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  • Home >> Friday Night Links Party >> Friday Night Links Party – 14 November 2008

    Friday Night Links Party – 14 November 2008

    Friday Night Links Party @ NiharsWorld

    Friday Night Links Party @ NiharsWorld

    I think some readers of this blog already know that, i have started Friday Night Links Party @ NiharsWorld from August 2008. But after Friday Night Links Party in 1st week of October, i got very busy in other work and stopped posting it every friday night.

    Today I am again back with First Friday Night Links Party for November month at NiharsWorld where drinks links will be served. You may want to check last six Friday Night Links Party @ NiharsWorld

    I recommend you to share any good posts which you have recently read and have benefited from or nominate your own post. Just post your comment here giving some details.

    Before starting the Links Party. I would like to mention some of my own posts that i published during last 5 weeks.

    Friday Night Links Party – 14 November 2008

    1. Yan from blogging tips for beginners has published a post which a must for beginners who have just started blogging. A – Z Blogging Guide for Beginners.

      Yan has pointed out all points in alphabetical order from ‘A’ – ‘Z’. I think it will help you. so do check out!

    2. Madhur from Madhur Kapoor’s Blog is sharing a post – Clipdiary – Free Clipboard Manager.

      This tiny utility is a must for those who are into development and do lot of coding. It is a Clipboard manager which can keep more than one copied texts in that clipdairy. Do check this out. Tiny and nifty tool

    3. Kyle from WordPress Hacks has published a post How To: Move Your WordPress Blog to a New Domain.

      Kyle has compiled steps which should be followed for moving the wordpres blog to a different domain. I know few of them who have a domain name but are not happy with the name and would like to change the domain. It is a very useful post. Do check and may be bookmark it for future reference who knows may be some day you might decide to change the domain name!

    4. Monaco from Read my mind is sharing – watch ‘LOST’ season 5 trailer / preview video / spoilers.

      I am big fan of LOST. I completed watching Lost Season 4 one week back. I think those who have watched Lost series are looking forward and waiting for Lost Season 5.

      Check out Lost Season 5 trailer / preview / spoiler.

    5. Paul from Technically Easy is sharing a post to Increase Your Web Site Speed With .htaccess.

      Every blogger or site owner would like to increase the website speed. Check out the post. He sharing tips on how to increase the website speed using htaccess.

    Your Feedback and Suggestions Please

    Did you like the links that i shared? How was the choice of posts? What topics you would like to read about? How many links you want to feature? Is there any way i can improve? Please let me know what you think, you can comment or send an email.

    I hope you enjoyed the drinks links. Enjoy the weekend. 🙂
    Recommend you to share any good posts which you have recently read and have benefited from or nominate your own post. Just post your comment here giving some details.

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    1. Pavan Kumar says:

      Hey, wphacks is not wphacks because they just wanted to avoid the trademarked word wordpress… They are now not wordpress hacks or hack wordpress, they are just wphacks…

      Anyways, that is really a very useful as they deal with easy method and also introduce a plugin for that purpose…

    2. Dennis Edell says:

      Nice links. Being new around here I didn’t know of this…I’ll have to check out the others. 😉

    3. Thanks, buddy for the shout. This is a great roundup. Long overdue though…;)

      @Dennis: my goodness, you are almost everywhere…..don’t you ever rest, pal.

    4. Nihar says:

      @Pavan, Thanks for letting me know.

      @Madhur, You are most welcome!

      @Dennis, I hope you all will see regularly links every friday.

      @Yan, Yeah i am back with this after a long time more than 1 and half month.

    5. Work At Home says:

      It is good to have this idea. I just wish one of my post in any of your Friday post.

    6. Dennis Edell says:

      Rest? Huh? 😉

      I’ll be here Nihar. 🙂

    7. Amit says:

      its a great way to mutually benifi nihars, i love it


    8. Nihar says:

      @Work at home, Why don’t you mention the link that you want to be in that list.

      @Dennis, thanks

      @Amit, Yeah. it is a good way of giving love.

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