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    Google Chrome – How to Browse Privately

    Google Chrome Browser from Google is finally released. It is available for download in about 100 languages.

    Google chrome has got many features. It has a very interesting feature called Incognito. It is a similar feature to InPrivate in IE8 and more commonly known as porn made that allows you to browse the web privately, and no information related to your browsing will be saved in your computer.

    If you are browsing in Incognito mode then what ever cookies, URL history, web pages, all if them get deleted when you close the browser.

    How To Browse Privately In Google Chrome

    1. Open Chrome
    2. Press the page button (menu) next to the address bar or Ctrl+Shift+N
    3. Select “new incognito window” from the menu

    Open Google Chrome in Incognito Mode

    A new window will open in incognito mode which will allow you to browse the web privately and will not store any browsing history or information on your computer.

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    If you know any more tips on this new browser, share with me by leaving a comment.

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    1. I’m really surprised that the big G is not releasing the Mac version and I could only envy those who have been saying how good Chrome is..


    2. Nihar says:

      @Yan, Yes you are right. I think they release phase by phase.

    3. How afraid do you think MSN of this? I think it could be a huge flop but at the same time huge. MSN is always going to have market share as long as their OS is king but a lot of people are migrating to firefox…will even more move to chrome? Should be interesting!

    4. Chetan says:

      Thats great trick, thanks for sharing.
      but still i prefer Firefox !!

    5. Nihar says:

      @Micheal, Yep now that google chrome has come out. All the browsers will try to add new features and improve their existing browsers. It is good for all of us…

      @Chetan, I am the same. still prefer firefox.

    6. Lyndi says:

      The private page could be great for surfing at work. I hope my boss does not read your blog. I saw this when I downloaded Chrome but did not really pay any real attention to it. Will go and investigate further. The moment I can get a StumbleUpon toolbar for Chrome, I will definitely be making it my default browser, the speed is awesome.

    7. Nihar says:

      @Lyndi, yes it is great to have this feature… Can use this feature in office.

    8. Wade Briggs says:

      I definitely like this feature. Some care free browsing at work and home and no need to remember to “clear private data” periodically…Not to mention IE seems to choke on itself if you have too much browsing history/cookies, etc. if you run it for too long w/o clearing it out.

    9. Nihar says:

      @Wade, This feature is very useful and we can use this feature to just make sure all the junk ( browsing history/cookies) are not stored in the system.

    10. Rohit says:

      Now, I am really jealous when somebody says good about Google Chrome.
      Still I am unable to use it on my PC. Tried everything, followed number of tutorials and Now, I have made my mind to wait for another update release and then try it again.

    11. Nihar says:


      why what happened. why google chrome is not working? which OS are you using?

    12. Rohit says:

      Using XP SP2, but still…
      First of all, Online setup did not work so, I installed it offline. Reinstalled it several times but then also, No use. IE,FF and Opera works just fine but don’t know what happened to Chrome?

    13. Nihar says:

      @Rohit, may be your PC doesn’t like google chrome 🙂

    14. Abhishek says:

      Incognito works like charm, But chrome consumes lots of bandwidth.

    15. Nihar says:


      I haven’t check that it uses up the bandwidth or not. Need to check it.

    16. This private browsing option sure has taken off for a portion of the browsing populace. It gets straight to the point as far as what it is suitable for, and there are no complications once the mode is switched. The color change also adds a sense of mystery to the procedure.

    17. Nihar says:

      @Armen Shivanian, Yeah you are right.

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