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    Add search history to Firefox’s search feature – FindList

    I use search tool very much. It can be any application. I also use search to quickly navigate to a particular place in a website. If a website has lot of text and links and i am sure what i am looking for. I press “CTRL + F”.

    I think most of the tech savvy guys use firefox search feature. One thing that i don’t like about it, it can only remember one word or phrase at a time. What if you visit some sites and daily look for some search terms? It is difficult to always type in the words?

    Before FindList Firefox Extension

    Before FindList Firefox Extension

    Well, the good news is i have found a Firefox Extension called FindList!

    This add-on saves the search history and gives a drop down history list when searching a word or phrase that was already searched.

    With it installed you can have up to 15 of your latest searches saved for later use and quick selection. Every time you do an on-page search it simply saves that word or phrase in its history even after you start searching for something else. Neat.

    After FindList Firefox Extension

    After FindList Firefox Extension

    Download FindList Firefox Extension

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    1. Awesome tool! Thank you for sharing

    2. Cool! nice find nihar 🙂 awesome feature

    3. Setai says:

      That’ll come in handy, thanks. And I don’t even look for the same stuff every day but sometimes when I need to go through 10-20 pages searching for the same keywords over and over it might be pretty helpful.

    4. Nihar says:

      @Best CSS Gallery, I am glad that you liked it. DO let me know how it is?

      @Nicholas Francis, Thanks

      @Setai, Yeah it is helping me a lot.

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