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    Get a FREE Banner or Logo Design from PeiProfit!

    It is year end time. Christmas is right around the corner and Ben Pei from peiprofit.com is giving away free gifts.

    He is ready to do a banner or logo design for blog or website for FREE. If you need a banner to advertise your website or blog, this is the best chance to get it free.

    I got two banners designed by him. Below are the banners.

    NiharsWorld NiharsWorld

    Check out this post!! for more details on how to get banners, logos, icons, buttons designed for Free!!

    Did you like this Christmas Giveaway deal? What did you think it is a better deal, a Banner or a Logo design? Please leave your comments.

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    1. Wow those are some cool designs , I think I will get over there right now , thanks for sharing

    2. Arun says:

      Thanks for sharing it dude. I thought of asking you abt it!

    3. Ben Pei says:

      Thank you for your affirmation.

    4. JustinSMV says:

      Thanks Nihar for the heads up, looks pretty good will have to check it out! πŸ™‚

    5. Nihar says:

      @Yeast Infection in Dogs, I hope you get a good logo for your site and also update the same for entrecard.

      @Arun, You are most welcome. I think the current logo is also very good. Who designed it?

      @Ben, You are most welcome.

      @JustinSMV, I hope you get a good logo designed by Ben.

    6. I would have choosen to pick up the free banner design if I haven’t got one design for my blog. Ben is being helpful in providing this service which he could simply charged for $20.

      Cheers to Ben for his helpfulness.
      Cheers to Nihar for promoting a great deal to your readers.

      Wei Liang

    7. koerni says:

      I’ve emailed Ben Pei for a free logo design, who knows he’ll make it πŸ™‚

    8. Lyndi says:

      Nice offer, I am sure this guy had his hands full. I love the graphics he did for you. Will check the link out.

    9. Ben Pei says:

      koerni, I received your email. It will be better if you leave a comment because it might just slip my mind. Leave comment with your detailed specs.

    10. Steve Yu says:

      It’s has been a while i didn’t change my entrecard banner logo.

    11. They look nice and very professional. Nice work Ben! I may take you up on getting some banners here very shortly.

    12. Nihar says:

      @koerni, he will make it for sure. I assure you. He may take sometime.

      @Lyndi, I hope you get a logo designed.

      @Ben, Thanks again for making logos for all.

      @Dennis, Yeah he indeed is doing a great service!

      @Matt, Hurry up and get a logo from Ben.

    13. Pavan Kumar says:

      Wow, he has got 175 comments in addition with loads of backlinks… Nice marketing from him…

    14. Nihar says:

      @Pavan, Yeah it is a nice way of marketing. But, he is also good at designing the logos πŸ™‚

    15. Atniz says:

      Hey, it looks awesome. I will be very happy to get something like that for free too.

    16. Lol Nihar, I can’t believe my chirstmas giveaway post got you a PR2 for this page!

    17. I hope you know that free can not be good. I hope you know.

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