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    How to Merge Multiple PDF Documents for Free

    Most of them use PDF documents to read them and some of them also generate as e-books and distribute them.Merge PDF Documents

    Some authors prefer publishing their long PDF documents in multiple parts, instead of one long PDF document. They do this because it is easier for readers to open it in mobile devices. If the PDF is too long then mobile device may work slowly.

    But, what about those who want to just read one Big PDF document instead of multiple parts?

    I found a web service that could help you with this. MergePDF is a free service that could combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF Document.

    It is simple. Just upload pdf files at MergePDF, and it will generate the merged PDF file for you to download.

    Few limitations at MergePDF:

    • Maximum number of input files is 10
    • Individual file size limit is 5 MB
    • All uploaded files are removed after the merge process has finished.

    Now, try merging the PDF’s at MergePDF

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    1. I was searching to merge it and this helped me. thanks

    2. Lyndi says:

      Do people still make use of the pdf format? I personally do not like them. Along with quite a few other things they are just too slow.

    3. Paul says:

      Personally I agree with PDF’s being a bit slow and useless. Web pages seem to be much faster and just as capable.

      But I’ve found that in college a lot of professors will use PDFs to give assignments, readings, etc. It’s unfortunate but they’re still pretty commonly used.

    4. Richael Neet says:

      Lyndi and Paul, PDF is still the kings of document format, no matter the circumstances being online or offline. Maybe that is the reason why the software giants, Microsoft had to integrate “Convert To PDF” plugin with its office suite.

      This online utility does give us the benefit of compiling small versions of e-books for free. However, I still trust my Acrobat 9.0. Costly, yeah, but worth it. 🙂

    5. Well, this is really very useful. Thanks a lot

    6. Nihar says:

      @Abhishek, @Best CSS Gallery, Thanks for the compliment!

      @Richael Neet, I agree with you. It is kings of document format.

    7. techknowl says:

      I totally disagree with paul’ comment in PDF usage and portability.I agree that PDF has slower loading time in Adobe PDF reader . But try Foxit(2mB) or Nitro PDF reader, they are very faster .And almost all the ebooks and documents around available on internet are in PDF format .

    8. TechZoomIn says:


      I’m searching for a free PDF editors. Is this possible to get them?

      Guys any help from your side? 🙂

    9. I’ve never needed needed to merge a pdf but this is a really useful tool.

      And, yes, pdf’s are very much used. I order academic articles for my employer and they are always in pdf format.

    10. This is definitely a great tool which all of us need man.. Ebooks ebooks and ebooks!


    11. That’s actually quite handy indeed! I use Adobe CS4 on my Mac, but when I’m traveling, and using my netbook (running Eeebuntu) I had no solution. But this is it!

      All I need now is wifi access anywhere to get to the webbased PDF merging service… Alright, I’ll search for that just now! 😉

    12. sosComputer says:

      This is definitely a great tool. Just why so late?

    13. Nihar says:

      @Day Two Webdesign, Thanks and i am glad that this post helped you.

      @sosComputer, Thanks.

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