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    Free Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows – Microsoft

    Sysinternals team from Microsoft has released a tool for windows called Desktops.

    Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager - 4 Virtual Desktops

    Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager – 4 Virtual Desktops

    Using this tool you can have four virtual desktops at the same time. You can have multiple applications running and arrange related programs/applications in one desktop window. multimedia and chat applications on another virtual desktop window. This will make managing your desktop easy.

    The software runs in your Windows taskbar. And you can very easily switch from one virtual desktop to another by pressing the keyboard shortcut or through your mouse.

    Microsoft has long offered virtual desktop manager as an XP Power toy but the newer one is very light and also compatible with Windows Vista.

    You can run up to four desktops using this application. It comes as a self executable file, meaning there is no installation, you could even carry it with your USB drive. This is quite useful for users who run lot of programs at the same time, you can do all your browsing in desktop 1 and listen to music in desktop 2, etc.

    Sysinternals Desktop Hotkey Configuration

    Sysinternals Desktop Hotkey Configuration

    Virtual desktop manager sits in your system tray, you can switch desktops using hot keys or with your mouse.

    Download Desktops

    Via Technology Bits

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    1. smith says:

      Thx for sharing this great freeware. it’s looks nice. i currently use Cool Desk, which is also a virtual desktop manager. And it can create up to 9 virtual desktops. You can find it on http://www.sharewarecheap.com/Cool-Desk_software_2132.html

    2. Nihar says:


      Thanks for letting me know about another freeware….

    3. I always wanted to try this out, and now thanks to you sharing this awesome freeware, I’ve got my ticket. I really enjoyed having multiple desktops while I was working in RedHat, and I always thought it would have made a killer feature to be included in Windows – and it is:)


    4. Nihar says:


      Yes it really awesome tool…

    5. LSama says:

      This is a great little tool, especially for me; I recently stopped using Litestep, which supported multiple desktops, so it’s nice to have this feature in another format.

    6. Nihar says:

      @LSama, Happy to see that it helps you. Let me know after you start using it.

    7. This is cool! I’ve never seen Sysinternals’ Desktops before so now I am putting it in my list of freewares to review. I’ll give you a link when I do!


    8. Nihar says:

      @Downloadable Software,

      It is avery good freeware. should be in the list of freewares

    9. SoulidStudio says:

      Another tool is Mosaico from Soulid Studio (www.soulidstudio.com). It’s a little bit different because you can arrange windows and take a “snapshot” to restore later. So you can have the same window in many “virtual desktops” (aka snapshots). It also do an automatica arrangement of windows that make them occupy all the monitor surface. And when you drag or resize windows it accomodates the other ones to mantain the monitor surface full covered.

    10. Jomar says:

      nice tool!
      does it work like a virtual PC or just like desktop setting management?

      I have to test it.
      .-= Jomar´s last blog ..Help: The Sound on my Computer is not Working =-.

    11. SoulidStudio says:


      Thank you! Mosaico is not a virtualization tool, it works more like a virtual desktop management tool, but it’s more powerful. In fact it is not based on the concept of “virtual desktop” but on “snapshots”. This means that a specific application can stay into each snapshot you take (up to 8) and is not tied to any particular virtual desktop.
      Moreover it has a nice auto-arrangement feature to take advantage of the full screen area.

      You can download the trial from http://www.soulidstudio.com .
      If you need a discounted full license to review it on your blog please let me know.

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