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    How to Group Chat in Google Talk

    Google Talk or GTalk is a very popular instant messaging application. But it lacks lot of features when compared to MSN and Yahoo.

    Today, I discovered a way to do Group chat in Google Talk. ha? Yes you can.

    Like yahoo messenger’s conferencing feature. Google talk has a feature through which you can add buddies and have a group chat.

    This feature can be achieved easily by using the online Google Talk Gadget(not by gtalk installed on your PC). Yep its an online tool.

    Visit http://www.google.com/talk/ and Click on The “Launch Google Talk Gadget” Link

    Group Chat in Google Talk

    Group Chat in Google Talk

    A Google Talk Gadget will open in a small window. Now start clicking on any of your friends to begin chatting and then click on the group chat drop down menu to begin adding buddies to chat. The invite link will be sent to all the buddies you have added. You can also make calls in the group chat.

    Find more details about Group chat using Google Talk

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    1. Lyndi says:

      This is something I have to go and have a look at. I have never used Google Talk, I am still struggling with Skype. Thanks for this.

    2. kouji says:

      fascinating. this is especially useful to me because certain employers here do not allow yahoo messenger and other chat clients, but allow google talk to slide on by.

    3. Nihar says:

      @Lyndi, Surprise to see that you never used google talk. I have seen lot of them still prefer either yahoo mssgr or MSN.

      @kouji, It is good that you can use google talk. I can’t use it in the office 🙁

    4. I dont know why Google is not giving this feature in Windows Google Talk

    5. The first time I realized that I could do this, I was a very happy camper, let me tell you.

    6. Nihar says:

      @madhur, Yep google talk should have by now a group chat and webcam integration… donno why

      @Daniel, happy to see you know from here…

    7. Wade Briggs says:

      Wow, awesome…Had no idea you could do that.

    8. Nihar says:


      I also didn’t know about this before 🙂

    9. kunal says:

      I want chat each other on gmail account & if u people want to chat me plz add my Id nand.impressive@gmail.com

      thanks & regards

    10. Nihar says:

      @kunal, will add your email address. thanks,

    11. I just mentioned to someone the other day how much better the google chat would be if you could include a group chat…well now I know that it is possible. Thanks for the post!

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