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    Dostana Movie Review

    Dostana - Bollywood Movie Review

    True friends forever:gay or not gay

    Why do most big-budget/big banner movies turn out to be boring and average? Why do much-awaited releases fail to meet our expectations? These are some of the questions that kept coming to my mind as I started watching ‘Dostana’ this weekend. I knew from the trailers that this was a complete commercial with the usual dosage of entertainment. So, was ready to see something illogical yet fun and musti. Directors like Yash Chopra have always made movies on issues that are still a taboo in India or are controversial. They have managed to include such topics as live-in relationships, infidelity, multiple relationships in a light and entertaining way. Karan Johar follows suit with introducing the lead male protagonists acting like a gay couple(a concept that is accepted in the West but unknown to us).

    Kunal and Sameer(our two hot dudes Abhishek Bacchan and John Abraham) act like a gay couple so that they get a lavish house for rent. They eventually fall in love with their housemate Neha( the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra) who in turn falls in love with her boss Abhimanyu(the classy Bobby Deol). Kunal-Sam-Neha are very good friends and they have some very touching scenes. The plot gets predictable at times. Still, it has its little package of surprises and laughter like the narration of Kunal-Sam fake love story or the scene where Sam’s mom appears at Neha’s house and is convinced by all present that her son’s situation is acceptable and when she later accepts Sam-Kunal relationship and formally welcomes her bahu/damaad or when Neha assumes that Sam-Kunal love her boss. The comedy picked pace after the first half hour of predictable track. However, post-interval it got too dramatic and boring.

    The costumes are good. Locations great. Music catchy. Cinematography superb. Actors brilliant but the script lacks in a lot of things. I cringed at the slapstick comedy and the many references to gay behavior. At times you wish there was more speed to the story or less of the stereotypically hindi-movie twists n turns. I personally found the climax atrocious with the two guys declaring in front of the whole crowd that they have hurt their friend(and what followed it).

    All this said, you may still go ahead and watch it over the weekend. This Hindi flick is far better than some of the disastrous big-budget movies this year. Jr Bacchan is awesome in all the scenes. John Abraham fans will have a great time watching him as he is seen in beachwear most of the time. Priyanka is a brilliant actor. Rest of the cast act melodramatically as per the demands of the script. Some of the Kunal-Sam-Neha moments are well-done. Their friendship rocks. Director Tarun Mansukhani does a fair job. Had he tried a little harder Dostana would have been listed in league with the best comedy and friendship-based movies.

    My Rating: 3 / 5

    How about your rating between 1 to 5. Leave a comment…

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    1. Amit says:

      Thanks for the great review nihar, i am surely gonna watch this movie as soon as my exams get over thanks again


    2. Nihar says:

      @Monika, Thanks for the url

      @Amit, I hope you like the movie.

    3. ArpitNext says:

      @Monica : thanks for sharing the link … will watch some instants again 🙂

      My rating for dostana 5/5 🙂

    4. Nihar says:

      @Arpit, I think the rating is a little on the higher side

    5. Hmm I have not heard anything about this film out here. I will have to watch the film through Monica’s link above.

    6. Chetan says:

      I am planning for Dostana today… 🙂
      My exams are just over.

    7. Nihar says:

      @Stop Computer Freezing, Hope you understand Hindi Language.

      @Chetan, I see you always have exams :)q

    8. Chetan says:

      Last time it was pre-university exams , now its actual war :D, i.e. university exams.
      Now they are over, but still dostana !! NOO… 🙂
      I am doing PG yaar. exams every 3months 🙁

    9. used tires says:

      This movie has gotten pretty decent reviews, is a little clich

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