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    How to view Docx files ?

    I received a file via email from my friend. I was surprised to see the file’s extension, it was .docx. As far as I remember i didn’t encounter .docx extension before.

    If you encounter a file with a extension that you never encountered before then this might help you – open files with unusual file extensions

    I tried opening it on Microsoft Word 2003. I didn’t succeed in that. I then started searching on google and found out that .docx is Microsoft Word 2007 file extension. Here are few of several ways to open Docx files.

    How to open Docx File?

    1. For Windows users having any version of Microsoft Office installed needs to to install the Microsoft compatibility pack. This compatibility pack will provide .docx support in Microsoft Word for any previous Office versions.
    2. If you are Windows users and don’t have Microsoft Office then the best thing is to Download the Word Viewer application from Microsoft that opens .docx documents.
      Note: Microsoft Word Viewer is for only viewing the documents. Documents cannot be modified
    3. Zamzar: Zamzar can convert variety of file formats and Docx is one of them. Select the file and format to be converted and enter your email id, the file will be converted and a link will be sent to your email ID for download.
    4. Docx2Doc: The name says it all, this service converts docx formats into doc files so that it can be viewed in Word 2003 or previous versions.
    5. Docx Converter: This is a similar service as above one. It converts Docx file Html format so that it viewed on any browser.

    This is a simplest way to view .docx file. Rename the extension of file from .docx to .zip and then unzip the file. Docx contains set of xml files. When you unzip the file, you get a folder named Word and inside that you can see a file named document.xml. To view the contents of the document, open document.xml.

    Extract Zip and Rar files using PeaZip Archive Manager

    If you find any other way to convert the Docx file to Doc file. Just leave a comment, i will check it and add to the above list.

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    1. james says:

      useful stuff here. can be difficult having to deal with documents of an unfamiliar file type.

    2. Wystery says:

      For mac or linux user, there’s also a tool called Docx-converter Dashboard Widget which allows you to convert files from your Desktop

      It is basically same as the last link you provided but this one is in the form of widget on your desktop.

      Alternatively, mac user may try and use Open XML File Format Converter for Mac offered by Microsoft, it is a tool for older Office Mac users to open, edit and save a .docx file on Mac OS.


      =) There you go

    3. Fahad says:

      Nice helpful post.

      I have myself been frustrated over some unusual file extensions but I haven’t encountered .docx yet. And if i do then I will know what to do! 😀

    4. Rishi says:

      I had this incompatibility problem before. I wanted to make a print out. The document has docx extension and it didn’t open there at shop.

      Thanks for the information.

    5. Pavan Kumar says:

      I have used the first and third method. Even there are many other sites like zamzar to get your document converted. The compatibility pack is really useful as there is no need for any third party softwares to open the document.

    6. Arun says:

      That was good. Never come across this extension though!

    7. Avijit says:

      I think,an alternative could be exporting the file to your
      Google Docs, and view it there.
      Alternatively you could email your self the document on Gmail and then “View the document in HTML”.

      Plz note I have not verified any of the methods my self,just think they should work.

    8. Chetan Gole says:

      I think installing MS office will solve problem of DOCX files

    9. Nihar says:

      @james & @Fahad, thanks.

      @Wystery, thank you very much for the information

      @Rishi, you are most welcome.

      @Pavan, Yeah you are right, but for some of them if they don’t want to download & install, they can use the online tools

      @Arun, happy to see your here and also commentluv problem fixed

      @Avijit, Thanks for the new way.

      @Chetan, no MS Office 2007 only supports docx

    10. Matt Oxley says:

      nice article…i get alot of folks in my line of work who have trouble with this changeover…why M$ didnt build something into docx to make this not happen i cant imagine

    11. Danny Cooper says:

      I have never even heard of the .docx extension, and before now if someone would have sent me an attachment in that format I would of probably deleted it out of ‘fear of the unknown’. Thanks for the info.

    12. The .docx file format sure has caused quite a bit of effort to be expended by numerous document viewers. It does have its benefits, but the various issues with conversion to .doc or general editing have taken up many person’s time.

    13. Nihar says:

      @Matt Oxley, Thanks.

      @Danny Cooper, You are most welcome.

      @Armen Shivanian, Well i don’t know much about the benifits of .docx. I need to check it.

    14. Matt Oxley says:

      BTW…OpenOffice 3.0 now fully supports all of thenew extensions with the x at the end

      http://www.openoffice.org released it a few days ago

    15. Nihar says:

      @Matt Oxley, thanks for letting us know…

    16. samarth says:

      Excellent post and surely a handy way of viewing the docx by renaming it as zip and unzipping was simply unbelievable!!
      Good going!

    17. Nihar says:

      @Samarth, thanks for the compliment!

    18. Ryan says:

      Oh man, this was so helpful, I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to view my .docx files. Thanks so much

    19. dashakol says:

      http://www.zoho.com is the final answer to all of office corruptions. Just go to zohowriter.com it can open docx file and after that you don’t even need office to read or edit your documents.

      what a great project.

    20. Sarah says:

      Thank you thank you thank you, now I can print off my labs for class!

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