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    How to Surf Web Anonymously – 9 Web Proxies

    Most of us know that most of the sports, torrents, bookmarking, social networking, dating sites are blocked in places like School, college, universities and work places. What if you have no work at office or no classes at college and want to surf these sites?

    There are ways to access restricted or blocked sites. One way is the use of proxy server to get through the firewall and have access the restricted sites.
    How to Surf Web Anonymously - 9 Web Proxies
    I some times get free time at office and like to surf websites anonymously. To do that, I use web proxy sites that allowed to do anonymous browsing.

    The advantage of web proxies is that it protect your identity online. They hide your IP address and enable you to surf the web under their location. I have tried out lot of web proxy services to access blocked sites. Below, I am listing out 9 web proxies. Give it a try. It may work or may not.

    How to surf Web using Web Proxies – 9 Web Proxies

    1. Hide My Ass!
    2. Spy Proxy
    3. Unblocked
    4. OlympicProxy
    5. Anonymouse
    6. Proxy Pimp
    7. Fly Proxy
    8. Apni Proxy
    9. Can’t Bust Me

    If you know any other ways to access restricted site or have any other web service. Do share via Comments!

    Enjoy Anonymous Browsing!

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    1. Paul says:

      I use atunnel.com personally, works pretty well.

    2. Read 2 Know says:

      People have become really Intelligent Nihar. Most of the proxies mentioned are blocked in most of the companies!

    3. 🙂 I’ll give these a try, thanks

    4. zplits says:

      Hi, thanks for the list. Yep, some of there are blocked by other companies. You can also try TOR. Here’s a link to it. http://www.torproject.org/

    5. Deca says:

      This is nice list. My favorite is Anonymouse. If I need more proxy, I go to proxy[dot]org 😀

    6. Unfortunately, my employer is smart enough to block every proxy site that I’ve tried.

    7. Raju says:

      Most of them are blocked in office 🙁 But still found couple of them working 😀 Thanks Nihar!!

    8. how to write good says:

      HAHAHA COOL. hidemyass allowed me to play online games from our school dormitory! they’re blocking some of those game sites =)) thanks

    9. Nihar says:

      @how to write good,

      Thats great.

    10. sheena says:

      Here is another free web proxy service.

      It’s fast and reliable

    11. Hide IP says:

      Web proxies can be slow due simultaneous users which causes the proxy servers to overload. I’d rather pay for a fast, secure, and reliable anonymous surfing tool

    12. Sanjay says:

      Yeah. This way I can do all sorts of job in my boss’s computer. Thanks for the great sites of course.

    13. starfall says:

      thanks for this wonderful list of proxy, I can now view youtube video that are not allowed in our country. thanks you again.

    14. Anshu says:

      Yeah! it was nice list but if certain word is restricted by the administrator, say they restricted the proxy related sites, then these sites will be of no use. In my collage many sites are banned, so this list is of no use to me. But I found something ineresting that I want to share with you all.
      I followed and use it was good and helpful

    15. Zhang says:

      Getting privacy online is harder and harder. I use a VPN service for anonimity (and other reasons), problem is that your speed will always be slower with a VPN. Now I use http://www.sunvpn.com/, pretty happy with them, but I still get better speeds with the VPN off.

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