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    July 2008 Statistics

    July 2008 Statistics

    July 2008 Statistics

    This is my first post ever showing statistics. I have never done this before.

    Following is July 2008 Statistics: 49,665 Visits, 117,048 Pageviews

    • Search Engines – 37,680 (75.87%) visits
    • Direct Traffic – 8,336 (16.78%) visits
    • Referring Sites – 3,649 (7.35%) visits

    I have never looked at Google analytics stats seriously. I am really surprised to see that my Referring Sites traffic is really low. If anybody knows how to increase Referral traffic, do let me know by leaving a comment.

    I have also seen lot of blog readers have good stumbleupon, digg traffic. Guys how do i increase on that front? Let me know.

    Money made on this blog for July 2008 : 350.64$

    • Google Adsense : 304.64$
    • Kontera : 16$
    • Axill Ads : 12.28$
    • Project wonderful ads : 9$
    • Performance Ads : 8$

    Following changes made in July 2008 :

    • PageRank went from PR2 to PR3.
    • In July last week, made changes to theme to accommodate 3 125X125 Ad spots and also changed the color of theme
    • Installed SezWho comment and rating system that is supposed to encourage more commenters.
    • Joined Performancing Ads network and also get two ad spots booked 🙂
    • Modified WP Premium theme to increase the width of the sidebar. I will come up with a post with a modified WP Premium theme ready to be downloaded by you.

    My few posts of July 2008:

    Any suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment.

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    1. Paul says:

      Is there a reason for the drastic boost in traffic in the beginning of the month that you had?

      As for increasing traffic from referrals, Digg and StumbleUpon could do just that. To get anything significant from either of those, it will take one really good page as opposed to your blog as a whole.

      If you have any ideas for an article that’s unique and/or really interesting, maybe take your time and make sure it’s one of the best articles you’ve ever written. Digg and StumbleUpon users tend to love lists. Things like “10 reasons why ____” are always popular on those sites.

      Once you’ve made the post, submit it to both of those sites yourself. Ask any friends you have who use either service to Digg/Thumbs Up the post, and from there you just have to hope. One incredible page will give you far more traffic than a bunch of decent ones.

    2. Nishadha says:

      Digg , Stumbleupon and social bookmarking sites like that are the best to increase referring site traffic.

    3. Van says:

      Wow.. 75.87% from Search Engines, this is my dream 🙂

    4. Nihar says:

      The reason for high increase in traffic during beginning of the month is India v Pakistan Cricket matches 🙂

      They are best but i don’t get traffic from those sites 🙁

      yes i am proud and can say my search engine traffic is great

    5. Great numbers you have there, Nihar. The adsense figure certainly way ahead of mine. I wish you a better month ahead.


    6. Nihar says:


      All that figures is because of traffic i am getting…

    7. More search engines traffic == more $$ from AdSense ^^

    8. marviepons says:

      wow, Google Adsense 304.64$ just for a month.. about the social bookmarking sites digg/stumbleupon, you may want to look at the forum of entrecard, marketing section.. what they do is post a link to their digg/stumbleupon post and they will ask other to digg/stumble it, in return they will do the same, its like exchanging favors.. some pays EC credits.

    9. Nihar says:

      @michael, i think you are right.

      @marviepons, about digg/stumbleupon, reciprocating diggs or stumbles like drops is illegal. Are you sure that we can exchange it?

    10. Steve Yu says:

      Wow, you received lotsa traffic from search engines. Mind to share some tips?

    11. Nihar says:


      I don’t mind sharing tips. Send a mail to me via contact form.

    12. jeflin says:

      It will be interesting to know how you are doing with Performancing as compared to Project Wonderful.

      Seems that PW is still leading for last month.

    13. laptop says:

      I wish I got traffic like that, how old is your blog?

    14. Nihar says:

      @laptop, i have mentioned in the post anyways. my blog is 9 months old.

    15. supermom says:

      Wow very impressing. Keep up the good work!

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