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    Open your websites faster using Keyboard Hotkeys – “SiteLauncher” (a Firefox Add-on)

    Most of us bookmark websites so that we can jump on to the website quickly. But, what if you have organized your bookmarks that have 10-20 categories each having 10-20 websites in it.

    The time taken to browse through the bookmarks menu and select a particular website is more than typing the website address.

    SiteLauncheris a Firefox add-on which can turn your bookmarks into shortcuts. Site Launcher lets you replace your bookmarks toolbar with a window of links that can be opened using a simple keyboard shortcut. It gives you a super-quick way to open your favorite websites that you use often throughout the day by using only your keyboard. One special hotkey brings up the Launcher (shown below), followed by a unique key to launch a site. You pick which sites you want on the list, and a one-letter keyboard shortcut is given to each.

    For example, I have added these sites – Google, Gmail, NiharsWorld, and IBNLive.com to SiteLauncher – what sites to include is entirely up to you. CTRL + SPACE will popup the transparent window with links. Then you just need to type shortcut key to launch the website. Check my list below.

    My favorite sites to launch them quickly!

    My favorite sites to launch them quickly!

    Compared to the alternatives (standard bookmarks, the address bar, etc) the Launcher is the fastest, and most convenient way to navigate to your frequently needed sites (at least, that’s what we think). SiteLauncher also minimizes clutter, because the Launcher only appears when you press the hotkey.

    When you install the extension. It comes with a some of popular sites built in. You can delete or add your favorite ones on your own. You also have several color and menu style options including setting the maximum number of columns you want, and how transparent the window is.

    Check out a quick demo video of how it works:

    Download SiteLauncher (a Firefox Add-on)

    Via CNet.com

    What do you think about this review? I appreciate your input. Do you know any other extension or tool that can be better than this? Share your thoughts

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    1. Definitely a cool way to organise the clutter. However I am starting to find that Firefox is a bit of a resource hog, and my laptop is really starting to show signs of strain running it (I do have tons of apps and plugins installed though) How much extra resources will SiteLauncher hog?

    2. Read 2 Know says:

      Very useful one. Will check it out.

    3. Spurkle says:

      Looks like a great tool. I am a huge fan of using keyboard shortcuts. I am downloading it as I type this.

    4. Atniz says:

      It looks pretty easy for me. Will give it a try.

    5. Sire says:

      Now I am the sort of person that loves utilities that save me time, and I have got a fairly big bookmark folder, but I am willing to give this plugin a fair go to see if it will save me some time. Thanks for the tip.

    6. Really useful tool. Will make life a lot easier when trying to get 5 things done at once!

    7. Karthik says:


      I think you can include this new Firefox plug-in in your blog. Check out http://cooliris.com. Install this on your firefox and your web world will never be the same again. I promise.

      You can do window shopping of amazon, walmart, anything… I can watch sports, music videos, soaps and even movies… unbelievable!… And the UI is just awesome!

      Try browsing your flickr image collection on this… its just too good!

    8. this is really a great tool…..I really like to use keyboard shortcut….and it will make life a lot easier to do lot of thing at once………….!

      Great Dude 🙂

    9. shane ryans says:

      I have too many favorites to be able to lower it down to just the important ones. I still amaze myself at the amount of pages I visit daily.

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