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    How to Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

    Currently, Google Chrome is only available via a Web Installer (Online Installer). It means every time you want to install Google Chrome, you need to go to Google website and install it.

    Person like me would always like to have a copy of Google Chrome Installer on my Hard Drive so, that i could install it anytime i want even without internet!

    Below is the trick to Download Google Chrome Offline Installer !

    Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

    Just need to add the standalone=1 parameter in the Chrome website when you are downloading.

    Google Chrome Offline Installer – Links

    Latest stable: http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?standalone=1
    Latest beta: http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?extra=betachannel&standalone=1

    Copy and paste the above provided links to Download Offline Installer of Google Chrome.

    Hope you liked this trick!

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    1. earningstep says:

      i prefer to mozzila then google chrome.. but thanks anyway

    2. Ajith says:

      Thanks for this handy install alternative Nihar. I hope Google Chrome slowly catches up with Firefox and IE… it’s damn fast..

    3. steppinout says:

      Thanks Nihars. Will download it for my collections

    4. I’ve had some issues that caused me to have to deinstall Google Chrome & this tool will help me for the next time I need to take drastic action. This will be going onto my USB flash drive for easy installation on any computers I might come across in my wanderings.

    5. Sandip Dey says:

      Hi,this is a very useful info for everyone.i no longer have to install google chrome from web installer.

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