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    How to Split the Screen of Laptop/Monitor in Windows XP / Vista / 7 – SplitView

    Most of us often work on multiple applications at a time and also there is need to switch between applications. It becomes very tedious to keep switching between the applications.

    If you have a Television or an extra monitor lying around at your home, then you can Extend your Desktop to LCD/Monitor/TV to solve the problems.

    To extend the desktop you need extra device – LCD / TV / Monitor. What if you don’t have one?

    Well, there is one more solution… Split the Screen or Split the Desktop into two and work with multiple applications without switching between them.

    SplitView is an application which enables you to take full advantage of your widescreen or high-resolution monitor by enabling you to work with multiple applications at the same time.

    Once you install it, you don’t need to fiddle with windows to move or resize them to fit your desktop. Neither do you need to keep alternating between windows using Alt-Tab or the taskbar for simple tasks like copy-pasting or comparing documents. SplitView transforms a large single monitor system into a multi-monitor system enabling you to focus on your work, not on window management.

    SplitView can split the screen not only in two parts, but it can split it into N equal parts.

    SplitView Multiple window configurations

    Multiple Window Configurations - Split View

    Multiple Window Configurations – Split View (Image from SplitView.com)

    You can configure the split regions into any one of the above forms:

    Two window configuration is perfect for comparing documents, copy-pasting from one application into another.

    Three and four window configurations give you greater control to maximize your productivity and multitasking.

    How to use SplitView?

    Lets say you have split the screen into two parts and you have two applications open. How do you put each application on each split region?

    SplitView adds two handy buttons to each window’s title bar to move windows to the left or right.

    Split Left and Right buttons - SplitView

    Split Left and Right buttons – SplitView (Image from SplitView.com)

    SplitView adds two handy buttons to each window’s title bar to move windows to the left or right. Just use Left arrow button to move the window to left side of the screen and right arrow button to move the window to right side of the screen.

    Splitview Keyboard shortcuts

    SplitView enables the following keyboard shortcuts to move windows

    Alt/Windows key+Left Arrow Occupy the left half of the monitor
    Alt/Windows key+Right Arrow Occupy the right half of the monitor
    Alt/Windows key+Up Arrow Occupy the top half of the monitor
    Alt/Windows key+Down Arrow Occupy the bottom half of the monitor

    Splitview Multi-monitor aware

    SplitView is multi-monitor aware which means you can also split your secondary monitors. It means SplitView works on even on extended desktops!

    Check more details at SplitView 2008 Personal Edition

    Download SplitView

    Download SplitView to Split the Screen

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    1. Rohit says:

      Really a different one. I couldn’t even think of such thing happen. Nice sharing!

    2. Sports Billy says:

      Awesome, thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking at how to make the most from my extra wide monitor for ages.

    3. Beau71 says:

      Another good program to look at in regards to multiple monitors is UltraMon.

    4. kouji says:

      not quite sure if i can use this. but i like the idea behind it.

    5. Abhishek says:

      seems great !! need to try !!

    6. Nihar says:

      @Rohit, Brother use it. You will like it.

      @Sports Billy, I hope this really helps you and ease your daily work

      @Beau71, I need to check about UltraMon don’t know much about it.

      @kouji, If you screen is big and work on multiple applications that i would suggest you use it.

      @Abhishek, try it. you will like it.

    7. maiq says:

      It seems interesting and useful, but it takes only a few seconds to do it by hand (mouse)

    8. Nihar says:

      @maiq, But if you have lot of windows open and decide to resize using mouse it will be hard.

    9. Jason M says:

      I like it, it just seems like my monitor would have less work space as a whole to work with. I need dual monitors for this.

    10. Looks cool and useful . Will try it

    11. Nihar says:

      @Jason, Me too. i am not using it. i have a television connected..

      @Madhur, Try it. It will ease your work esp if you are working with multiple apps at a time.

    12. Rajeev Edmonds says:

      Interesting piece of software. I wonder how many use it for long time. I think you need at least 17″ high resolution TFT screen to take full advantage of this screen splitting software. Great find anyhow.

    13. thanks for a nice post or i should say a nice new idea…..

    14. TabZ says:

      If you use Firefox there are quite a few extensions that do this.


    15. Fahad says:

      What size monitor should be ideal for splitting in 2 or 4?
      Will it work on a 17″ lcd monitor?

    16. Chetan Gole says:

      Thats great dude, i am having 19′ DELL widescreen LCD
      This software will be help full for me

    17. Nihar says:

      @Rajeev Edmonds, I mentioned in the post that this will be useful if you have a large screen.

      @zncustombuilding, thanks

      @Tabz, thanks for the tip. i will check it

      @Fahad, yeah it will work on 17 inch monitor. i think split into 2 parts is good

      @Chetan, thanks. i think this will help you.

    18. Brian says:

      I stumbled on your post and found just what I have been looking for great for working with multiple spreadsheets, thanks very much.

    19. This sure is somewhat similar to UltraMon and serves a purpose that has many of the same program qualities. It is preferred to have competition in the multiple-monitor program field.

    20. Nihar says:

      @Brian, you are most welcome…

      @Armen Shivanian, I have seen even other visitor commenting on UltraMon, I have to check it.

    21. Alejandro says:

      Great tool! I’ll try it, although I think that 2 monitors is better, this is cheaper for sure!

    22. Nihar says:

      @Alejandro, I am also using Television as the secondary screen.

    23. Deepa says:

      Just tried this one too! And you’re right! Its good bye to alt-tabs! and so much more quicker! Keep up the good job Nihar!

    24. sosComputer says:

      “Another good program to look at in regards to multiple monitors is UltraMon.”

    25. I just got a 22″ widescreen LCD, and this application will do exactly what I need, as I find that a lot of the width is wasted. The sad thing is that it is only free for 30 days though 🙁

    26. What a brilliant idea. I just got myself a 23″ screen and it just seems like such a waist of space. I have downloaded it, $39 is a great investment, definitely a lot less then buying a card to run 2 different monitors and another monitor. Great tool thank you.

    27. Hi Nihar

      Since I read your post I downloaded Gridview a free screen splitter, not as much functionality but it does split the screen. Thanks again.

    28. deepa says:

      Hey Nihar..

      Hi there! I’ve used up my 30-day period for the really cool SplitView and yeah, was just about to download Ultramon when i saw this latest comment about Gridview. Could you let me know if its good enough and where i could get it from? Would be a great help! Split View has really spoilt me 🙂
      Thanx and take care!

    29. K says:

      i always do that on my work its really hassle free.

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