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    June 2009 Blog Traffic & Income statistics

    As always, it is start of the month and i am here again to Share Blog Traffic & Income statistics for June 2009. I must admit that this time i am late with this post.

    NiharsWorld - June 2009 Blog & Earnings Statistics

    June 2009 Blog Traffic

    Here is June 2009 Monthly Statistics and Earnings of this blog.

    Following is June 2009 Traffic Break Down:

    • 122,689 Total Visits, 268,954 Total Pageviews
    NiharsWorld June 2009 Traffic Breakdown

    NiharsWorld June 2009 Traffic Breakdown

    Referring Sites traffic breakdown (Top 3):

    1. webcrawler.com – 931 visits
    2. indianpad.com – 387 visits

    If you check previous Blog Traffic & Income statistics, you will see one common problem. Referring Sites traffic is still low. There is no improvement :(. Does any body know how to increase the backlinks there by increasing the referring sites traffic?

    The Search Engine traffic is 78.71% 🙂 and Direct Traffic has reduced compared to May Direct Traffic.

    Money made on this blog for June 2009

    1. Google Adsense : 510.18$
    2. InfoLinks : 73.35$ – I replaced Kontera with Infolinks and seen a big improvement in the earnings. Almost 4-5 times more. I am happy with this.
    3. Axill Ads : 25.00$

    Total money made : 608.53$. It went higher than May 2009 🙂

    Things happened on this blog in June 2009 :

    1. I have upgraded the wordpress from 2.7 to 2.8. After upgrading, my blog was very slow. Do read how i solved it : Blog slowed down after upgrading to WordPress 2.8.

    Few posts highlights of June 2009:

    1. How to Block Visitors / Traffic from a Specific Country
    2. How to Highlight Special Paragraphs or Sentences in the post or article
    3. How to submit Website / Blog to Bing Webmaster Tools
    4. Download Safari 4 Browser for Mac and Windows

    Guys, If you have any suggestions on how to increase Traffic or Earnings. Do let me know. Do leave comments!

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    1. Wow, your stats are amazing. Your income is killer, over $600. I just made over $140 and that was cool for me.

      On another note – you have won an award from me 🙂
      .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Another Award for Me

    2. TechZoomIn says:

      Great Nihar,

      Your reached 600 mark….hope to see you in 1000 club soon…
      .-= TechZoomIn´s last blog ..Block specific Visitors from visiting your site, Who try to Harm your reputation..! =-.

    3. Atul says:

      Great Nihar u have increased ur earnings u will be in 4 figures soon and u obviuosly deserve that.
      ur search engine traffic is xcellent . Can u guide me smthing on increasing traffic from SE’s.

    4. elmot says:

      great stats and great income to date. hope to follow this kind of blog traffic on my blog and earn from my blogging efforts too like you people do here 😀
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Chanting a Blogging Mantra for Rockstar Domains =-.

    5. Sire says:

      Pretty impressive stats Nihar, and your earnings are really good as well. It’s going to take me a while to match those figures but I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge. 😉
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question =-.

    6. Nice earnings report. Your $8 over my income report. 🙂 Keep up the great work.
      .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..Blog Comment System =-.

    7. Good statistics, congratulations!

    8. Oh my goodness, that’s some crazy stats and AdSense earnings, NIhar! You must be very happy!

      The traffic goes to your Cricket posts mostly? Or the techie ones?
      .-= Michael Aulia´s last blog ..How to insert the post title in a Feedburner email subject field =-.

    9. donace says:

      wow i se a HUGE spike on cricket days :p

      congratz man…one day I shall better it!!
      .-= donace´s last blog ..Update

    10. SBA says:

      Great Statistics! I guess it’s okay to publicize Adsense earnings? Did something change? I only have ‘cents’ to speak of anyway! 🙁

      I like this type of monthly recap about your blog and highlighted posts. Good job.
      .-= SBA´s last blog ..BpWebNews Tool Box – Resources =-.

    11. Pallab says:

      Congrats to you. Thats some solid figures/
      What am I doing wrong 🙁
      I got 40k hits, but my google adsense earning was 1/10th of yours.

      And lets not even talk bout infolinks. Most of their clicks r worth 2 cents.
      .-= Pallab´s last blog ..Opera

    12. binaryday says:

      Hi Nihar,

      Great to see that you have got some awesome stat and earnings. congrats man and keep rocking.

      Btw what is with this “how to block visitor” stuff? I have seen it on 3-4 blogs that I regularly read….
      .-= binaryday´s last blog ..Google news is broken : try kidd kraddick divorced =-.

    13. Puneet says:

      when i saw your statistics article few months back your earning were 100 dollars and now it has increased more than 5 folds. Its really huge achievement.
      Congrats Nihar

      I had tried to contact you using contact me form but havent got reply from you yet. If you have not recvd my mail then please mail me from your id so that i can reply you back..

      The comment system is not able to retreive my feeds. Please do the needful the correct the error.

    14. Mitch says:

      That’s the way to go, Nihar. Man, now I have another reason to try to get my earnings to start going in the right direction again. 🙂

    15. You are on a roll buddy… keep it up 🙂 I am particularly impressed with the AdSense income which seems to be going down big time in my case…
      .-= Ajith Edassery´s last blog ..Advertising: Most people ignore web banners! =-.

    16. Keep it up nihar , i have only 500 uniqe visitors per day, you rocks. 🙂
      .-= free hollywood movies´s last blog ..Ice Age 3 =-.

    17. Rockstar Sid says:

      I hope you’re enjoying blogging here and I am happy to see your blog grow quickly..

      Things will always get better. And Congratulation on breaking 500$+ income.. Hope we both will have a rocking July month ahead..

      .-= Rockstar Sid´s last blog ..Quick Notes Firefox Addon For Easy Note Making =-.

    18. Steve Yu says:

      Wow! You earned over $500 from adsense! Congrats dude.

    19. Mohan says:

      Congratulation i also want to join you pepole ther in wordpress but i am not able to do that because of money.
      Best of luck for next month

    20. Harshad says:

      Your traffic stats are impressive, but you should improve your earnings. It’s bit low as compared to traffic.

      Your referral traffic is also low and the reason is your posts are related to cricket schedules & live streaming. There are very few blogs in this niche and that’s why you won’t get enough referrals. Try to improve on that.

      Everything else is pretty much good. Good luck for July. 🙂

    21. That is a good amount….Keep up the hard work..
      .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..How does Blogging Make Money? =-.

    22. Great Stats Nihar. Good to see Adsense doing well for you.
      .-= Madhur Kapoor´s last blog ..Get Quick Access to your Favourite Folders with Direct Folders =-.

    23. Anish k.S says:

      Please ignore my last comment, infolinks better than kontera no doubt.
      .-= Anish k.S´s last blog ..Kangana Ranaut & Janardhan Baba With Salman Khan on 10 Ka Dum =-.

    24. Anish k.S says:

      I think Google Adsense + Infolinks is a perfect blend.

      Most of the blogger’s are switched to infolinks and quite kontera.
      .-= Anish k.S´s last blog ..Kangana Ranaut & Janardhan Baba With Salman Khan on 10 Ka Dum =-.

    25. Gagan says:

      hey you are making good money with Adsense. Good luck for future !!
      .-= Gagan´s last blog ..How To Change Font Properties While Viewing Source Code In Mozilla Firefox =-.

    26. Abhishek says:

      what about the party mate ??

    27. Buy PSP Go says:

      Nice earnings there! Have you thought about selling ad space? You could use a place like Bidvertiser or Adengage, if the ads get decent amounts of clicks then you could make quite a lot extra week on week!

    28. Jage says:

      your income inspiring me to do better, thank you

    29. NICE!

      I have a lot to learn but I’m in the process of building my first (of many) monetized blogs.

      I’m very impressed with your results…wish me luck!


    30. upin blog says:

      wow, excellent job !!
      Your referral traffic is also low and the reason is your posts are related to cricket schedules & live streaming.

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