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  • Home >> Friday Night Links Party >> Friday Night Links Party – 03 October 2008

    Friday Night Links Party – 03 October 2008

    Friday Night Links Party @ NiharsWorld

    Friday Night Links Party @ NiharsWorld

    Today is First Friday Night Links Party for October month at NiharsWorld where drinks links will be served. You may want to check last five Friday Night Links Party @ NiharsWorld.

    I recommend you to share any good posts which you have recently read and have benefited from or nominate your own post. Just post your comment here giving some details.

    Before starting the Links Party. I would like to mention some of my own posts that i published in this week.

    Friday Night Links Party – 03 October 2008

    1. Chetan from The WWW Blog has published a post which a must for all the bloggers The 17 best ways to market you blog.

      I read his post today only. Out of 17 points listed in that post, some of them are new to me. It helped and i think it will also help you. so do check out!

      I will also try to follow some points to market by Blog.

    2. Pavan from TechPavan is sharing a post – How To Recover Totally Lost Websites / Blogs.

      When i read this post, it made me remember my last year when my ThinkersOnMove.blogspot.com was removed by blogger.com and i didn’t take any backups of my posts. I did exactly the same that he mentions in his post.

      I took help of Google Search Engine to retrieve the cached webpages and saved the posts.

      He is also sharing some other tool which is also new to me. Check it out!

    3. Rajesh from Techblissonline Dot Com has published a post Gmail Hacked? Track it with Activity monitor!!!.

      He explains how you can check whether you Gmail account is compromised or not. You can check when your account was logged in and also with the IP address. If you make out that the time and the IP is different then you are in danger. Read it. It will definitely help you.

    4. Keith Dsouza from Techie Buzz is introducing you to a new way of browsing – Surf Webpages Like A Text File Or Document In Firefox and IE 8.

      I was stumped when i read the post. The post explains how you can browse the webpages on your favorite browser like a text file or a document. It is called Caret Browsing. If you enable it then you can use arrow keys to move around the webpage like you are view a text file in a notepad.

      Did it surprise you? It surprised me!. Check it out.

    5. Nirmal from Life Rocks 2.0 is showing on How to remove ads from Yahoo messenger – Remove Ads from Yahoo Messenger Using Ad Destroy.

      If you are irritated by ads shown on yahoo messenger, then head to that post and check out the utility that can remove ads from Yahoo messenger.

    Your Feedback and Suggestions Please

    Did you like the links that i shared? How was the choice of posts? What topics you would like to read about? How many links you want to feature? Is there any way i can improve? Please let me know what you think, you can comment or send an email.

    I hope you enjoyed the drinks links. Enjoy the weekend. 🙂
    Recommend you to share any good posts which you have recently read and have benefited from or nominate your own post. Just post your comment here giving some details.

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    1. Chetan says:

      Thanks for the link love Nihar 🙂

    2. Nihar says:

      @Chetan, You are welcome…

    3. Pavan Kumar says:

      Thank you very much Nihar for one more great link….

    4. kouji says:

      checked out the 17 marketing tips. thanks for the link and heads up.

    5. Lyndi says:

      Some pretty nice links here. Thanks.

    6. TechnoSamrat says:

      Nice links.. happy weekend….

    7. Abhishek says:

      I love your Friday night party !! its rocks !!

    8. Nihar says:

      @Pavan, You are welcome

      @Kauji, yes 17 marketing tips are great.

      @Lyndi, If you want your link to be included just leave a comment.

      @TechnoSamrat, Thanks. Sorry late in replying same to you.

      @Abhishek, I hope everybody likes it and become more popular.

    9. Rishi says:

      Oh, that Caret Browsing trick is really great. It’s entirely new to me. Thanks for the nice links Nihar.

    10. A very interesting idea, I might have to steal it to some extent in the future for my own blog 😉

    11. Nihar says:

      @Rishi, thanks, I also didn’t knew it before.

      @James Spinosa, No prob you can steal it.

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