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    How to Protect your blog content from getting copied

    Every day there are number of blogs coming up on the web. With this increase in number of blogs, there is also a increase in “Copy Cats” who simply copy our content without our permission and without attribution.

    The question is How do you Protect your Blog content from getting copied?

    Below is one of the solution.

    My friend Chetan from TheChetan.com has developed his first ever WordPress Plugin called WP-CopyProtect.

    This is just a basic copy protect plug-in which stops the Copy Cat from copying the content. But, if someone want to copy your content he/she can go to source of the blog and can easily copy the stuff from there.

    The plugin Disables Right Click and Disables Test Selection on a WordPress Blog with this plugin installed!

    I recommend you all to visit Chetan’s Blog and Download WP-CopyProtect WordPress Plugin.

    I am very happy to see that he has developed the plugin. It has also inspired me to create a WordPress Plugin. I have few things in my mind. If i am free and have mood to do some coding in PHP, I will come up with my own WordPress plugin in future.

    The installation instructions and Faq’s about the plugin are there on the same above link.

    Please leave your thoughts and suggestions…

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    1. Chetan says:

      Thanks Nihar for this post about my plugin, if you need any kind of help about developing your own plugin i am here 🙂 .

    2. Lyndi says:

      Preventing the right-click on a blog actually interferes with the user’s way of doing things on their site. I might want to use that same right-click to view the page details, to reload the page or to save the page. All these options will now also be removed from the user.

      Even with this plugin installed it would be very simple to gain access to the source-code if I wanted to, I would simply get the cached version of the relevant page from Google. I could also save the page to my hard disk and get the code that way.

      Let’s say I wanted to Stumble the same page. I might want to copy and paste some of the content into my preview of the site. This option will no longer be available to me.

      I am sorry that I sound so negative but it is not for any developer to interfere with the functions built into the browser. A developer codes for the browsers, not against them. If code has to be safeguarded, other ways will have to be found.

    3. yashu says:

      I think disabling dragging is better option than disabling right click

    4. I agree with Lyndi. I respect his hard work but most of those copycat blogs use bots to traverse through the HTML anyways :{

    5. Nihar says:

      @Chetan, You deserve it. I will definitely contact you for plugin development.

      @Lyndi & @Mike, I don’t think you are being negative here. You are just giving your point of view. I agree with you that it hinders the interface of the user. But, It depends on person to person.

      @yashu, Yeah the plugin has the option to selectively activate and deactivate independent features.

    6. Arun says:

      Well.. there are 2 sides to this. It’s certainly not suitable for this kind of blogs. It’s most suitable to blogs where one need not do any other actions other than just reading the content. For instance, http://abap.read2know.com. Here, one need not Stumble, Digg or take any other action..

    7. Intrigueing development, I see big merit in in, but Lyndi’s argument about the right click and accessing source code is also very, very relevant. Keep up the work of developing great plugins, guys!

    8. Nihar says:

      @Arun, you are correct. I just wanted the readers to know that there is a plugin developed by my friend. It depends on requirement and decide whether you would go for that plugin or not.

      @Jacques Seoman, I totally agree with Lyndi’s argument.

    9. It is always good to have something to protect out hard work. I hate those the \”steal\” content without giving credit to the original writer. Grats to cheten for creating the great plugin.

      Wei Liang

    10. lvs says:

      but why would anyone be motivated to copy paste verbatim from a blog. I think most stealers of content are smarter than that and usually steal the idea and not the exact words.

      Still this is a useful tool.

    11. I applaud and respect his idea. However, if one is bent on copying your content, preventing the right click doesn’t stop him from doing so. Still the idea is original.


    12. That is a very nice plug in. I hate copy caters. One way that I catch people using my articles without my resource box is by utilizing the Google alerts. Google alerts emails me and I am able to make sure that if they use my article, they have a link back to my blog or website. Many times I have found they just blatantly stole my article to use as their own…lame.

    13. Personally, I hate it when sites disable my ability to right click…

    14. Atniz says:

      Sometimes, it is irritating to see some error message or blocks from right click on the page. We might want to print, bookmark, copy a few words or highlight to find the meaning in dictionary. Overall, I will not go for it.

    15. safinah says:

      hey im using blogspot.com.

      help me to protect my blog please? :S

    16. Atul says:

      There may be many ther ways to copy

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