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    How to Import Bookmarks / Favorites, Passwords, Search Engines and History from Firefox and IE into Google Chrome

    Its more than a week since Google Chrome is out. The browser is very simple to use and very fast. Read this to find out more about Google Chrome Features.

    You can easily import your Firefox and Internet Explorer data to Google Chrome, including your bookmarks / favorites, passwords, search engines and history. But, I have seen that some of my friends missed or skipped the step of importing data from Firefox and IE while installing Google Chrome. Below is how you can import the data from Firefox and IE.

    How to Import Bookmarks / Favorites, Passwords, Search Engines and History from Firefox and IE into Google Chrome

    • Open Google Chrome and click on the settings button and click on Import bookmark & Settings option.
      Import Settings in Google Chrome
    • A window will open showing you options to import data. You can select Internet Explorer or Firefox. Below is the screenshot
      Import Bookmarks and Settings in Google Chrome
    • Click Import button to start importing. It will show a progress window. Once done, the window will disappear.

    Read this to find out How to Browse Privately Google Chrome

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    1. Lyndi says:

      I must say that so far I am enjoying Chrome. My main browser was Flock. This meant I had to move my bookmarks etc. into Firefox first before I could get them into Chrome. At the moment I use Chrome for most things. I only revert to Flock when I want to use the RSS reader or the StumbleUpon toolbar. Hopefully these features will be available in Chrome in the not too distant future.

    2. Wade Briggs says:

      Thanks for the tips! I’ll have to do this import but need to clean up my old bookmarks first 🙂

    3. Nihar says:

      @Lyndi, I am using three browsers. Maxthon, Chrome and Firefox 🙂

      @Wade, you are welcome…

    4. kouji says:

      hmmm… i haven’t yet given chrome a try. am still waiting to learn more about its ups and downs as reported by early adopters. which is why i’m here. 🙂

    5. Nihar says:

      @kauji, glad to see that you learned this tip…

    6. kouji says:

      thanks for the response, nihar. 🙂 i tend to get a kick out of a blog author responding to individual comments. 🙂

    7. Nihar says:

      @kouji, thanks for the compliment. whenever i am free. i respond immediately or else i wait for 2 or 3 comments to get in then i respond…

    8. Fernando says:

      So I did this and in the Import Bookmarks and Settings window where it asks where to import from, there is no option other than IE. I’m using Firefox. What gives?

    9. Nihar says:


      You will find a list box, in which all the browsers are mentioned. you need to select one and click on import

    10. Fernando says:


      The issue is that there are no other options listed in the box. This seems to be a somewhat common problem.

      There’s been a fix posted that involves editing registry. That’s beyond me but here’s a link to a discussion.


    11. Nihar says:

      @Fernando, Thanks for letting me know and also providing the link…

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