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    Microsoft Vista Answers – Find solution to Windows Vista problems

    Right now, on the web the most talked topic related to Microsoft is Windows 7. But, most of the windows users are still using Windows Vista as the Operating System.

    Windows Vista users are facing lots of problems. I am also one of the user, who is facing some or the other glitches in Microsoft Vista.

    Microsoft Vista Answers

    Microsoft Vista Answers
    Microsoft is offering a free platform, Microsoft Vista Answers, to help user like you to get answers to your questions and resolve the problems.

    This service is similar to Yahoo Answers. Microsoft Vista Answers allows users can post their questions related to Windows Vista and get the answers from other users who are know the solution to it. Microsoft staff is also involved in monitoring the site to filter and block irrelevant questions.

    This service is just like any other forum where all the topics are categorized. This service is categorized into Wireless, Gaming, Privacy, etc. There are more than 1000 links and 3000 posts. one feature also shows Top Answers and Top Microsoft Answers.

    I hope Windows Vista users might be able to post their problems and get the solutions to their Windows Vista problems at Microsoft Vista Answers.

    Check Microsoft Vista Answers Site.

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    1. Jaq Seoman says:

      Vista is such a disaster that they are just trying to patch over the leaks for a little while longer until Windows 7 is released. I anticipate a significantly discounted offering enticing people to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7….

      • Nihar says:

        @Jaq, Yeah may be you are right.

      • Quit Smack talking says:

        Vista is not a disaster. People just seem to bash Vista and have not even tried it. There are a lot of great features.

        • Marie says:

          To “Quit Smack talking”: “There are a lot of great features.” —like what?

        • tom says:

          what great features this is my second try with vista not only is it slow, bloated and incompatible with my work i can’t even move a file without the pc stopping to make me give myself permission to move or open my own files anyone know a fix for this?
          Search is the worst ever it was simple before vista i type in a word and xp found every file with that word
          in vista i can input the exact file name and even tell it where to search for it and still vista search can not find it! I have always been a big fan of microsoft but now i am planning to get a mac(i don’t like mac but it has to be better than vista I like XP because it worked for everything i do vista does not!

    2. vida says:

      i like to read and explore this kind of site.

    3. Pheak Tol says:

      The LAN guys at my office upgraded our xp’s to vista’s the visual interface is cool and everything but it complicates my work because it’s not compatible to a lot of our programs

      thus we use VMWare for XP *shaking head* cant wait for win7

    4. I do not why? I dont face any problem with Vista, As I am a great Die-hard fan of Bill Gates, Vista Looks Great except for the Memory requirement it needs. I Hope Windows 7 can run on a very normal configured PC too 🙂

    5. Prasanna says:

      It’s still in Beta. They could have started this kind of initiative much before only. I don’t understand why they have started this during the final days of Vista. Probably they might be doing a rehearsal for their upcoming ‘Windows 7 Answers’ 🙂

    6. I never had any major problems with Vista, but I’ll bookmark this Vista Answers. Thanks

    7. Richael Neet says:

      I am running Vista for over 4 months now without any problems, apart from rare memory glitches. Nevertheless, these glitches are very minor when compared to crushes encountered on XP. I don’t know why people are crying so much over Vista and still using it. Hypocrisy, I guess….

      Vista is not great but its not the worst OS ever released, as others claim. If you wanna run Vista on a Pentium one and expect to get the highest level of performance, then you better get back to your planet. hehe…

    8. Nihar says:

      @Best CSS Gallery, It is not the same for everyone.

      @Richael Neet, You right that it is not the worst OS. But, it is not the best. There are lot of ppl who really face the problems. Hope Windows 7 has less problems.

    9. I use now Microsoft Windows Vista and Apple Mac OS X parallel. I think Vista is the best OS nowadays. Crazy, it look and feel better…

    10. I just changed to vista recently and I never it has much problem except for some recurring security issues


    11. Tyrone Heydenrych says:

      My son just bought a new laptop, and it comes with Windows Vista Home Basic, SIXTY DAY TRIAL! Now he’s a student, and he bought it with his own money, so he’s feeling slightly aggrieved. Are there any safe crack product keys available?
      He also has a 60 day trial of MS Office.

    12. petra hudson says:

      I have vista and I haven’t had a good experience with it. Are any of you having constant popups about your printer being connected to your computer? They are constant and I have been on the phone with HP tech support for over 10hours and they can’t get rid of them. I also have security popups that say there is a problem. I don’t have a problem. Does this happen to anybody else out there?

    13. I actually liked windows vista i didn’t have many problems; however, i do like windows 7 better. I am not excited about windows 8 as of right now.

    14. I actually liked windows vista i didn’t have many vista problems; however, i do like windows 7 better. I am not excited about windows 8 as of right now.

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