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    Yahoo’s Digg alike called – Yahoo Buzz

    Add Yahoo Buzz button on your blogYahoo Buzz service by Yahoo is now open to public. It is similar to Digg. If you find a post which is interesting and want to share then just submit it. Anybody who likes it will Buzz on that post.

    If you have a Yahoo account then you can start using Yahoo Buzz service.

    Here is how to add Yahoo Buzz button on blog easily so that your readers can start submitting your posts on Yahoo Buzz:

    1. There are lot of Yahoo Buzz submission buttons to be chosen from Yahoo Buzz Submission Buttons
      From the above link:

      Important! You must replace the word ARTICLEURL in the code with the URL of the page you want to submit to Yahoo! Buzz.

      If you own a WordPress blog like my blog, Just replace the ARTICLEURL with:

      <?php the_permalink(); ?>

      It’s a built-in WordPress function to print out the permalink URL of the current post. Simply put the modified Yahoo Buzz button code on your Single Post theme file (single.php)

    2. Use a third party plug-in/widget.
      If you are a WordPress user, there is a wordpress plugin called “Add to Any” that has already included Yahoo Buzz on the bookmark list (I’m will start using it). For other platforms such as Blogger, Typepad, etc, you can check it out yourself on Add to Any site.

    If you found this post useful or any other post on my blog, consider trying to “Buzz” the post to share it to other fellow bloggers.

    Will you put this on your blog ??

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    1. Paul says:

      Hmm, I wonder if it will be able to compete with Digg’s userbase?

    2. Though I love the idea but I’m apprehensive about using it as it is not blog-specific and too general to make yourself noticeable.


    3. Nihar says:

      @paul and Yan, you are right both it is difficult to compete with Digg…

    4. Anything like this from Google or Yahoo has got to be a good thing to start using. Thanks very much for the wordpress plugin recommendation too. That was my next question.

    5. Wade Briggs says:

      Ah, I say give up all these extra projects Yahoo and focus on making your core product better than Google’s. Once they’ve done that they can worry about other “cute” projects like these.

      But I agree, I’ll probably start using it “just in case” it becomes useful to us SEO folk down the road…ugh!

    6. Nihar says:

      @Scott, happy to see that you got something out of this post

      @Wade Brings, i think you are right. They should first match with google in the current projects.

    7. Digg is “gamed” so easily these days. I wonder if Yahoo will try to implement something to hinder people from taking advantage of the system. The problem they face though is popularity…If their product becomes popular people will figure out how to game it.

    8. Chetan says:

      Its same copy of DIGG
      Now Google will start the same service..

    9. Nihar says:

      @Chetan, LOL you may be right now google may start it. I didn’t think of this. If they start, no doubt all bloggers and internet users will start using it as well…

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