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    Broken Links Remover – A must WordPress Plugin

    Today, I will show you a very useful wordpress plugin that i discovered recently.

    The name of this WordPress plugin is Broken links Remover. Rajesh from TechBlissOnline has developed this great plugin. If you like this plugin you can vote for the plugin in the wordpress 2008 competition here

    Broken Links Remover checks your posts for broken links. If it finds one then it will make that link as normal text so that your readers will not see any dead links.

    This plugin will help keep your site clean by hiding all bad/broken links. As soon as it finds a bad or broken link, it will notify the link with appropriate post under Manage -> Bad Links WordPress admin page. You can check below the snapshot of my blog, there are 5 pages of bad links. I have to go through all and correct it πŸ™

    Alternatively, You could use Xenus Link Sleuth Tool to find Broken Links

    Broken links Management page

    Broken links Management page

    Broken links are bad for your readers – Why?

    Readers get miffed when they click a link that is a dead link or they get redirected to some other website or page.

    This plugin will help you find out all dead links and links that are redirecting to some other page and fix it by directly linking to the correct link. Thus Broken links remover can help purify the web for both readers and search engines.

    Broken links are bad for search engine robots – Why?

    The search engines crawlers or bots use the links on a website’s pages to find other web pages on your site and other external sites. When it finds the link which turns out to be a dead link then your search engine rankings will more than likely be negatively affected in search engine result pages.

    Broken links can degrade your rankings on a site wide basis. Search engines rank individual pages and not whole sites, but there are a few site wide ranking factors. Bad/Broken links is definitely one of those factors.

    How does Broken links remover work?

    Whenever a reader visits a post or page in your site or search engine crawls the page, Broken links remover wordpress plugin checks the status of all links on that post/page. If it finds any bad/dead/broken link, then the plugin will log the problematic link and the “Post ID”.

    One more important point i want to mention is Broken Links Remover Plugin also works on blog with caching plugins installed.

    You can read more details @ Broken links Remover wordpress plugin

    Download Broken Links Remover Plugin

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    1. Atniz says:

      Great info!!!

      I never thought something like this before. I’m thankful to Rajesh to bring this plugin and you to introduce to me. It is a very useful plugin and those who runs blogs more than few months should check their links. It might be dead and checking removing dead links can take such a huge time. Therefore, it is neglected. Now, my blog just got better. Thank you

    2. Lyndi says:

      What a great idea, I will have to give this a try. Bad links have always been a problem. Thanks for the link.

    3. Nihar says:

      @Atniz, It is indeed a very good plugin to use. It will help us remove all bad links. I am yet to check my posts containing bad or broken links. will remove it soon.

      @Lyndi, I hope you also install it. find and remove the bad/broken links…

    4. Rajesh says:

      good to know that you people like it…thanks for the review, nihar…

    5. Nihar says:

      @Rajesh, you have developed a very good plugin. I discovered lot of links that are redirected and some were dead links.

      your Platinum SEO plugin is also very good plugin..

    6. This is a must have plugin for everyone

    7. Nihar says:

      @Madhur, Yep this plugin is really good and it is a must…

    8. Chadrack says:

      Great I saw this post! This is a must have plugin for every blogger.

      Thanks for this post.

    9. Nihar says:

      @Chandrack, Yep it is indeed a very good plugin and must have plugin.

    10. fak3r says:

      I’d never heard of this, but it sounds awesome! I’ve got years of posts on my blog, being able to automatically find out which links are bad is going to be great. Thanks!

      (oh, and that plugin that gets my latest post while I type this, VERY NICE! – guess I have another one to install now)

    11. Nihar says:

      @fak3r, It really helped me. I discovered some links redirecting and some dead links. It is very good plugin and helps to correct all the posts that are buried.

    12. Jonny says:

      Cool plugin. I was using xenu to find broken links before finding this article.

    13. Jonny says:

      Sorry Nihar I should have left a reference…. Xenu Link Sleuth -> http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html

      It will scan your (or another) webpage for broken links and otput a list or a html page with clickable non working links (if that makes sense… I need to blog about it one day πŸ™‚

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