definitely sign thru ur referral 🙂

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