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    TATA Nano Released – World’s Cheapest car

    One of the giants in India, Tata Company has launched TATA Nano – World’s cheapest car on 23rd March, 2009 at Mumbai.

    Though i am not very good at Car Reviews. I am sharing this news with the readers as it is a big news in India. People in India will be talking about it for the next few month or so.

    TATA Nano - World\'s Cheapest Car
    TATA Nano comes in 3 versions standard, CX and LX. As per reports, Nano is said to posses 21% more interior space than any other car in it’s segment. Due to Fiber Glass body, it is light in weight. It can easily accommodate 4 people.

    This car is fuel efficient. It promises to give 20-23 KM per Liter. Car’s top speed is 105 k mph.

    The Car comes in many colors but depends on the type you select. Standard version is the only version, which will be available for Rs. 100,000. The standard base version will not have air conditioning, power brakes and power windows features. TATA Nano comes with a 18 months warranty or 24,000 kms.

    Tata has tied up with many banks to provide Car loans. If you are willing to buy TATA Nano, then you will have to book it for Rs. 2,999/- from authorized outlets between April 9 and 25. To book Nano car, you need to fill a form which costs Rs. 300/-.

    Since, the car is launched now, the delivery of the Tata Nano car will only start from the July 2009 and the owners would be decided based on the lucky draw.
    TATA Nano Car - Description

    Features of TATA nano (Standard Model)

    • Four-doors and five-seats
    • 33-bhp engine at the rear side of the car
    • Length: 3.1 metres, Width: 1.5 metres and Height: 1.6 metres
    • Cost: Rs. 1 lakh
    • Fuel efficiency: 23.6 km/lt
    • Top speed: 105 km/hr

    How to book TATA nano online?

    If you would like to book TATA Nano, you could book it online. Click the below links:

    Book TATA Nano car Online : Link 1 | Link 2

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    1. Lyndi says:

      I like it, this will make a perfect little runabout for shopping etc. Those little wheels make it look more like a go-kart.

    2. Cool, I love its looks, would be cool for me to go to my college πŸ™‚

    3. Millus says:

      I dont want to sit in this car during a car crash.

    4. venkat says:

      Common man’s and Ratan tatas dream come true.

    5. Read 2 Know says:

      I will better be away from it. I’m not going to apply for one!

    6. Nihar says:

      @Best CSS Gallery, looks great but cannot accommodate more than 4 members.

      @Lyndi, Yeah you are right.

      @Millus, you are right it is very small in size.

      @venkat, I have a different view on this.

      @Read 2 Know, Me too.

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