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    Turn iPhone / iPod Touch into a Wireless HiFi Stereo Headphone with AudioIn

    If you are staying in a big family, then you could have definitely faced this problem. You want to Listen to Music or Watch a Movie on your PC / laptop and you also want that nobody in your family should be disturbed. What do you do then?

    I have purchased a Wireless Headphone and it is costly.

    Turn iPod Touch or iPhone to Wireless Headphone

    Turn iPod Touch or iPhone to Wireless Headphone

    I have found another cheaper option for that you need to have iPhone or iPod Touch. If you have it then continue reading…

    AudioIn – WiFi wireless headphone for iPhone/iPod Touch

    AudioIn can turn your iPhone / iPod Touch into a wireless HiFi stereo headphone.

    AudioIn comes with free AudioServer with which you can transmit the non-DRM audio output from any application running on Windows Vista (i.e. Windows Media Player, Media Center, and iTunes etc.) wirelessly to iPhone/iPod Touch. This way you can be away from your PC / laptop but can still listen to your music on your iPhone/iPod

    The AudioServer application captures the audio output from any running applications and transmits that captured audio wirelessly to AudioIn on your iPhone/iPod Touch. AudioServer application should be running on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

    AudioIn Requirements

    1. iPhone or iPod Touch with firmware version 2.2.1.
    2. iPhone 3G has to switch to WiFi mode.
    3. Any PC or laptop running Vista (all version).
    4. iPhone/iPod Touch and the the AudioReceiver PC must be on the same subnet.
    5. The AudioServer application must be downloaded and installed on your PC.

    They are providing a free version of software that can be downloaded. Download and try it, if you like it then go for full version by purchasing it. For more details, Check out mbpowertools

    I faced problems setting up AudioIn because my laptop doesn’t have Stereo Mix under Recording option. If you face the same problem, then check these below two posts:

    No Stereo Mix recording option – Here are Few Solutions

    Use Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) to solve missing stereo-mix problem

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    1. Salwa says:

      Nice, thanks for sharing this!

    2. Sounds nice, thanks for sharing. I’ll download a free version

    3. Sire says:

      That’s really good, my only problem is that I am still on XP and I can’t update because the business software won’t run on Vista. Oh well, I reckon I will just have to imagine that it is working for me.

    4. Harshad says:

      Do you have an iPhone or iPod?

    5. steve says:

      Thanks for sharing that post with the link for the download…cheers

    6. Greg S says:

      This will definitely suck my battery dry.. LOL but guess what? its what im doing right now..LOL πŸ˜›

    7. Mary M. says:

      yah well duh!!!! I can waste the battery in a few months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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