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    How to add Image Reflections using PicReflect

    Most of the blogs use images to convey the message of the post, even I do. But, I have seen few bloggers adding something to the image to give a good look like adding image reflection. I always wondered on how to do this. I don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop or any other graphics App.

    Recently, I figured out a web service which allows use to add reflections to the image. It is very simple, easy and can be done very quickly.
    Picreflect - Add reflection to images

    PicReflect is a free web app that allows you to add reflection effect to your images, with no Photoshop knowledge needed.

    Just go to that site, select the right options and upload the image. Hit ‘Generate’ button and you are good to go. You can also configure options like transparency, mirror effect, height, rotation angle and background color.

    If you know any other tool which has more options than this. Do share it!

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    1. Read 2 Know says:

      Nice one Nihar. Will check it out!

    2. Oh? Sounds great. I use my Windows Live Writer to do it for me. But unfortunately there’s no settings to tweak it

    3. Himanshu says:

      That’s a great find Nihar. Would have appreciated more if you could show us some sample images that you tried for such a slothful reader like me 😀 and of course for your “organic readers” too 😉


    4. Ben Pei says:

      Yeah should be good for anyone who wants to do some simple graphic editing. PS can get really complicated.

    5. techknowl says:

      Great find . I found few other tools from their website: Picslice Picfont Picshadow and Picascii .

    6. Design Miami says:

      The example before-after pic on their site doesn

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