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    How to Download Videos From MegaVideo

    MegaVideo is one of the top video sharing sites after Youtube. MegaVideo has got a lots and lots of videos.


    There are lots of possible ways to download videos from Youtube. If you don’t know this then check How to Download Videos from YouTube

    But, for those who want to strong>download MegaVideo videos face problems because, you can not download videos if you are not a premium member and also cannot use Youtube techniques. But here is a quick tip to download videos from Mega Video.

    How to Download Videos From MegaVideo

    Steps to download videos to your computer from MegaVideo and watch them offline.

    1. Open any desired video clip in browser. Let it load completely.
    2. After you have watched the whole video. In your browser, Go to Tools > Internet Options > Settings > View Files (In Internet Explorer).
    3. Try to look for a large file, with a long name and unknown type. Most of the Temporory internet files are small. So, track down the large file.
    4. After you spot the file, Copy that file and paste it any drive of your choice. The video file will be in FLV format.
    5. Rename that large file name to something meaningful like movie.flv

    Now sit back watch MegaVideo in your favourite player. Do you use VLC Player? NO. Then you need to Download VLC Media Player

    If you want to convert the MegaVideo video clip to any other format from flv then check on How to Convert Videos with Any Video Converter

    If you have any other tips on how to download megavideo videos, Do share it. Leave a comment

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    1. Paul says:

      Definitely a useful thing to know. Do you happen to know if the FireFox extension DownloadHelper would work with Megavideo?

    2. Never heard of MegaVideo before 🙂 But I know there are tons of YouTube clones out there

    3. Rishi says:

      This trick is really great. But it would be really great if we have some online service to download these videos

    4. Nihar says:

      @Paul, Not sure. Have to do some googling to find out..

      @Micheal, I am surprised that you don’t know megavideo… We know because, we watch movies on it.

      @Rishi, Thanks. Yeah will be great if we find online services.

    5. Read 2 Know says:

      Vimeo is also one of the top Video Sharing sites. Good to know about Mega Video. We have so many choices!

    6. Jaq Seoman says:

      I haven’t heard of them before, however I now will go and check out MegaVideo! What is the exact procedure in Firefox?

    7. Never heard of this site before. I’ll check it out right away. Thanks for the tips.

    8. Adam B says:

      yes you can download megavideos from firefox extention download helper

    9. Nihar says:

      @Best CSS Gallery, I have noticed that quite number of ppl have found this site for the first time.

      @Adam B, Thanks for this info.

    10. Adam B says:

      anyone know how to convert the videos when they are getting downloaded or how to use the downloadhelper converter and subtitle program

    11. dave09 says:


      try http://hold-tube.com, they have features to download video from megavideo and another video sites. They support to download video files in different video formats (flv, 3gp, HD, HQ, MP4 – depend on video sites)

    12. jaydee says:

      I paid the membership and still get the annoying limit. no number is given for support or questions, just an email. After corresponding three times(they reply with barely one sentence answers/solutions) they quit replying. Its a scam as far as I can see. I am trying to watch thru a third party site which is clearly stated as part of the plan you pay for. If you know of anyone that has paid and has pointers, I would love it.

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