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    Blog slowed down after upgrading to WordPress 2.8

    Today, I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.8. The up-gradation went fine without any problems.

    Wordpress 2.8

    Wordpress 2.8

    But after upgrading, I felt that the Dashboard and word press admin pages were loading very slow. Each page was taking 5-10 seconds to load.

    I then opened the blog and tried browsing some posts. There was the same effect. The blog was slow.

    It was for sure that Blog slowed down due to WordPress 2.8 Upgrade. My first suspect was to check the plugins. There are 40+ plugins that i use. I was sure that this is due to some plugin which may not be supporting WordPress 2.8.

    I went to Plugin page and disabled all plugins at one go and saw the pages started loading faster.

    I then started enabling plugins one by one and then I found the culprit plugin that slowed down the blog post upgrading to WordPress 2.8 :).

    The plugin was Performancing Ads plugin. I disabled the plugin, jumped to Performancing Ads and got the javascript code to display 125X125 Ad on the sidebar.

    I was surprised and was also upset on myself to see that i was using a plugin instead of placing just a one liner javascript to display the ad 🙁

    The problem was solved.

    Did you guys find any problem? If yes do leave a comment about the problem and the plugin that caused the problem after upgrading to WordPress 2.8. I am sure that this will be of help to all those who have faced problems after upgrading to WordPress 2.8

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    1. Lyndi says:

      99% of all upgrade problems are normally related to some or other plugin. I am glad you found the culprit. Sometimes these things can be very difficult to find.
      .-= Lyndi´s last blog ..Weekend Round-Up

    2. hmm,
      i didnt got some problem after the upgrade,may be because i dont have much plugins
      i didnt like some features on the plugins page,
      but i liked the feature of installing themes from dashboard
      .-= Creative Copywriting´s last blog ..Dominating all Marketing Media =-.

    3. Samrat P says:

      Hey you are using 40+ plugins???? I hardly use 10 plugins and even Im trying to remove 1 or 2.. Good to see that ur blog is faster even with 40+ plugins.. Any tips on making the blog load faster??
      .-= Samrat P´s last blog ..Get a Quick Glance Of all the Recently Visited Sites With New Tab King for Firefox =-.

    4. Pallab says:

      Solving errors like these can be really annoying and time consuming.

      Thankfully I haven’t encountered anything (atleast I haven’t noticed anything) yet.
      .-= Pallab´s last blog ..Su.pr from Stumble Upon is Awesome =-.

    5. Rockstar Sid says:

      I have removed useless plugin and I never upgrade easily, though it is not time consuming but I wait to hear feedback before doing any upgrade.

      I had an notify plugin for comment section that almost blew the server and I had to pull it off too 🙁
      .-= Rockstar Sid´s last blog ..How to Split Firefox Browser Window [Firefox Addon] =-.

    6. Atul says:

      I havent updated to 2.8 yet ….this is the reason that whether all plugins I m using will support this or not

    7. Atul says:

      and good nihar ur problem solving skills are appreciable 🙂

    8. Atul says:

      Nihar 1 more point I m not getting mine last post displayed in commment Luv can u predictr the raeson

    9. News Blog says:

      I have upgraded successfully to the new wordpress but am now finding my comment luv plugin isnt working properly.
      .-= News Blog´s last blog ..Michael Jackson

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