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    How to open multiple Yahoo Messenger on single PC

    How to open multiple Yahoo Messenger on single PC

    Few days back I published a post on How to Open Multiple Instances of Google Talk.

    Today I am going to show a Registry hack to open open more than one Yahoo messengers on a single PC

    Multiple Yahoo Messengers on single PC

    Multiple Yahoo Messengers on single PC

    Steps to open multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger on single PC:

    • Click on Start -> Run…
    • Type Regedit in Run text box and hit enter to launch Registry Editor
    • Now, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Yahoo > Pager > Test.
    • On the right pane, right click and click on New > DWORD value
    • Rename the new registry key as Plural.
    • Right Click on “Plural” and Select “Modify”. Change the cell value in โ€œValue Dataโ€ to 1 (For Vista & Windows 7 users) Thanks to kristina

    Close the Registry. You are done. Now try opening multiple instances of yahoo messenger and login with multiple accounts…

    Leave any suggestions or comments…..

    – How to Open Multiple Instances Google Talk on a single PC

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    1. Rohit says:

      Actually, I have a reg key which on executing performs the above operation hence we can run multiple y! msngr.
      Anyways, Nice share.

    2. You could probably do the same thing by opening multiple instances of Meebo as well. http://www.meebo.com

      Couldn’t you?

    3. lvs says:

      Wow this is a very useful tip. I have always struggled with this one.

    4. Nihar says:

      @Michael you are right we can do it. But if two ppl want to use yahoo messenger on the same PC then this is what we do.

      @Lvs, Thanks…

    5. Alan says:

      Any idea how you can get your webcam working in each of these windows

    6. Alan says:

      Nihar..Ive tried everything from splitcam to manycam but they dont work..I can only get one window at a time to recognise my cam. Ten out of ten if you can come up with something that works…thanks

    7. deepa says:

      Hey Nihar.. I just tried this one out, but i dont seem to be able to open up two windows of yahoo msgr. what could i possibly be doing wrong? could u help here too, pls?


    8. deepa says:

      But yeah, i have to add that i was successful with the same stint on Gtalk though! thanx for that!

    9. kristina says:

      There is one more step that I had to do on vista.

      Right click the new “Plural”
      Select “Modify”
      Change the cell value in “Value Data” to 1

      Then it worked perfectly.

      Thanks for the help!

    10. tnomeralc says:

      I am also using the Multi Yahoo Messenger!

    11. Mai says:

      Thank you, now mom, sis and i can use a multiple yahoo messenger in just one pc. It is really nice. thanks for the help

    12. armaan says:

      you are amazing nihar………………
      can u tell me how to crack a yahoo password bhai its very urjant………………..

    13. Rajesh says:

      Ur the “Star” Nihar…Thx dude its works for me

    14. Lee says:

      Thank you so much for this. It rocks!!!

    15. Bijesh Bala Balan Philo says:

      nihar its good,now i am chatting with my two girl friends at a time, thanks nihar

    16. shane says:

      Doesn’t work for this Vista user.

    17. nono says:

      hay …….
      this trick i did exactly what u said but it didnot work
      my messenger 10 and pc vista

    18. Sudeki says:

      Thanks for the Tips.. Really usefull

    19. karthik says:

      its working

    20. shashank says:

      a great reg hack dude.!!but da value data must be set to 1 for XP users too..i cheked it..

    21. ibrahim says:

      thanks dude
      anyone interested in chating cntact luckyalways4u_s@yahoo.com

    22. honey says:

      I have windows 7 can u plz help me with this
      How to open multiple Yahoo Messenger
      plz do mail me
      thank u

    23. rita says:

      i have win 7 ………32 bit want to open multiple id wat i have to do can u please let me know

      my mail id —-waithere14@yahoo.com


    24. HsN says:

      hey thankyou so much…its works…vry nyc!

    25. rambo says:

      it is good method.i have tried several tricks to use multiple yahoo but this is very easy one.thank you nihar!

    26. unknown says:

      really wonderfull work.thx 4 the tip n keep up gud work

    27. saqlain says:

      you the best….great work

    28. will drough says:

      yeah it worked!!!!

      very simple.. thank u!!!!!!!!

    29. Vijay Phadke says:

      These two tips (Google Talk & Yahoo Messenger) were very much required.

      Many Thanks.

    30. roddy says:

      waoooooow,this AMAZING!!!!!!

    31. SOhil says:

      hmmmmmmm……i knew this before too…but thanks to u for posting this…..

      My question to u is: There is a way to know a person’s password for lifetime even if s/he changes if u know his password for once n can open
      his/her mail…..jus sign into their account n do something n put ur email there..i dont know how n where to put that…n if u do so…u will receive one’s password even if s/he changes…i dont think u got me or not..sorry for my wierd english..although if u got me..plz do answer..my brother did this to me with my live account…so i made a new one…so have any idea?

    32. charlly says:

      Thanks alot for the post. I just tried it now and its working very well

    33. Bhushan says:

      Nice trick,well explained..very usefull..I tried it n got it running multiple yahoo messenger accountsโ€ฆ

    34. Dan says:

      Yea…it works man..thanks

    35. andrea says:

      hello thank you so much

    36. nick says:

      thank you sooooo much

    37. marlboro says:

      i dont get how to multi messenger i want to be on it with my friend on the same pc thank you.

    38. nischal says:

      hello, thanks dear it really workout ….

    39. V says:

      I have been running 2 applications of messengers on the same pc for awhile now. I have been doing a trial/ error . Trying to run to seperate webcams on each account. Is it possible? I have been looking in the registry to see about changing values as well as some other things ; ie: webcam. No success. Any information would be helpful. I see no one has commented on your site since September and the last time you replied was back in May , 2011. Id like an email vs here but’ anything would be appreciated. Thank you

    40. V says:

      ohh please remove that above query ๐Ÿ™‚

    41. Lathifah says:

      Thank you So Much.. Working..
      nice Info ๐Ÿ™‚

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