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    NiharsWorld Blog now on Imagination Theme !

    Few days back, I informed you that I Want to Change My Blog Theme. I had also asked for suggestions. Lot of loyal readers had given their suggestions. I was happy to see the response. From that day onwards, I was on the look out for a new theme.

    As i was hunting down for a theme, I went through a lot of sites. But, I finally decided to go for Imagination Theme from CSS Jockey.

    Big thanks to Shankar Bakshi ‘s post where i came to know about Imagination Free Theme.

    Its a beautiful and stylish theme. Its free and has got lot of settings that can be set from Dashboard.

    Free Imagination Theme Features

    1. Plug & Play – No Programming Knowledge Required
    2. Comes with 9 preloaded Color Schemes
    3. Customize the Interface to make it unique
    4. Built-In Twitter, Flickr and Entrecard Widgets
    5. Built-In Feedburner RSS Integration
    6. Widgets Ready & Plugins Compatible
    7. W3C Valid & Cross-Browser Compatible
    8. Fully Documented Admin Options
    9. Compatible with WordPress MU (Multi-User)
    10. Standalone processing without interfering with default WordPress tables
    11. All this and lot more, absolutely Free!

    After downloding the theme, it took me two full days of tweaking to CSS and migrate some of the things that i was using in old theme and wanted to use in this theme as well.

    Imagination Theme with 9 Color Schemes

    Ambient Wave - Imagination Theme

    Ambient Wave – Imagination Theme

    Cold Flames - Imagination Theme

    Cold Flames – Imagination Theme

    Copper Dust - Imagination Theme

    Copper Dust – Imagination Theme

    Cosmic - Imagination Theme

    Cosmic – Imagination Theme

    Freshness - Imagination Theme (current theme)

    Freshness – Imagination Theme (current theme)

    Elegant - Imagination Theme

    Elegant – Imagination Theme

    Granite - Imagination Theme

    Granite – Imagination Theme

    Imperial Blue - Imagination Theme

    Imperial Blue – Imagination Theme

    Light Paper - Imagination Theme

    Light Paper – Imagination Theme

    I liked Freshness style – Imagination Theme. Hope you also liked it.

    I would like you to give some feedback or suggestions. I have ensured that i got all the old features that i liked into this New Theme. There might be some features that are not updated. Do let me know if anything is not working or up to date.

    The theme doesn’t support Threaded Comments, But i wouldn’t worry as i have already enabled Threaded Comments to my Previous Theme. I will use How to implement Threaded Comments in WordPress Themes post to make Imagination Theme a Threaded Comments!

    Download Imagination Theme

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    1. The blog looks good in this new theme.

    2. Samrat P says:

      Wow the blog now looks really good…. I guess you need to still tweak a little bit to make it more beautiful… I guess it would be gud if you remove the breadcumbs above the post.. and check out the “You Should Also Check Out These Posts:” section.. The padding and margin between the links is more..

      Totally the site looks cool now…

    3. Hehe Nihar, it’s kinda funny seeing your blog with a different theme

      It looks less cluttered, which is good, although I personally like a darker color theme 😀

    4. Raju says:

      A welcome change Nihar. Great going 🙂

    5. venkat says:

      new theme looks much better than the old one,your blog simply looking great now

    6. Finally a new design 🙂 Congrats Nihar

    7. Lyndi says:

      I love the new look, it looks great. I especially like the most commented posts below the comment box. This was a job well done.

    8. Great theme Nihar, I really like it

    9. Rockstar Sid says:

      Nice themes from Imagination.. Personally I loved Elegant – Imagination Theme!

      Anyway nice to see the theme in action.. Good luck!

    10. Harshad says:

      This new theme looks really fresh and pleasant. Congrats Nihar. 🙂

    11. Kikolani says:

      I like the new layout… it looks very versatile right out of the box. Great job! 🙂

      ~ Kristi

    12. It’s good Nihar.. but IMHO it can be much better…

    13. Good job buddy.This looks a lot better than the old one.

    14. G Web says:

      The blog really looks good in this theme, and the fact that it is a free theme is what really appeals to me! Free looks real good to me! The colours are better too, I really prefer the blue / green / teal versus the old look and feel.

    15. Pallab says:

      Awesome theme. And kudoes to the designer.

    16. Nihar,Perhaps I am the only one here who is not really for this theme… Somehow, I get a feeling that this theme doesn’t suite the topics that you are handling here. It must be really good for a photo blog or a more personal blog.

      Having said that, I know how difficult it’s to pick one… I am going through that pain and going to release something that I am not at all happy with 🙁

      Another thing both of us need to do is to get out of hostmonster and go for a better shared hosting. Even my blog slows down big time during peak hours.

      (By the way, I liked how the comment box is growing while I type in 🙂

      • Nihar says:

        @Ajith, Hmm… It is very difficult to pick a theme on top of it after picking a theme need to do lot of changes to match our requirements 🙁

        I liked this theme coz it is blue color. You are right Let me know if you are thinking of switching to any other domain?

    17. Nice theme, I just noticed in my WordPress dashboard that you don’t have a gravatar.

      Have a look at my post about gravatars. I really think you need one. The link is http://www.serradinho.com/Blog/you-got-gravatar.htm

      Let me know what you think.

    18. Sire says:

      I like the way the theme looks Nihar. In regards to it being W3C Valid, I’ve noticed that sometimes certain plugins play havoc with its validity. Have you noticed this at all?

    19. I always love themes having light backgrounds !

      Exception : My blog ! 😛

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