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    How to Convert Word DOC or DOCX files to PDF – Online

    Just few minutes back I composed a word document. I wanted this word .doc file to be converted to pdf file.

    I started searching in Google for an online tool which can convert Word .doc/.docx file to pdf file. Finally, I found one online tool and got my word doc converted to pdf!

    Check this on How to Convert PDF to Word Converter (.doc / .docx)

    How to Convert Word .DOC or .DOCX files to PDF
    The online doc to pdf converter is called Doc 2 Pdf Convertor.

    DOC2PDF supports many formats. It also supports DOCX format which the new format for Word. It can also convert Excel (.xls) and PowerPoint (.ppt) to PDF format.

    I like this service and will be using again soon. I have referred to my team at work.

    Now try converting a sample Word .doc or Word .docx file now at Doc 2 Pdf Convertor

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    1. Yeh this is a great service. Although, I finally got Adobe Acrobat… So I can convert files on my own computer. 🙂

      There was also an open source utility that I found a while back… I’ll have to dig that up and supply you with the link. (And there are other great websites as well, although many of them started placing unrealistic access restrictions.)

    2. Richardo says:

      Great find…

      Can’t you export from Word 2007 into PDF now?
      (BTW, I own Office2007, IIRC, it doable with a little bit of work)…

    3. Kurt Avish says:

      I normally use open office to convert it on my pc itself. By the way do you know of an online (that work) free tool to convert a webpage to pdf? I am thinking to convert and give a pdf copy of my blogshot series to my readers. Tried some tools but some are really slow and eventually does not work.

    4. Binaryday says:

      You may look at http://web2.pdfonline.com/

      Useful information. Btw I am creating a detailed post about how to get backlinks. I shall keep updating it over the next 20 days. I have already posted about topics that I shall be covering there. Please let me know your feedbacks

    5. Great tool man… Thanks for sharing 😉 PDF and Adobe technologies really rock!

    6. Nabeel says:

      I also use Open Office to do that

      Anyway, thanx for that

    7. Well there are a few free online converter online that don’t just do Doc to PDF but heaps of other conversions too 😀

    8. I’m talking under correction, but I think that Microsoft has just released an update to Office that will allow direct PDF export from Word. OpenOffice offers all the functionality of Microsoft Office’s products, is FREE, and has allowed for export of PDF files for as long as I can remember!

    9. Nihar says:

      @Nabeel & @Jaques Seoman, I haven’t used open office till now. Need to check that out!

      @Micheal Aulia, yeah i agree..

    10. David says:

      thanks for sharing, there are many pdf converters in the market , but free ones are little.

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