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    February 2009 Blog Traffic & Income statistics

    NiharsWorld February 2009 Stats is better compared to January..

    NiharsWorld February 2009 Stats is better compared to January..

    Here is February 2009 Monthly Statistics and Earnings of this blog.

    Following is February 2009 Statistics:

    • 92,500 Total Visits, 213,058 Total Pageviews
    • Search Engines – 75,490 (81.61%) visits
    • Direct Traffic – 11,123 (12.41%) visits
    • Referring Sites – 5,887 (6.15%) visits

    Referring Sites traffic breakdown (Top 3):

    1. StumbleUpon – 1,273 visits
    2. humsurfer.com – 250 visits
    3. Mixx.com – 246 visits

    If you check previous Blog Traffic & Income statistics, you will see one common problem. Referring Sites traffic is still low. There is no improvement :(. Does any body know how to increase the backlinks there by increasing the referring sites traffic?

    The Search Engine traffic is 81.61 which is very good and it almost same compared to January 2009 Search Engine traffic 81.44%.

    Money made on this blog for February 2009

    1. Google Adsense : 284.12$
    2. InfoLinks : 70.49$ – I replaced Kontera with Infolinks and seen a big improvement in the earnings. Almost 4-5 times more. I am happy with this.
    3. Axill Ads : 10.00$

    Total money made : 303.12$

    Things happened on this blog in February 2009 :

    1. I did some CSS trics and changed The look of the Sidebar. If you are a regular visitor, you would have noticed that..
    2. I managed to publish only one “Friday Night Links party” for this month. Hope to increase the frequency…

      Don’t know what is “Friday Night Links party” ??. It is a Party where drinks links are served. In September, I organized four Links party . Check Friday Night Links Party

    Few posts highlights of February 2009:

    1. How to Kill Tasks from Command Prompt
    2. How to Convert Word DOC or DOCX files to PDF – Online
    3. Greet your Blog visitors using WP Greet Box wordpress plugin
    4. Do you like the new look in sidebar?

    Any suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment.

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    1. Raju says:

      very impressive stats nihar. Traffic from Social networking sites is still a mystery for me as well.

    2. Paul says:

      I’ve actually decided to start posting monthly stats too, since I always like reading yours.

      Social media sites are a bit tough — you just have to write a post that everybody will like reading — maybe it’s especially useful, entertaining, or helpful. Small niche posts usually won’t cut it.

      What I’m really curious about are your search engine hits. Are they from a lot of different keywords, or just a few that you rank very highly for?

      • Nihar says:

        @Paul, Thats great. I would visit the blog and check the stats.

        For social media sites. as you said the post should be interesting and should be useful or you need to have good number of friends who bookmark the posts.

        They are from different keywords.

    3. wiigamerz says:

      You can check a website stat or any website from google sarch with SEO quake, plugin for firefox.. can get it at firefox website

    4. Kurt Avish says:

      Impressive stats man. Am far behind lol. Last month I made about 30000 visits.. Well its an increase as I usually made about 10000 per month before.

      The cricket stuff does bring lots of traffic i guess? 🙂 Great Job Nihar.

      One thing I see that you are using Infolinks and Adsense together… are they not against? I mean Infolink is not contextual? I am thinking of adding infolink too soon on my blog as now am starting to get some very good traffic.

    5. Rockstar Sid says:

      Good stats … And pretty good earning as well.

      Hopefully we will have a rocking March month ahead.. Congrats!


    6. Design Miami says:

      Surprisingly high percentage of the visitors came from search engines. What’s the reason behind that? I’d think that the majority of readers are people who visit this site on a daily/weekly basis.

    7. Harshad says:

      Oh Nice stats, but earning is too less. 🙁

      Why don’t you try CPM networks?

    8. TechZoomIn says:

      Good improvement Nihar. You crossed 300 mark..Rock rock 🙂

    9. nice man I see the spike sin traffic on cricket days 😉

    10. Your traffic is very impressive but income is low compared to that. I think you might be getting low ecpm on adsense. Try contacting Burst again regarding your application. And do add me on gtalk, we can discuss this on chat.

    11. Nihar,
      Good to see that the blog income is improving… As I maintained earlier, the AdSense income for this kind of traffic should have been 400 or 500 dollars but the main reason could be cricket related traffic from the subcontinent where CPM rates are low.

      As for the referral traffic, I don;t think that’s a big issue! Having great search traffic is definitely a good think.

    12. Once it’s been a month already, the last time I was here, you had your income for January. A bit of improvement, is it not?

      How are you, buddy?


    13. Steve Yu says:

      I have applied for infolinks. I am looking forward to make more money online. Currently, my sole online income is coming from Google Adsense.

    14. Read 2 Know says:

      Good income ra! Very impressive stats..!

    15. Binaryday says:

      I am facing a bit of problem with my internet connection at home and hence not able to check blogs or post on my own blog frequently 🙁

      Great to see that you are making good progress. What about earning from those direct ad sales on your sidebar?

    16. Impressive stats! You inspire me, carry on! 🙂

    17. Jaq Seoman says:

      Not bad at all! Good stats there, Nihar. You’re getting loads of organic search engine traffic, what is the bounce rate, average page views and average amount of pages viewed from this source?

    18. Nihar says:

      @Rockstar Sid, Thanks. Yeah i hope much more traffic and earnings in the march!

      @Design Miami, Yeah. I am proud that i have good SE traffic. It is basically the keywords that i use.

      @Harshad, I tried applying for CPM networks. But, seem to get rejected for some reason 🙁

      @TechZoomIn, Thanks dude. All the best to you as well. Keep rocking

      @Donace, thanks man. Yeah you are right about

      @Best CSS Gallery, Thanks man.

    19. Pavan Kumar says:

      Yep, I am late to wish you… but this is awesome stats at your end… Don’t you think it is wise to remove axill ads which just pay you $10 pm?

      • Nihar says:

        @Pavan Kumar, Hmm… i am also thinking on those lines. but this is CPM network. I would like to have atleast one CPM network.

        • Pavan Kumar says:

          Well, tribal fusion is said to be the best for cpm ads, but I have heard they wont approve you so easily. Try your luck. Otherwise, you can also try burst media which is the next option.

          Even I am planning for a cpm ad to monetize my dead footer, but burst media has some restrictions like I should post the ad before scrolling section, I can use them only at footer 🙁

    20. Deca says:

      Nice stats, keep up the good work 🙂

    21. Paul Morales says:

      Awesome job! I’m also working on getting my income up but nothing near you just yet 😉 Congrats.

    22. venkat says:

      your blog is getting nice traffic and you are getting suffiient amount of money through ads keep up

    23. Cool, very Impressive stats, hope someday I earn like you 🙂

    24. Giles Dawe says:

      I think you should stop using Adsense, I’m not going to plug my blog but I wrote about it and have monetised it better.

      As for getting more referal links, I can help with this at some point in the future.

      Nice reading your blog!

    25. Is there any reason for not posting your income stats for the past 3 months? Anyways impressive earnings. I still remember the last year IPL where I used to visit your site daily for live streaming and links.. I think at that time you are earning more than 500$ alone from adsense. Happy to see that you are providing live links for T20 world cup. Hope this will make some extra earnings.

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