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    New GMail Account requires Mobile number to activate it!

    Yesterday, i was surprised to see when i tried creating Gmail account. After filling the initial details in the form. It redirected to a page and was asking me to Enter the Mobile number to Activate Google Account.

    Now you need to enter a Mobile Number to Activate the Google account

    Google is now requesting your mobile number for the activation. After entering your mobile number you will click โ€œSend Activation Code to my mobile phoneโ€ option. You will receive an activation code in your mobile phone.

    Gmail requires you to Enter Mobile Number to Activate the Account

    If you don’t have Mobile phone(though it is a rare case now a days ๐Ÿ™‚ ), try entering some friends number.

    But, remember one mobile number one gmail id.

    This is a new way they are trying to restrict people creating lots of spammy Gmail Id’s and also to keep a tab on the number of GMail id’s. This will tighten the security.

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    1. Paul says:

      I’m not sure if I like the idea. I understand cutting back on spam GMail accounts, but I feel that there should be another way of verifying an account besides a cell phone. There are still many people who don’t have cell phones, such as young teenagers or elderly people.
      .-= Paul´s last blog ..Do I need to go to freshman orientation? =-.

    2. Anish k.S says:

      Nice move from Google,

      Did they use the mobile number for any purpose ? :(.
      .-= Anish k.S´s last blog ..Sach Ka Saamna Starts 15th July Mon-Fri 10:30 pm on Star Plus =-.

    3. Atul says:

      what if someone doesnt have mobile ๐Ÿ™‚
      Gmail is best mailing service
      .-= Atul´s last blog ..Railway Budget Highlights 2009 =-.

    4. I really can’t figure out the purpose of this activation.

    5. vbb says:

      I am still not sure that mobile number must be entered in order to create a GMail account.And sure this will limit people such as students,who personally do not have a mobile,from opening a Gmail account.And yes,Google has just introduced Google account password recovery by SMS on mobile.

    6. Read 2 Know says:


      Visiting your blog after a long time. Nice theme by the way. Matches the climate!
      .-= Read 2 Know´s last blog ..Get real-time updates from Twitter on your Google search results =-.

    7. yea thats a good move, making it difficult for spammers, not much effect exactly but still making it less to some extent.
      and yea what if someone doesn’t have mobile ? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      .-= Telephone systems´s last blog ..Telephone Systems by Telephone Systems Direct =-.

    8. teratips says:

      thanks, you have a nice blog
      .-= teratips´s last blog ..Why we Use the Office 2010? =-.

    9. I have created a new gmail email ID today and at no stage they asked for any mobile number.

      Are you sure they are asking for mobile number?

    10. animacje says:

      Nice security move, but doesn’t it smell a little bit oppresive? One should have an opportunity to create two or even more accounts (not everyone use multiple accounts to send spam).
      .-= animacje´s last blog ..Bolek I Lolek

    11. like this Gmail will loose many new visitors and i think many will prefer to jump to Yahoo mail accounts.

      and one benefit will be that spammers will b away from it
      .-= Term Paper Writing´s last blog ..Un astudentessa racconta la propria preparazione agli esami universitari a Bari =-.

    12. Custom Essay says:

      Hey, i just tried to make an gmail account. At no point it asks for cell number.
      .-= Custom Essay´s last blog ..Un astudentessa racconta la propria preparazione agli esami universitari a Bari =-.

    13. Dwzao says:

      Everyone knows Google is working on services and products for Mobile. Their excuse about using mobile Phone number to combat spams is so fake!
      I have lost dozen of accounts just because I registered my email accounts without informing a Mobile Phone Number (that time it wasn’t asking for it). Now ALL my accounts are disabled because “I have violated the TOS”. WTF? I’m not going to use my Mobile Phone number on any free FCKING email services!
      Reenable all the accounts you have disabled for this reason since January 2008 year because you’re violating my rights!
      Google is the most hypocrit capitalist company of the World. First they made it’s users very happy, offering free good services and now they wanna us paying for “their” mobile phones just to use email. It’s happening in Brazil country. Please Brazil’s government, put an end on this chantage!

    14. I heard it before from my friend, but not took so much interest. after readind your post I realised that It’s really headech.i mean there are some possitive approches as not to get spam id’s but if you dont have mobile then what???

    15. Emeraldmoon says:

      I was going to create a new account on gmail. I WAS… and now I don’t want it just because this miserable cell phone requirement!

      And what would you say for hacking this activation code? If so many pay websites are able to hack (getting login/password) why can’t such a gmail be hacked? There must be some way to get proper validation code to enter it and set up new account without giving phone number isn’t it?

    16. sergei says:

      if you trust google, go ahead and leave any kind of personal information.
      I for one am not going to leave any connection between my free e-mail account and my mobile phone number because in my country mobile phone number is already tied to my passport/citizen id number.

    17. Gabrielle says:

      I don’t have a Mobile so I can’t use GMail? This is STUPID! Who’s the IDIOT who thought of that?

    18. Suzanne says:

      This sucks! They should have an alternate way to verify for those who do not feel comfortable giving out their phone no.

    19. Ismail says:

      Hey, I’m from Somalia, and my Country “Somalia” doesn’t support sending SMS from Google. What can I do? Plz help me! Its important to have a Gmail account.

    20. Shissyu says:

      You know what’s ironic? YouTube comments has become a HAVEN for spammers, and those spammers manipulate the comments voting system which gives their spammy comments the highest rated comments, plus spammers gotten smarter and started making them look like legit comments too. Or maybe people overseas with cellphones are paid to post spam on youtube. If that’s the case then Google dun goof’d now.

    21. Shissyu says:

      PS. Google already knows what

      1) What I’m searching for..
      2) What videos I’m watching..
      3) Comments I post on other websites..
      4) Which websites I’m visiting ..
      5) Who I’m in contact with…

      Now they need my phone number..

    22. sweety says:

      Nowadays gmail account requires mobile phone number to activate …. we all friendz are not intrested in gmail now.. we think that yahoo mail is good , we like yahoo yahoo yahoo , we hate gmail account ..so plz plz plz plz plz plz plz dont continue the same idea………………:( ๐Ÿ™

    23. SUMMER S says:

      my mobile sms# +639192616111—-sms only

    24. popo_lollie says:

      Is no one here even a little concerned that google wants your PERSONAL phone number and they have already said they will store it!!
      I’m not sure about you guys but i really like my privacy thanks google.

    25. summer smith says:

      MY PERSONAL MOBILE # +639192616111—-

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