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    March 2009 Blog Traffic & Income statistics

    These days i am busy. This is why i am late this time…

    NiharsWorld - March 2009 Blog & Earnings Statistics

    NiharsWorld – March 2009 Blog & Earnings Statistics

    Here is March 2009 Monthly Statistics and Earnings of this blog.

    Following is March 2009 Statistics:

    • 146,401 Total Visits, 370,642 Total Pageviews
    • Search Engines – 115,572 (78.94%) visits
    • Direct Traffic – 25,204 (17.22%) visits
    • Referring Sites – 5,625 (3.84%) visits

    Referring Sites traffic breakdown (Top 3):

    1. StumbleUpon – 281 visits
    2. Mixx.com – 243 visits
    3. indianpad.com – 215 visits

    If you check previous Blog Traffic & Income statistics, you will see one common problem. Referring Sites traffic is still low. There is no improvement :(. Does any body know how to increase the backlinks there by increasing the referring sites traffic?

    The Search Engine traffic is 78.94% 🙂 and Direct Traffic has also increased.

    Money made on this blog for March 2009

    1. Google Adsense : 351.60$
    2. InfoLinks : 63.19$ – I replaced Kontera with Infolinks and seen a big improvement in the earnings. Almost 4-5 times more. I am happy with this.
    3. Axill Ads : 20.00$

    Total money made : 434.79$

    Things happened on this blog in March 2009 :

    1. If you are a Cricket fan, you might have noticed that there is a change. The change is that I used to just publish one post for whole series. Now a days i have started to publish a post for each match. Thus more number of posts. I think non cricket readers might not be happy to see this. Is that so? Do leave your comments

    Few posts highlights of March 2009:

    1. How to Surf Web Anonymously – 25 Web Proxies
    2. How to set CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock Keys On/Off using Windows Registry Tweak
    3. Muziic – New Music Player for YouTube
    4. Easeus Partition Manager 3.0 Review

    Any suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment.

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    1. Steve Yu says:

      I am always impressed with your traffic stat. 🙂

      It’s okay to write what you love about – cricket. I am not a cricket fan. But it’s okay with me as long as you don’t forget to throw in some great tips on your blog. 🙂

    2. Raju says:

      Good job Nihar. I would prefer 1 post per series, but then I guess you would get more traffic from Google if you post 1 post per match, so its your take finally!

    3. Chetan says:

      Dude, your overall money earnings is really high, touching 500$ , Its almost about 25K INR !!
      Amazing, now i think i should try InfoLinks !! 🙂

      Whats your Uniques per day ??

    4. Amazing Nihar! You are on the right track wrt to AdSense… I have not been very lucky with my traffic esp due to a short absence.

      Way to go and hope to cross $500 next month and $1000 by year end 🙂

    5. Wow man…as always!

      Loved the cricket…didnt have time to catch it on tv here, so managed to watch bits on the move.

    6. TechZoomIn says:

      Quite good figures compared all your previous incomes. Great going Nihar…Keep rocking..

    7. Wow, congrats man. I’m jealous! I have my blog for a year now, and the most money I’ve earned from Google adsense is 100 USD. Boo! 🙁

    8. Really great post on traffic anaylsis on blog.this will be very useful for people.nice job dear.

    9. Harshad says:

      Good improvement dude.

      Why don’t you try direct ads on this blog? It will surely increase your earnings much more.

      Keep it up. 🙂

    10. Nihar says:

      @TechZoomin, Thanks. Need to improve a lot.

      @Best CSS Gallery, Thanks

      @John, Don’t get disappointed. Just keep going.

      @The Film Wall, Thanks…

      @Harshad, Thanks. I tried. but no body books the ads 🙁

    11. Sire says:

      So was that up or down on February’s stats, I’m too lazy to look? Congratulation on a great effort too. My Adsense went up 150% on last months but is still a long way from your efforts. I think a lot of it has to do with the new theme I bought. It will be interesting to see what this month will bring.

    12. 146,000 visitors! Wow, are those search engine visitors mostly searching on Cricket-based keywords?

    13. sagars says:

      @ nihar why don’t you try out digital point forums for selling your own ad spots
      they’ll surely buy the ad space if its worth.

    14. Nice stats buddy. Good to see things are improving

    15. G Web says:

      Hey Nihar! Your earnings are quite decent if you convert it to ZAR! One question, please. What keywords are the ones driving your search engine traffic?

      As far as referring sites are concerned, have you got a specific plan in action to try improve that?

    16. Nihar says:

      @Sire, It was up compared to March. Thats great, congrats…

      @Mike, Yeah they are from search engine visitors and most of them are from cricket based.

      @sagars, Thanks for the suggestion. i will check that out.

      @Sid & @marco, Thanks dude

      @Madhur, Thanks mate. I am inspired from your blog!

      @G Web, i didn’t check USD v ZAR converstion. cricket is the main keyword. No i haven’t got any plan 🙁

      DO you have any plan or suggestion?

    17. Sire says:

      That’s good to know. Thanks for the update, and you will have to excuse my laziness.

    18. Nice work buddy best of luck for future.

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