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    Download Windows XP Theme for Windows 7

    How many of you love Windows XP look and feel? I don’t know about you. But, i am one of them who still love Windows XP Look and Feel.

    This is for those XP Lovers those who miss the look and feel of XP in Windows 7. The default blue theme which comes with Windows XP is called Luna. This Luna theme can be applied to Windows 7. Once applied, you can get the same look and feel of Windows XP in Windows 7.

    Satukoro from DeviantArt has ported Windows XP theme, Luna, to the latest version of Windows, 7!

    Windows XP Theme for Windows 7 Screenshot

    Download Windows XP Luna theme for Windows 7

    Download Windows XP Theme for Windows 7

    Download Windows XP Luna Theme for Windows 7

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    1. zeesu says:

      cool theme.so finally u r moving to win 7

    2. earningstep says:

      wow… i still using windows xp , so i don’t need this.. actually i love how fast windows 7 is.. but i think it will be better if i wait the review of you

    3. This is a great idea, and will definitely ease the pains associated with migrating to a new operating system. I love XP, and will definitely use this theme when the inevitable change over has to occur.

    4. Avro says:

      The thing only half-works for me. It keeps putting me in classic mode which looks like Win95/98 and has that ugly grey taskbar. Does anyone know how I can change it to the blue and green design of XP with the softer edges on the windows themselves? So far, it’s ugly as sin.

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