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    Find Friends on Social Networking sites using Identity

    In today’s World of Web. There are lots of Social Networking Sites that we can use to get in touch with friends and closed ones.

    What if you find your dear friend on one of the Social Networking sites and if you want to find what other Social networking sites he/she is using?

    Identify is a Firefox extension that can quickly analyze a contact’s user name and can find out the on which other social services he/she is using.

    Find Friends Online - Identity Firefox Extension

    Find Friends Online – Identity Firefox Extension

    For instance, if I were to use it on XYZ’s Twitter profile it would be able to tell me what other services he’s using, like FriendFeed, Facebook, Last.fm, and more. The same thing would happen if I checked from his profile on one of those other sites, too.

    This extension uses two tools to get the job done: Yahoo Query Language and Google’s Social Graph API. Creator Madgex has use the two tools together to quickly figure out where the profiles are and provide links directly to them.

    Identity Firefox Extension in author’s words

    Identify is a Firefox extension that combines identities across various social network/media sites and provides you with a profile about an individual. Simply navigate to the profile page or a blog of an individual you are interested in and on Windows press Alt i or on the Mac press Ctrl i.

    How to use Identity Firefox Extension

    After you install the extension, Just use a keyboard shortcut, Alt+i on PCs and Ctrl+i on Macs.

    There are other services which do the similar job as well. It takes full user name and try to check on all other Social Networking sites. KnowEm and Namechk are the services which can find the what all social networking sites a username is registered to.

    I found lots of friends using this tool. Why don’t you start using it!

    Download Identity Firefox Extension

    If you know any other tool, Do share it.

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    1. Lyndi says:

      This could prove to be very handy. I am going to install and see how it goes, thanks for this.

    2. Sire says:

      I agree, that can be a very time saving and useful utility. That is the good thing about visiting a lot of blogs, you get to learn so much new and interesting information.

    3. Sounds awesome, I’ll install right now and try it out

    4. Raju says:

      This is really gonna be very useful, gonna try now

    5. Tech @ InkAPoint says:

      Thank you for this post.

    6. It’s great way to find friend using social networking site. I will download and use it. Thanks.

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